GTA V release date in March claimed with incentive

By Alan Ng - Jan 3, 2013

We have some potentially massive GTA V news to bring you now, as we seeing the first signs of retailer movement for the highly anticipated game in the very first week of 2013. Rockstar has already committed to releasing GTA V this Spring, but have so far been unwilling to say what exact month the game will release. Now, a German retailer has stepped forward and they claim that GTA V will have a release date in March, even starting pre-orders with free poster incentives for those willing to order the game right now.

Throughout the last couple of months, we have seen April and even May release dates attached to the game, with no concrete evidence supporting the claims. Although the ultimate decision on when to ship the game lies with Rockstar, a German retailer seems to be in in the knowledge that Grand Theft Auto V will release on March 15 2013.

A translated report over at clarifies the March 15 date, but over on the retailer website in question, it appears that the date has already been altered to show December 31 2013 instead, which is obviously incorrect since the game will be out in Spring and may be a sign that they are in trouble with Rockstar for revealing a solid date in March.

For consumers in Germany who are interested in taking Saturn up on their pre-order, a 5 Euros payment will secure their game and also reward them with a GTA V poster for their trouble. The poster is thought to be the image of a female officer arresting another female character in the game – an image which we’ve already seen in some previous official screenshots that Rockstar put out.

What are your thoughts on this latest pre-order activity for the highly anticipated game? We hear plenty of feedback on how it’s just another irrelevant retailer placeholder, but are you starting to believe that the game may actually be released in March now? With such a long development time, fans will obviously be hoping the game comes out sooner rather than later and Rockstar themselves may want to release as soon as possible after failing to impress with Max Payne 3.

Is March 15 too soon for GTA 5, or do you think this latest rumor could turn out to be true?

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  • harry

    these pre-order posters have been out for over a month now :s

  • Ben

    It’s taken so so long i’ve kinda lost interest in the whole thing really. It was releasing that trailer then giving nothing else for over a year. I was excited when the trailer came out, shame the game didn’t release shortly after as i would of pre-ordered, now i’m not overly botherd about getting my hands on it.

  • ThinkTank

    Its not coming out this quarter – didnt anybody hear about R*’s financial projections – it will be april or may (next quarter months before summer)

  • wannaplay this game already

    rockstar quit torturing us already damn going on two years of jerking us around

  • I droped the Ball on gaming for a While, untill something worthy my attention comes out. GTA 5 will be the only reason, I WOULD GO BACK, let’s hope this rumour is true !