Skyrim Dragonborn anticipated for PS3 as DLC ages

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 2, 2013

It’s hard to believe a month has almost past since the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC launched on the Xbox 360, December 4, and confusion has mounted after each add-on thanks to Bethesda being very vague on the exclusivity period and for how many of the DLC’s this will last. It is now clear that the Xbox 360 will get all Skyrim content first, which has so far included Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and most recently Dragonborn.

The image above features “AshSpawn“, which we found easy to defeat unless you find them in numbers. AshSpawn origins are unknown although we do know they started to appear in Solstheim after Red Mountain eruptions from the Fourth Era. These fire-based creatures are now a regular occurrence in the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC.

The PS3 is yet to receive any Skyrim DLC, although promises have been made with a launch window set for early 2013. This had been a crucial statement from Bethesda, especially considering some gamers thought Skyrim DLC would never arrive on the PS3. You have to also remember that the game is over a year old now, so waiting this long for an expansion is crazy considering both PC and Xbox 360 have been enjoying extra content for months.

Skyrim Dragonborn anticipated for PS3 – The release date hasn’t been confirmed but today we’ve seen a number of gamers posting in forums, and they hope it could launch almost right after Jan 4. Xbox 360 normally receives one month of exclusivity, which would then lead to the PC receiving Skyrim Dragonborn first and then Sony is given the DLC for approval.

We’re a little skeptical considering the past promises for PS3 owners, so we doubt Skyrim Dragonborn will arrive on the PS3 in the first half of this month. When Bethesda said “early 2013” they left the window wide open, which leaves the date possible over months and not days.

Reactions from gamers after Bethesda confirmed DLC for the PS3 – some people are very angry and might be blowing the situation out of proportion, although it seems that the majority of PS3 owners that love Skyrim are in general agreement. The comment below pretty much explains what the majority of PR readers have been feeling, although this had been shared with PR by Lily Nichole Robinson.


Do you feel confident that the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC will arrive on PS3 without problems? We’d also love to know if you’re still hoping that Dawnguard will arrive on the PS3 at some point, or have you given up hope for this DLC? You can see the Dragonborn DLC map here, which we published after having a quick hands-on last month. The size certainly rejuvenates Skyrim and will provide hours of fun for the explorer.

If you had to guess when Skyrim Dragonborn will launch on the PS3, what date would you pick? We also wonder if Bethesda are ready and just timing the release, or are they rushing to fix problems still on the PS3 platform?

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  • done with Bethesda

    ITs probably the last Bethesda game I will ever own. Too many let downs. The PS3 was just the step child to them and I’m not going to get into one of their games again.

  • Mr.mrmrmrmrmrmmrmrmDRAGONBORN

    Screw me I WANT PC NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dman

    Ummmmm the general agreement now is ps3 owners don’t care and skyrim is long forgotten. I have moved on to bigger and better games.

  • bob

    If PS3 isn’t getting those extras (Dawnguard and Hearthfire), I wish they would at least make the dragonbone weapons and some of those Dawnguard-exclusive armors available to craft for PS3 users.

  • Tsdman

    I’m playing oblivion to pass the time.

  • Ps3player

    I’ve lost a lot of confidence in Bethesda due to the problems that the PS3 has faced. However, I do enjoy their games and will definitely continue to play them. (not on the Playstation though).

  • Dan Smith

    Anyone reckon it’d be worth waiting for the GOTY edition instead? From what I’ve read all the DLC have been really glitchy on xbox so I’m wondering if it’d be more stable on disc. That and I’d rather not fill my harddrive with something that crashes frequently.

  • Microsoft has Bethesda trained to roll over and play dead whenever there is a inquiry about the PS3. Bethesda would wag its tail whenever Microsoft walks in with a bag of money. Loyal and faithful to Microsoft, the PS3 has very little chance of ever seeing any DLCs from Bethesda.

  • Cowill101

    This comes as no surprise to me… Bethesda has a terrible track record with content and the PS3, or Sony (more or less). The released several late DLC’s for Fallout 3 and New Vegas, not to mention that we didn’t even get the Nights of the Nine DLC for Oblivion before the GOY edition came out. Eventually they will release the content, it just comes down to when and under what circumstances. If that means I have to wait for the game of the year edition of Skyrim, then so be it.

  • Malone

    Bethesda are quiet on the ps3….i’m wondering is it the ps3 that is the problem or the ps4 that will be coming and they cant get it working on the ps4 and that would be a Sony issue not a Bethesda…….only the future will tell if they carry on holding games back 1 month to exclusive xbox.

  • Sam

    Bethesda are a joke

  • Ian

    It’s a complete joke they are probably releasing on ps3 as they have made plenty of money from Xbox now there after ps3 half a year later no communication and no release date what a shock NOT!!

  • Chris

    My goodness, I’m sure there are many people expectantly waiting for Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. Come on, we need something to kill and explore after slaughtering millions of dragons and whatnot. Looking forward to an actual release. (Fingers crossed.)

  • DragonSlayer

    i’m still waiting…

    • Neronix17

      You’re impatient aren’t you? They said early 2013, while me being a PC owner of the game I’ll be playing the DLC within a week, you could be waiting up until the end of April really, as Q1 2013 is still early in the year. At least they have a reason for you, the PC version is probably ready before the 360 one is (they have to develop it on PC). So I know I’ve been waiting a month for no reason at all.

      Look at the plus side, glitches on other platforms will be fixed for the release on PS3 😀

      • Jesus Melendez

        i think he’s been very patient considering its been over a year now and ps3 still hasn’t gotten any dlc. to be a skyrim fan and a ps3 owner is rare nowadays because bethesda has tested everyone’s patience with their incompetence. when i heard that ps3 wasnt getting dawngaurd any time soon back in september, i quickly sold my copy and got skyrim for my pc. i am an avid ps3 gamer but there are games on the ps3 that get way better treatment from developers than what bethesda has given in the past. hope ps3 release gets to consumers as quickly as possible so they came enjoy it with the rest of us gamers. cant wait for pc release though 🙂 so impatient