Questioning HP Envy x2 and Microsoft Surface price and power

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

Now that consumers have finally gotten their hands on the HP Envy x2 Windows 8 hybrid device, questions will now be asked how the tablet come netbook stands up against the Microsoft Surface, or more so the RT devices which uses the ARM processor rather than the Atom. There’s no denying that the HP device looks better visually, but there is a lot more to it and we know that affordability will be key rather than power as we enter yet another year where there is still far less disposable income than there once was a few years back.

There are other hybrids on the market, but to us the HP Envy x2 is the best of the bunch, but the price is certainly going to be an issue for some because the Envy x2 and other such hybrid netbooks have been priced a little too high when you could get yourself an ultrabook for almost the same price. An interesting article has been looking into the pricing aspect of these devices and feel that those who have come up with the price are “detached from reality.”

One has to wonder how much the likes of HP would charge if there was an even more powerful processor powering these hybrid netbooks? Don’t get us wrong the Atom CPU from Intel is more than up to the job, but if you are using more demanding software then the Atom will struggle. However, the ARM powered Windows RT devices are able to run desktop software as well, and for many do a pretty decent job as well.

How much should a hybrid notebook cost? There’s certainly a market for these hybrid notebooks that also double as a tablet, but we’re not certain that charging almost $1000 for one is key to their success.

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  • Even4steven

    I returned mine in a day. Too under-powered for the couple of business flash applications that I run. It is a shame because this a product that I wanted. The screen was first rate, but the sound was poor and the power button seemed odd. Oh well

  • guy

    windows rt is useless.they advertise these hybrids like they can take over our home laptops but they cant

    • mwp

      Is iOS on iPad useless? No. It is to Mac OS as Windows RT is to Windows 8. Microsoft have made a crucial error calling their tablet OS as Joe User will just look at it and say “it’s a version of Windows that doesn’t run Windows apps? Well thats sucks”. A better name would have been Windows Tablet, or to ditch the Windows brand altogether.

      They look identical, and MS’s marketing is poor, but the future belongs to Windows RT more than it does to full Windows 8. It can never fully replace it, but iPads can never fully replace full fat computers, at least not for the foreseeable future.

  • Jaye

    Windows RT, regardless of processor, will not run desktop (x86/x64) apps.

  • HPsucks

    HP sucks and I know because I work for them. They underway and overwork employees in Asian and Pacific regions, NZ and Australia included. Us employees get a better deal.

    • HPsucks