Black Ops 2 custom emblem bans for offenders

As most of you are well aware, Black Ops 2 brings back the much loved custom emblem editor to the game, allowing users to create their very own design to be used on their playercard with no restrictions and no initial approval process needed from Treyarch. Given the general player base that is associated with the game, you can imagine that there is going to be more than a few occasions when some players decide to bend the rules a bit with what is allowed. More specifically, there’s been a growing number of users who have taken joy in creating swastika emblems or penises, or in some cases – a combination of both.

We had the same problem in the first Black Ops game and now it looks like it is starting to become a big headache for Treyarch and Activision with Black Ops 2 as well. Emblems of a sexual or offensive nature are obviously not allowed and we’re now seeing evidence of Treyarch stepping up with their emblem editor bans, which are temporary or permanent depending on repeated offenders.

The issue has become so severe in-game, that it has forced Activision’s community manager Dan Amrich to write a rather lengthy post on his blog stating that he is ‘tired of the emblem nonsense’ that is going on at the moment, adding his thoughts on why it’s not just not acceptable for the offensive material to continue.

Treyarch should have known that this would happen again, especially when they let players create emblems without any approval process beforehand. Then again, if they do put in these measures – it would be millions and millions of emblems that someone has to scan through on a daily basis and that would obviously be pretty time consuming.

Do they ban the editor all together just because the minority is making penis swastikas? Hopefully they don’t, as we’ve seen some pretty amazing creations in game like the image of Psy you can see above. If you are a regular Black Ops 2 player and have seen your fair share of adult themed emblems, let us know what you think should happen.

Should the editor require an approval process, or does Treyarch need to start enforcing multiplayer bans to send the message across?



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