Black Ops 2 custom emblem bans for offenders

By Alan Ng - Jan 2, 2013

As most of you are well aware, Black Ops 2 brings back the much loved custom emblem editor to the game, allowing users to create their very own design to be used on their playercard with no restrictions and no initial approval process needed from Treyarch. Given the general player base that is associated with the game, you can imagine that there is going to be more than a few occasions when some players decide to bend the rules a bit with what is allowed. More specifically, there’s been a growing number of users who have taken joy in creating swastika emblems or penises, or in some cases – a combination of both.

We had the same problem in the first Black Ops game and now it looks like it is starting to become a big headache for Treyarch and Activision with Black Ops 2 as well. Emblems of a sexual or offensive nature are obviously not allowed and we’re now seeing evidence of Treyarch stepping up with their emblem editor bans, which are temporary or permanent depending on repeated offenders.

The issue has become so severe in-game, that it has forced Activision’s community manager Dan Amrich to write a rather lengthy post on his blog stating that he is ‘tired of the emblem nonsense’ that is going on at the moment, adding his thoughts on why it’s not just not acceptable for the offensive material to continue.

Treyarch should have known that this would happen again, especially when they let players create emblems without any approval process beforehand. Then again, if they do put in these measures – it would be millions and millions of emblems that someone has to scan through on a daily basis and that would obviously be pretty time consuming.

Do they ban the editor all together just because the minority is making penis swastikas? Hopefully they don’t, as we’ve seen some pretty amazing creations in game like the image of Psy you can see above. If you are a regular Black Ops 2 player and have seen your fair share of adult themed emblems, let us know what you think should happen.

Should the editor require an approval process, or does Treyarch need to start enforcing multiplayer bans to send the message across?

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  • Asmodeus

    When ever I and my friends see someone with a penis emblem we gang up on them. Having a penis for an emblem basically makes you the priority target in our books and we see who can kill him the most. I think Treyarch should let them use the emblems but when they get killed it counts as 2 kills instead of one. That will either put them off or even get them blocked from games by other players

  • Wut4real

    It is so lame to get offended by the emblems…especially mature rated…it is a mature rated game. Yes, racial/religious/ethnic hatred emblems should not be allowed BUT let people be creative. I’m a female on the game and I have a pretty mature emblem…it doesn’t bother me seeing other people’s emblems…actually I’m impressed at some people’s creativity. People need to stop being such prudes and just enjoy the game for the game.

  • John

    I got banned for 2 weeks for making the pornhub logo I have 3hrs left on my ban I learnt my lesson

  • I completely believe in the individual’s right to expression and given that this is a Mature rated game, anything should be allowed in online play. Afterall language is definitely not censored. However one has to ask himself/herself, how mature are you that you need to have a penis or vagina as your playercard? Really? Furthermore, is it that cool to glorify an attempted genocide of an entire race of people? Spend a day in concentration camp and see how cool it is to show off your Nazi pride. Grow up asshats

  • cripper

    i’d rather trayarch would focus on FIXING THEIR BROKEN EXCUSE FOR A GAME

  • Liquid Assassin

    Isn’t this game rated for “mature” audiences? Does it not further state that “online interactions not rated by the esrb”? A statement that, in itself implies the loose moderation, and uninhibited nature of call of duty lobbies. Are we not mature enough to not take personal offense to someone else’s art? (i use that term loosely) i agree that there are some vulger people out there, but it’s all about having the freedom to express your creativity, however contraversal it may be. how could treyarc hope to moderate such material on such a massive scale? The only feasable way to solve this “problem” is to eliminate custom art from being displayed online, such as rock band has done, and i think that’s absurd. What about the equally adult themed language that’s present in the online community? Will we next try to eliminate in game chat functions?

  • Jesse

    I got permanently banned for my emblem which said white power and 2 fists together. I feel as though they either need to scan the emblems or temporary people as a warning. As much money as we spend on the game and dlc every year that’s the least they could do. The game is rated mature. People report people because they usually are mad that they lost a match. No one just goes around reporting people at random claiming to be offended by an emblem. Yet the in game language that treyarch has created like ” get this dickhead out of my face” seriously treyarch a bit hypocritical if you ask me. Can’t wait for modern warfares new game. Treyarch is unable to be reached all calls go to Activision in which noone can answer qu estions or do anything about these rediculous bans.

  • booby

    I agree with them nuzi sybembles so good job call of duty about time 🙂 i am tired of report those dumb emblems good job ban them for 5 days and restart there account for having the nozi symbles