GTA V radio station tracks to make game better

By Alan Ng - Jan 1, 2013

Rockstar has once again remained silent on any official news for GTA V, with the recent GTA V trailer 2 and the Christmas screenshots serving as the last notable content reveals for the game. One big feature of GTA V that hasn’t been discussed yet, is the inclusion of radio stations which have become a very popular feature among fans. It’s almost certain that radio stations will once again be included in GTA V, but fans are desperately eager to find out which artists have been selected for the game and we could have had one of the first big names confirmed already.

Those who have played the likes of San Andreas and Vice City will know just how much a big deal radio stations are to the game. There’s no better feeling that listening to a classic 80s track while cruising through the streets and we have a feeling that Rockstar are taking their time and trying to strike the right deals with artists to get their material into GTA V.

Whether you’re a fan of dubstep, rap, pop, rock, electro or dance, Rockstar is sure to cater for everyone with some specialist radio stations devoted to just one genre. DJ Kavinsky is one name that is very popular throughout the electro scene and it looks like he will be getting his own station with commentary from the French artist himself. He has posted a rather teasing status on Twitter with the words ‘NightRide FM’, leading fans to speculate that this will be the name of a radio station in GTA V.

His track Nightcall would be ideal for night cruises around Los Santos, so hopefully this will be one of the included tracks in his playlist if it’s confirmed that he’ll have his own station. What else would you like to see in the game though? Stevie Wonder’s Skeletons track that featured in trailer 2 is almost certain to be one of the other confirmed songs in the game, and as a fan of the legend ourselves, we hope that some of his other songs will be included as well – Superstition, I Wish anyone?

If you could select a custom radio station for the game, what songs would you like to be included in GTA V? Would you like Rockstar to choose tracks that are popular in the charts at the moment, or would you prefer them to continue to select the more obscure tracks that have since become famous as a result of being included in a GTA game?

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  • Andrew

    I want to have my own custom user radio station like they had in GTA: San Andreas! I want to be able to play my music on my hard drive and have it in a radio style way when i get into a car.

  • Anthony Franklin DeNinno

    Papa Roach – Where Did The Angels Go (2012 – The Connection)
    Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time (2012 – A Midsummer Station & Kiss)
    Deuce ft. Ronnie Radke & Truth – Nobody Likes Me (2012 – Nine Lives)
    Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Kalifa – Payphone (2012 – Overexposed)
    Say Anything – Overbiter (2012 – Anarchy My Dear)
    Marianas Trench – B Team, Desperate Measures, Haven’t Had Enough, Stutter (2011 – Ever After)
    Fall Out Boy – Sugar We’re Going Down (2006 – From Under The Cork Tree [I’ve heard it a few times on the radio in 2012])
    Rise Against – Make It Stop [Septembers Children] (2012 – End Game)

    Those are just few good ones I could come up with since I’ve heard them quite a bit recently… I would enjoy the game so much more if i didnt have to plug my MP3 player in to hear them… Hopefully they allow the possibility to make a “Mixed CD” so we could have our favorite tracks in on group. So we would have to flip through stations and wait for good songs (Opinions very) and be without music… Most of my time I spend driving I’m usually listening to the talk show stations.

    • NgTurbo

      Great suggestions there, thanks 🙂

  • IchiYamamoto

    Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows – Leslie Gore

  • Der Texan

    Butteflies and Hurricanes – Muse

    • NgTurbo

      A bit of Muse would be great.

  • Dener

    Music: Blackout – Scorpions … Greetings, Dener.