Destination PlayStation 2013 for new PS3, PS Vita games

The Sony PS4 may be on the horizon in 2013, but Sony are not finished with the PS3 just yet. After the last two press events at E3 2012 and the Tokyo Game Show, Sony has now announced details for their next company showing, which will be the PlayStation Destination 2013 event. The company has revealed that it will take place this February in Arizona and all eyes will be on whether Sony will use the event to unveil some brand new IPs for the PS3 and the PS Vita, with the handheld definitely in need of further attention.

Although the event doesn’t have the same prestige as E3, it’s clear that Sony is trying to increase popularity for Destination PlayStation and it may just be the event that Sony fans should look out for during Q1, especially PS Vita owners who are desperate for some new games. You may not be aware, but it was at this event that Sleeping Dogs was first uncovered, so there is definitely a lot of promise for Sony to once again use the event to promote some of the biggest releases of the year.

We wouldn’t mind seeing another trailer for the likes of The Last of Us, Square-Enix’s Luminous Engine and Tomb Raider. If we could choose though, we would definitely like to see some more effort placed on the PS Vita. There is so much untapped potential for the handheld and it’s clear that PS Vita owners would like a major new game to look forward to in 2013 after Black Ops: Declassified failed to deliver on all accounts. There’s still no word on when the highly anticipated Final Fantasy X HD remake will be out, so hopefully we see an update on this at Destination PlayStation.

If you are interested in attending PlayStation Destination, you’ll want to know that it takes place between February 25-28, at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort. Sony has set up a simple website for interested fans to attend, but you’ll need to register first and see if you are eligible for an invite. If selected, you’ll be treated to food and drink for free and an early look and preview of some of the new games that will be on show.

Have you attended Destination PlayStation in the past? What priority should Sony give the event, in relation to the PS3 and PS Vita? Would you like to see new gameplay for some of the existing titles on the way, or would you prefer to see some brand new IPs for the first time?



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