Sporadic iPhone 5 and 4S battery life problems continue

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 28, 2012

We’ve experienced iPhone 4S battery life problems in the past and this had been fixed with an iOS update, although we’ve not met a single battery issue since and certainly not with the new iPhone 5. Having owned every generation of iPhone over the years you learn a few things about Apple phones, and it seems the strangest occurrence is problems that arise after installing a software update. This has been seen with the latest iOS 6.0.2 update that has caused thousands of iPhone 5 owners to complain about battery life problems once again.

It is worth pointing out we’ve installed the iOS 6.0.2 update on our iPhone 5 and iOS 6.0.1 for the iPhone 4S in our office, and neither of these handsets have a problem with battery drain. This shows that the continued battery life issues we hear about are sporadic, and seem to happen after installing a new update. Some people are affected and others aren’t, so should Apple offer a solution for when this happens to iPhone users after installing a new update?

For some people it’s extreme – when we experienced iPhone 4S battery life problems shortly after that handset launched, it had been extreme with over half the battery draining overnight without any use. It seems some people are reporting crazy battery loss once again with the iPhone 5 especially after installing iOS 6.0.2. One PR reader explained that they are losing “over 15% an hour“, which in our opinion has to be software related considering these issues arise after installing a new update.

How is your iPhone 5 battery life after the iOS 6.0.2 update? You can read a forum post here on Apple’s official discussions website, which features one user explaining their iPhone 5 is draining battery after iOS 6.0.2 and this resulted in more than 200 replies and 20,000 views of that forum post. It is worth pointing out that 6 days before this thread had been started we touched on battery problems being reported by our readers in this article.

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  • Traci

    I have a 4s and charge it overnight. My battery is dead by 10am and I don’t even use the phone. It lives on the charger.

  • ccrose

    I am on my third iPhone5, and probalby 20 or more hours of troubleshooting. As best asa I can tell some units don’t like the new software (?). Probably combined with certain apps that the iOS6.02 doesn’t like.

    The problem is real for a lot of people…but what is most frustrating is that Apple is not acknowledging or owning the problem, after promising better battery life for the 5. It seems to be worst when the phone is churning seeking a 4G or LTE signal where the 4 would not churn the same way looking for the signal.

    Of all the people I’ve spoken to who have the iPHone 5, two of them said they have no issues and 7 or 8 said their battery life is bad. That is people I personally know. Hundreds if not thousands on the Apple forums are complaining of the same issues. I suspect many people are just living with it. One of them uses only wifi and closes almost every app after he uses it.

  • Dawn

    I just got the iPhone 5 and had to exchange it as the battery life was pathetic.
    I’m hoping this new phone doesn’t give the same issue. I hope the issue gets fixed as its frustrating having to charge my phone every time. It’s an iPhone not a blackberry!!!

  • Dashkin

    Update 6.0.2 is not available for 4s…