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Nexus 10 replacement screen responsibility confusion

There’s been a lot of confusion when it comes to understanding just who is responsible for the Nexus 10 replacement screen and other such problems, as we know that this device has had several issues with its display. We have heard a number of cases where owners of this recently launched tablet are having a few issues in getting their device repaired, as it seems that neither Samsung nor Google are quick to respond to getting this issue resolved.

It seems that Nexus 10 owners are having trouble getting these devices repaired; we’re hearing that Samsung do not wish to take responsibility and are telling those affected that they need to get in contact with Google, but Google are then sending them straight back to the Korean consumer electronics maker, which we are certain will be annoying those Nexus 10 owners.

So who is responsible for repairing the Nexus 10? What we don’t understand is why should it be down to Google to resolve as nowhere on the device does it say Google, and we all know that it’s a Samsung made tablet. However, some consumers have said that because you cannot go to Samsung’s website to purchase the Nexus 10, then the buck should stop with Google. You also have to consider that when you purchase a device from a certain store, you take it back to that store if it needs to be repaired.

This is yet more proof that the Nexus program is not going as smoothly as Google would have hoped, not only is there an issue with customer support, but there is also a lack of accessories as well.

Looking over on Google Groups you can see that Nexus 10 owners looking to get their tablet repaired are not happy and are venting their frustration, as they seem no closer in learning if it is either Google or Samsung who should take the responsibility. However, we have recently learned that a spokesperson for Google has said that it is in fact Samsung who has to deal with the repair process, and as a result have contacted Samsung in order to remind them of the fact.



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