iPad 5 could continue iPad 3-4 update cycle

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 25, 2012

Next year could see launch months move around for when Apple normally release certain products, which includes speculation that the iPhone 5S could arrive at WWDC 2013 and new iPads in the first half of the year as well. We’ve been hearing about the second-generation iPad mini for a few weeks now, but could we see the iPad 5 release as soon as March next year?

Like thousands of other people we purchased an iPad 3 this year, which had been replaced by an iPad 4, aka iPad with Retina display, within 7 months of the 3rd generation Apple tablet launching. This shortened update cycle could’ve been due to upgrading the charging port, which added more horsepower at the same time. Some of our readers might have been laughing at iPad 3 owners when they picked up an iPad 4, but how will these people feel if an iPad 5 arrives in March? Technology is moving at a fast rate and we’ve seen many products outdated within a month of launch, but is it a good idea for Apple to launch a new iPad every 7 to 8 months?

This is the rumor being suggested in this article, which claims their sources state the iPad 5 “may be released” well within a year of the 4th generation iPad. They also mention that the 5th generation iPad could be around the same weight and thickness as the iPad mini.

We’ve seen Macotakara provide solid rumors before and considering Apple’s unpredictability of late, anything is possible in 2013. Are you holding out for an iPad 5? You can also see the iPad 4 compared to the iPad 3 for speed and weight here.

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  • BlackStar

    Sega cant be compared to Apple. They are releasing GOOD and desirable products in a small window, Sega released a bunch of garbage (CD and 32x) and tried to extend the life of an already beaten system. The Saturn was cool but only a handful of good games cant save a system, the playstation and its 3rd party support killed it and it buried the Dreamcast, which was a wonderful system that is sorely missed by me.

  • hmmm. putting lots of different versions of a electronic device on the market, and refreshing very quickly? this sounds just like what SEGA did before it went belly-up. anyone who was gaming when the sega genesis, segs cd, sega 32x, and sega saturn, as well as the sega game gear, which all released in a 5 year time frame, will see this. apple’s going down the same road.