iPad 4, Nexus 7 lag behind mini

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

This time last year the most popular tablet over the Christmas period was the iPad 2, since then we have had the iPad 3 and now the 4. However, the iPad 4 and the ever-popular Nexus 7 sales lag behind Apple’s mini tablet. This doesn’t come as any surprise really because no matter who we speak to they have nothing but good things to say about the iPad mini, well apart from the Android faithful of course.

According to a recent study it seems as though the iPad mini is being searched for more than rival tablet devices, even its larger sibling. Now while this is not proof of sales, it’s certainly a great indication of how popular Apple’s smaller tablet is. Whether this will result in more iPad mini sales over the Holiday Season is something that we will not find out until early next year, but no matter what, it’s still looking good for Apple.

It’s not just the iPad 4 and the Nexus 7 that seems to be lagging behind the iPad mini, the Kindle Fire HD is also bringing up the rear as well. However, there is a worry for Apple though, as it has been suggested that both the larger iPad’s were searched for far less than the Nexus 7 and the Fire HD. This could mean nothing, but it does make you wonder if things are starting to unravel for Apple? Having said that, we would like to say that if you have a limited budget then we are sure that the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD will be more of an interest to you. Don’t get me wrong these are more than capable devices, although the former does have much more to offer.

So what tablet device will win out over the Holiday Season? As with all statistics we should take them with a grain of salt because they mean nothing until the final sales numbers are in, but we wouldn’t count the Nexus 7 out of the running too soon, as we know that sales over the past few weeks have been very impressive indeed, especially when there has been several stock issues in that time.

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  • Shauna Morgan

    I was recently at Bestbuy, checking out tablets. While checking out the iPad Mini (because I like tablets in general), a teenager and his Dad (I assume), came in, stood beside me and watched as I played around with it (the instagram application looked horrible on it). I stepped back to let the Dad check it out and his teenage son, began to talk about the Nexus 7.

    He explained to his Dad that the Nexus 7 had a better screen, would hold up better regarding future applications that would need more processing power and marveled that the Nexus 7 cost a lot less.

    Owning the Nexus 7, I smiled, agreed and went to check out the new Asus Ativ Windows 8 tablet (nice, but $599?).

    So, when search results become more important than the value proposition, let me know. Until then, I’ll be like the kid at Bestbuy and tell everyone that the better buy IS the Nexus 7!

  • miguel martinez

    I don’t know about all that. I got my Nexus 7 when it first came out and I love it, no Apple product can replace the freedom of an Android, so when the Google branded Samsung made Nexus 10 came out I had to get too, and indeed a better resolution than any Retina Apple has ever put out.

  • TacticalTimbo

    Chris, you goading of the Android community is pretty immature to say the least!

    It’s trolling some to drop the snidey line, “…we would like to say that if you have a limited budget then we are sure that the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD will be more of an interest to you”.

    If you knew anything about technology, then you’d know that not only does the Nexus 7 have a higher res screen, but that it’s also significantly more powerful…double the ram, quad-core etc, etc. On top of this you can get a Nexus 7 32gb 3g for £239, that’s eleven pounds less that the 16gb wifi only iPad Mini; this isn’t the one poor people would choose, as you so snidely suggest…it’s the smart people would go for as well.

    Don’t get me wrong, Apple’s good, I like have owned several iPods over the years, and currently have an iPad 3rd gen, iPod touch 4th gen and a mbp13. The value proposition is not quite there for the Nexus 10, but in the iPad Mini/Nexus 7 battle, well, there is no contest!

    • iPad,s are the best I’m not used into nexus 123456 and 7