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BlackBerry 10 vs iPhone 5 for speed

If you are excited about the upcoming release of BlackBerry 10, then you won’t want to miss this new visual preview that we have for you. BlackBerry 10 smartphones aren’t due to be released officially until the end of January next month, but we are already seeing evidence of handsets appearing in the wild very early via Dev Alpha prototype models. In a new video, we see how one BlackBerry 10 handset competes against the iPhone 5 and the HTC 8X in a browser speed test and you may be surprised with the results at the end.

It’s not the first the time that we have given you an early look at BlackBerry 10, as RIM don’t seem to mind the frequent amount of unofficial appearances that handsets, specifically the rumored BlackBerry ‘London’ appear to be making. We see a clear look at one of the dev alpha handsets in question in the clips below, first comparing the device against the HTC 8X and then again against the mighty iPhone 5.

Despite BlackBerry 10 being a completely new OS designed from the ground-up, you’ll be surprised to see that RIM’s new operating system more than holds its own against its rivalS and even goes one step further to beat both devices in a direct speed test – an impressive feat to say the least. You’ll see the BlackBerry device load up the web page slightly faster than the iPhone 5, but significantly faster than the Windows Phone 8 handset which we’ll let you draw your own conclusions on.

Given that RIM themselves have said that everything rests on the success of BlackBerry 10, we would say that the operating system is looking pretty good so far. We’ve heard a lot of whispers on how they’ve basically copied iOS and iPhone 5, but is that such a bad thing we wonder? Either way, the new BlackBerry models look a lot slicker than the likes of the Bold, Torch and other BB models in that mould which look severely outdated now.

What are your ongoing thoughts on BlackBerry 10 and the new smartphone designs? Take a look at the speed tests below and let us know if you think RIM has a shot of success in 2013 with their revamp.



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