TiVo Premiere gains Spotify

If there were a way to improve on your TV viewing and entertainment experience then the recent news that TiVo Premiere gains Spotify would certainly be one way, which means that those who own one of these boxes and subscribe to the service will now be able to stream music direct to their TiVo Premiere boxes. Adding such a service is yet another reason why the company is able to stay one step ahead of their rivals, and we’re sure that this latest addition will be very welcome by Premiere users because it adds yet another dimensions to an already impressive service.

TiVo understand that adding Spotify to their Premiere service is a step in the right direction because they understand that their users have a thirst for entertainment, and is just another step for them to offer their customers a more complete package. Those who have the $149.99 TiVo Premiere, the $249.99 TiVo Premiere 4 and the $399.99 TiVo Premiere XL4 will all have access to Spotify digital music service on each of these devices, although they will need to keep paying $14.99 per month or lifetime fee of $499.99 in order to do so.

However, those Premium subscribers will have still pay the $9.99 per month for their Spotify Premium account as well in order to enjoy the music streaming service on their TiVo Premiere devices. It’s a simple and painless process and once the app is installed on these boxes all users need to do is sign-in with their existing TiVo account and they are ready to begin streaming.

What makes this news so great is that TiVo Premiere subscribers have been wanting Spotify on their devices for a while now, so it’s as if the company has been listening to their customer needs, but it is clear that DirecTV customers would also like the ability to enjoy Spotify on their boxes as well. Let’s just hope that TiVo and Spotify have not rushed this out because there would be nothing worse than having a great amalgamation of services only for it to be slow and have an inferior quality.



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