Sony PS4, Xbox 720 danger with FPS laziness

By Alan Ng - Dec 19, 2012

Many gamers are hoping that the shift into next-generation gaming is going to provide buyers with amazing graphics quality that has so far only been restricted to various PC games running optimal settings. It has been a constant sign of frustration that many current console games have yet to hit the magical FPS 60 mark and some worrying comments from an industry developer has revealed that the low FPS trend may still continue with next-generation consoles.

If you are considering whether or not to pick up the Sony PS4 or next Xbox console which so many gamers will do without a second thought, one of the obvious requirements that gamers will want to see is all games released with 60FPS as a mandatory requirement. It’s up to the developer to step up and ensure that they meet this target, but so far we haven’t seen it enough on the PS3 and Xbox 360 – with games still releasing at a paltry 30FPS.

John Carmack, co-founder of id Software and responsible for acclaimed series such as Doom and Quake, has been talking on Twitter about the upcoming next-generation consoles, replying to a user who specifically asked him about the thoughts on using 30FPS in next-gen titles. Unfortunately, it appears he already has inside knowledge on the matter and ‘guaranteed’ that next-gen games will still be shipping with 30FPS, not 60FPS as a mandatory requirement.


The immediate question to ask yourselves now though as you prepare to purchase an expensive next-gen system, is whether this would be acceptable for or not? We hear time and time again so how many games fail due to poor frame rates and we would like to think that Sony and Microsoft don’t really want to be in the middle of a storm where gamers are complaining about low frame rates when the first next-gen games are revealed.

Are you happy with 30FPS as long as the game ‘looks nice’, or are you all about smoother gameplay as a preference to pretty visuals? Imagine being able to play a next-gen GTA game with a solid 60FPS – isn’t that what developers need be aiming for?

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  • Anthony Tarantino

    A “paltry” 30 frames per second? Oh please, like that’s really a big deal. Most movies and TV shows are barely at 30 frames as it is, and no one complains about that. I remember back in the “old days” (PS1 and N64 era), games would regularly dip to 24 frames and less. No one cared back then because THE GAMES WERE STILL PLAYABLE.

    Consoles will NEVER match the power of a PC because they use custom hardware that is built to a specific technical spec, same with handhelds when compared to smartphones and tablets. People who expect otherwise are fools.

  • KnowComment

    if i’m investing any more money in a “state of the art” console, it damn well better be a 10-fold improvement over the previous generation in every aspect – including framerate – and the console manufacturer should demand that software developers release titles capable of meeting a minimal performance level that should be set higher than the previous console. there is no reason why the coming nextgen software shouldn’t be required to support full 01080p resolution at 60fps and be full resolution 3d capable.