iOS 6.0.2 update remedies Wi-Fi leaves battery problems

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 18, 2012

Today you might have noticed your Apple mobile device receive the iOS 6.0.2 update, which during the install process explains that it fixes a Wi-Fi bug. We’ve heard plenty of complaints about the iPhone 5 and 4S experiencing Wi-Fi problems, but this is the first time Apple has officially addressed the issues and offered a solution within a software update. If you have started the download then you’ll know that the file size is 983.2MB for the iPhone 5, although it would likely be a similar size for other devices running iOS 6 as well.

Apple made it clear that the iOS 6.0.2 software update contains other bug fixes and improvements, but only listed a fix for Wi-Fi on the update window as seen in the image below. You can go to Apple’s official security updates page found here, which lists software updates for a range of devices throughout 2011 and 2012. It is worth noting that the latest iOS 6.0.2 update is not yet featured on this page, but you should expect the release notes soon.


It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard about problems with iOS 6 and the biggest had been Apple maps, which has since been helped with the release of an official Google Maps app for iOS devices. We recently heard about a lot of performance problems with the iPhone 5 and 4S running on iOS 6.01, which can be seen in over 100 comments on this page. We also heard from a lot of PR readers about iPhone 4S battery life problems back in October, and even after the iOS 6.0.2 update today it seems that some people are still complaining about battery issues.


Does your iPhone have battery or Wi-Fi problems after iOS 6.0.2? Personally our iPhone 5 runs fine without any Wi-Fi or battery issues, and we can say the same for two iPhone 4S models in this office. It is fair to say that thousands of people are experiencing issues, so we’d love to hear from these people after they install the iOS 6.0.2 update. Has your device improved?

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  • atan

    the problems seems worsen.

  • nipponjin

    Agree, no improvement, no probem with the battery though…

  • Jeve Stobbs

    After charging all night, my phone was dead by noon and it was mostly in my pocket all day.

  • Dan

    My battery got much better with this update.
    I had no problems with battery until about a day after downloading the new Google Maps. Then for the first time my battery went from 90% to 22% overnight. A couple hard resets did not fix. Then this morning did the 25 minute update to 6.0.2 and my battery is better than ever. 5PM and just went from 100% to 99%.

  • Kev

    This may sound silly to some with battery issues but I had a problem with my phone bout a week ago so I reset everything on the phone to factory!! When I installed everything my battery was terrible, :/ it drained so fast… I had no issues with battery before. When I reset my phone the battery was about half charged so thought that could have been the issue, I charged the battery to 100% then reset again then battery was back to normal 🙂 maybe worth a try. And good luck. Could you leave a comment to say its worked if you try this as I don’t want to be updating to get the battery problem again lol.

    • Kev

      Ok so here’s an update, since the 6.02 update my battery is soooo much better than before, I charged to 100% did the update then when it restarted the battery said 98% whilst it was still plugged in charging 🙁 Ooops I thought my battery maybe going the way some have. After charging back upto 100% I unplugged and played a couple of games, browsed the net and watched a few vids on YouTube and after 1 hour it went down by 10% that is brilliant to what I would have normally got 🙂

  • 6.0.2 has reduced my battery life to half as long as 6.0.1 on my iPhone 5. It didn’t improve anything for me, only worsened things. I didn’t have wifi problems but had updated for any other fixes.

  • Daren

    My battery went from 100% to 0% after 2 hours with all notifications and location services off – so I am now in from work and have the phone on the charger for at least 1 hour and it won’t turn on at all…..

  • notadreeme

    no wifi improvement, not sure about effect on battery life

  • ping pong dong

    battery improved with update

  • Terry

    downloaded this update today and battery problems immediately began. Went from 90% to 45% in about 30 minutes!

  • F u apple

    Just updated… No improve on the wifi problem almost.

  • Bill D

    I had no battery issues before 6.0.2. I dowloaded it yesterday and my phone won’t hold a charge longer than 3 hours now. Avoid this update!

  • JFK.

    Its incomprehensible… WiFi is always on, iPhone does never disconnect, thus the battery is draining… Apple you screwed my day.

  • AJ

    personally i found my battery life has actually IMPROVED since installing the new update. Usually my phone would drop to 90% in around half an hour but it’s still strong at 100%.

    • ponglong

      Don’t believe that yet. Battery metering seems to be faulty at 100%. Once it drops below 100% it usually drops a lot faster.

      • AJ

        currently its been 5 hrs later and i’m at 96%, which is a big improvement.

  • Yes my iPhone drops 10% in 30 minutes with location and push off and brightness dim to an acceptable level. All I do is check Facebook and Twitter for a few minutes.