Black Ops 2 Nuketown zombies more accessible

By Alan Ng - Dec 13, 2012

There has been a fair amount of confusion lately on the status of the Black Ops 2 zombies map on Nuketown. Previously, it was only available to those who had pre-ordered a more expensive version of the game and was included as a bonus. Now though, Activision has changed their stance and have decided to make Nuketown Zombies available to anyone who purchases a Black Ops 2 Season Pass for $50. If you have already coughed up the asking fee on Xbox 360, you’ll be pleased to hear that the map is now up for download.

Unsurprisingly though, Nuketown zombies still isn’t available for Season Pass owners on PS3 or PC. The map once again falls into Microsoft’s infamous exclusivity bracket, meaning that if you have paid for the early DLC entitlement, you’ll still have to wait a month after it has been released on Xbox 360 first.

Aside from the Nuketown Zombies bonus, the $50 Season Pass is also going to score you four map packs, which will replace the old Content Drop Elite format used for Modern Warfare 3. Within these four packs, we’re guessing that the core content will comprise of three main Black Ops 2 multiplayer maps and a new zombies map to play – so there should be three new zombies maps coming for fans at least.


How good is Nuketown Zombies though? Would you say it is the best zombies map available at the moment ahead of Green Run, or do you prefer the main map that Treyarch shipped with the disc? Activision and Treyarch created even more confusion by initially removing the Nuketown 2025 multiplayer playlist, so we wonder if Nuketown zombies is really worth forking out $50 right now for the luxury of playing it early.

At the moment, if you have the standard version of Black Ops 2, the only way to play Nuketown Zombies is with a Season Pass, otherwise entry to the map is barred at the moment. Let us know if you have it already via the Care Package or Hardened Edition of the game. Is it worth it in your opinion or not? We’ve added some gameplay below for you.

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  • jordan cunneen

    i just bought the season pass and i did not get nuke town zombies i just got the calling card and i have a ps3

  • Suckit

    Lag lag lag and more fuckin lag, this game sucks, and treyarch should take a gun put it in their mouth (make sure you aim into your small little brain) and pull the trigger… USELESS

  • JamesShadowCrow

    I have the Hardened Edition $79.99 and got both Nuketown 2025, and Nuketown Zombies FREE with that purchase. The Season Pass was for people who DIDN’T buy the Hardened or Prestige Versions.

    • mastersmith

      Everyone who preordered got Nuketown 2025. The only perk of spending the extra $40 for the HE was Nuketown Zombies. I could have bought the regular game and then spent $50 extra and had all of the maps including the “Exclusive” Nuketown Zombies.

      Then I unbox the dang thing and 10 mins into playing my PS3 shuts off. No problem with the SuperSlim that is my sons but my Fat PS3 wont run it at all. A problem that Activision nor Treyarch have even addressed yet, because they are too busy trying to fix a broken game in general.

  • MasterSmith

    Number 1: This pisses me off. I spent $90 for the Hardened edition of the game specifically for the Nuketown Zombies. That was the only thing of substance included in the Hardened edition. Then the day of release (after it was to late to change) I find out that the Nuketown Zombies is NOT an exclusive to the HE. I spent an extra $40 dollars for that map just to find out that I could have spent $10 dollars and had ALL the damn maps.

    Number 2: What is up with the shitty, back room, backstabbing, way of doing commerce lately. Skyrim? BlackOps that shuts down fat ps3s? A “Season Pass” that revokes all exclusivity to the more expensive edition?