PS Vita could be linked to Metal Gear Solid 5 mystery

By Alan Ng - Dec 12, 2012

It has been a few days since we saw the mysterious Phantom Pain trailer at the 2012 Video Game Awards. The debate is still brewing on whether this is a secret Metal Gear Solid game in the works, but a new twist has emerged at the same time, with some skeptics claiming that this may not be a next-gen title as initially thought. Instead, there are now whispers that Phantom Pain could actually turn out to be Metal Gear Solid V, with the ‘V’ standing for Vita in a brand new exclusive PS Vita title.

That is obviously a bold claim to be making and your first thoughts are probably that this is impossible, since the graphics shown in the trailer are too good to be on a handheld game, an exclusive one at that. Then again, Hideo Kojima is full of surprises and there is a good point to be made that the visuals shown in the Phantom Pain trailer are definitely not as nice as the graphics we saw in the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes footage – if the two are really linked.

The claims made by PushStartSelect also includes another interesting piece of evidence, in the fact that we never actually see Roman numerals used for Metal Gear Solid games. Metal Gear Solid V as secretly hidden in the Phantom Pain trailer logo can’t be Metal Gear Solid 5 on this basis, so V standing for Vita definitely comes into more significance.

We think everyone has now come to the conclusion that this is definitely a Metal Gear Solid game and Kojima’s plans to keep it under wraps with a false developer studio by the name of Moby Dick has failed. The matter at hand though is what type of Metal Gear Solid game it will be and what platforms it will be coming to.

We also think it would be fantastic if this did turn out to be an exclusive project for the PS Vita, as don’t forget that current consoles also have Ground Zeroes on the way and after the excellent Peace Walker game on PSP, it does appear logical that the next step for handheld Metal Gear is a new title for the Vita.

Do you agree that the quality of visuals do not add up between the ones seen in Phantom Pain and the old Ground Zeroes trailer? Would you be pleasantly surprised if this is a Vita game, or do you think there’s a chance that it could even be a cross-platform game between Vita and PS3? We can’t wait until the secret is finally out.

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  • marhorn

    They have already confirmed the new game Phantom pain (MGS5?) will be on Xbox 360 and ps3. Move along….nothing to see here….apart from bad journalism.
    Wishfull thinking though, but no…the Vita is going to die!

  • I will feel deeply disappointed if this is indeed an exclusive game for PSVita. I’m not excited about this console and I will feel forced in a bad way to get it if this MGS title is an exclusive for it. I know I’m not the only one who’s enjoyed Peace Walker A LOT more once it was released in the HD collection and it could be played on a big console rather than a hand-held system.

  • schrodinger_cat

    Well, if it really is Vita game than Vita struggling times definitely come to an end:D