Police on Apple iOS 6 after Google maps removal

By Alan Ng - Dec 11, 2012

Are you still patiently holding out for Google to answer your prayers with an effective maps app on iOS 6? At the moment, many consumers believe that Apple’s own iOS 6 Maps app isn’t doing a good enough job and all eyes are currently on whether Google’s upcoming map will be approved by Apple’s app store review process and become the number one competitor to Apple’s service. As for the current situation regarding iOS 6 Maps, it looks like Apple has run into even more problems, with even the police having to intervene in one case of incorrect data for iPhone users in Australia.

It’s no secret that Apple’s maps on iOS 6 hasn’t been the most accurate in bringing up the correct data 100 percent of the time. One of the biggest complaints that consumers have been moaning about is the fact that results produce wrong data and that is obviously a major problem for a service that needs to be perfect every time.

Consumers perhaps now realize how efficient the old Google maps on iOS 5 application actually was, as although it wasn’t necessarily easy on the eye – it did get the fundamental job done, a problem which Apple appears to be having difficulty matching. If you have been searching for the latest status on Google’s own mapping solution for iOS 6, you probably would have noticed one case in Australia where some users were being sent to an incorrect location, an area which is apparently a health risk due to the overwhelming temperatures.

That location is the city of Mildura in Australia, as police have sent out a warning that there was an initially a problem with Apple’s maps app which was sending users to the wrong place – around 70km away according to this local report. The inaccuracy with the data meant that users were stranded in a place with ‘no food or water for 24 hours’ – obviously an issue which Apple doesn’t want to be held responsible for.

Luckily, we’re hearing that Apple has responded immediately and have already fixed the problem so that users who search for Mildura will now be directed to the correct location. There has been no official statement or apology on the matter yet, so it will be interesting to see if Apple says anything else before the end of the week.

Does this situation just reinforce the need for Google Maps on iOS 6 even more? Let us know if you have had any recent experience of Apple Maps showing incorrect data or not.

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  • Mickmas

    I am sick to death of people making excuses for this garbage app as if I’m expected to put up with it. At the moment my phone and iPad are second best to all the other devices when it comes to maps. I don’t want juddering safari versions or second rate ‘a bit like google’ type apps. I want google back and until it happens I’m gonna be peeved. Because Ive always been happy to pay big bucks for apple products as “the best” on the market. clearly this is not true any more. Time to check out the competition for my next upgrade I think. And I never thought I would ever hear myself say that.
    Ps… IOS6 is also rubbish.

  • Loyal until they screw us…

    Search “Emergency Room” on Apple maps and on Google maps side by side…hands down Google wins. I will not buy another Apple product until they give me back a “SMART” phone. Their greed made my phone dumb…and it is almost enough to make me switch to Android. At least I know where the ER is…but on my next vacation, I will bring a smart phone, APPLE IS THIS GOING TO BE YOU?

  • I think users are forgetting that when google initially started it’s mapping software it would quite often tell cars to drive through 4X4 roads, or confuse a cycle path or a bush trek as a road and make us drive through national parks. I remember getting stranded in the middle of a national park thanks to google maps.

    This is the same issue here; it’s just it needs a bigger user base to report map inconsistencies; and time to heal the data.

    • Disq

      That’s like saying that 10 years ago, all mobile phones sucked. Just bcos Google Maps used to suck long back is not an excuse for Apple Maps. Apple removed a fantastic product like GMaps from their devices and replaced it with a crappy product.

    • Elliot

      I agree, all mapping systems start off sort of bumpy. However, Apple’s decision to make their not-yet-finished app the only practical option to use when there was already a very nice alternative available was a bad move. They should have at least waited for Google to develop their third party Google maps app before ditching it all together.

      • Bea

        Bad decision or not Google’s crippled maps app for IOS was better than IOS maps for sure. I can understand Apple wanting the turn by turn on IOS devices which Google would not allow with it’s Maps app for IOS, but they should have had a better alternative. I’m sure it will improve but it’s important to have something working now. Google maps is on my home screen to use.