Sony PS4, Xbox 720 vs PC in the living room

The age old argument between PC and home consoles just took on an interesting twist over the weekend, after Valve’s Gabe Newell revealed some interesting comments about how next-gen consoles such as the Xbox 720 and PS4 are not going to have it all their own way in the living room. He expects PCs to still be in the forefront competing with the new hardware, even suggesting that we’ll now start to see ‘living room friendly’ PC systems to directly counter the threat of the upcoming new home consoles.

While the majority of gamers will agree that the PC offers the best graphical capabilities possible with multi platform games, the option of PC as a preference to consoles just isn’t convenient with factors such as price and perhaps more importantly – the luxury of playing straight from your sofa.

That environment gap is one area that Valve boss Gabe Newell looks to bridge specifically when their plans to release a living room friendly version of Steam with their set top box eventually comes to fruition. Newell had been speaking to Kotaku over the weekend at the VGAs, when he suggested that other manufacturers will join in and create PCs that are suitable for the living room.

He also confirmed outright once again that Valve would be providing this service in the future, but also let slip that their version would be a more ‘controlled’ setup, while other PCs would obviously offer that flexibility if users are looking to do other tasks than specifically gaming via Steam.

There are some amazing games on the way to all platforms, Dark Souls II just one of them confirmed for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC over the weekend. If you had the option of playing the game on PC or next-gen consoles though – what would you choose? Are you currently in the situation where you prefer PC playing, but play on consoles just because it is more comfortable for you in the living room?

Imagine in a year’s time when we have the option of a Steam living room box, where the single press of a button and controller support can set you up with Dark Souls 2 right on your sofa. Is that a future that you would like to see ahead of next-gen consoles, or do you still believe some skeptics who say that next-generation consoles will make PC gaming obsolete?



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