Nexus 4 shipping sooner than quoted

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 10, 2012

The current situation with the Nexus 4 shipping times is 5-6 weeks for the 16GB model, and the famous Sold Out message is still showing for the 8GB version in the United States. Most people know LG confirmed it has been high demand that caused stock problems with the Nexus 4, and will still cause problems meeting the demand well into next year. If you managed to get your Nexus 4 ordered even with a shipping delay of more than a month, you might want to know that this shipping time has not been entirely true.

We’ve been contacted by a number of our readers stating that they placed an order for a Nexus 4, which stated a shipping time of more than a month, and the handset had been delivered within one week. We first noticed a number of our readers mentioning this at the start of last week, although after we didn’t report this information it seems that a number of people felt that an email was in order to bring this to our attention.

This is what one of our readers had to say “Hi, just to follow on from an article you posted sometime early last week regarding the Nexus 4 being out of stock for the rest of the year. I just wanted to let you know that I ordered my Nexus 4 16GB on Wednesday and was given a delivery estimation of 4-5 weeks, it would seem that was incorrect as I actually received the Nexus 4 on Friday and am typing this message to yourself using that very device! I don’t know why I received it so quickly it may be that I have been prioritized for purchasing a Nexus 7 earlier this year, or it may be an artificial holding back of stock to make the device look as though it is in higher demand (like what happened with the Wii). Anyway I hope you will take this into consideration“.

Did you receive your Nexus 4 much sooner than Google’s play store quoted? We’d love to know if this is a rare case for a small number of orders, or are Google really sending out the Nexus 4 to a lot of people way before the delivery estimations? Leave a comment below, and remember that it might be worth placing an order if you’ve been holding back, especially considering some handsets are being shipped much sooner that the quoted 4-5 weeks. You can also see the LG Nexus 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 in this article, which includes a number of videos delivering a range of comparisons.

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  • sunny

    Hello, did you receive any news about your phone. OK ordered my nexus 4 on Nov 27 and have not heard anything from Google yet.

  • scott guest

    Just to clarify, I am the person who sent in the letter to this website and I live in the UK for anyone who may be wondering where I am located in relation to receiving the nexus early

  • Fred

    Ordered mine at 17:32 7/12/2012 in the UK, and it showed 4-5 weeks delivery, the funds were reserved on my card, but was then later released. Haven’t received the phone yet, and as much as I’m itching to get hold of it, I don’t expect to see it until we are a week or two into the new year. I’m still checking Google Wallet and my online banking several times a day though 🙂

  • ishan

    i made an order on the 27th Nov, it’s still pending. Then after seing this made another order on 11th Dec.. Shipped on the 12th and got the shipping confirmation.. Google has screwed it pretty bad

  • makeitstop

    Idk if this as nothing to do with it but they charge me $13usd for two day shipping…
    Ordered on the 30th and got in on the 4……But I would not rush to get it tho screen sensitivity is horrible..

    • giggity

      fat fingers?!

  • thiya

    Ordered on 4th Dec 5.05 and received mail
    mentioned that 3-5 days. I called up
    today and got the update that 2-3 weeks. L

  • Hussam

    I do not know what’s wrong with google. Do they really need all that time to ship phones ?

    • Nasty Nate

      Is everyone on here idiots? The Nexus 4 is on backorder, meaning it’s sold out. The 4-5 week delivery times (or whatever number you got) is not the time it takes in transit, it’s the estimated wait until they come back in stock. When in fact they become back in stock and your phone ships it will take 2 days from the day it ships…

  • Master Jay

    Did anyone actually get the nexus when it was meant to arrive?

    • Michael

      None, the people who ordered late got it early and those that order early get it late

  • RedSpyder

    Class action lawsuit against Google possible?

  • Hate google

    Its obvious what has happened, the last people to order have somehow been put at the top of the list and the first to the bottom. This has been nothing but a shambles this whole process and i will now cancel my order and get an i phone 5 at least you know apple are not liars and respect their customers, well done google i was about to buy a chromebook and nexus 7 too.

  • Lee Bond

    UK – Ordered on the 4th, 3-5 day delivery, not heard anything, I phoned them and was told ‘It will be 1-2 weeks, then 3-5 days delivery’. I just told him ‘you would get more respect if you (google) would just admit there was a problem’

  • RedSpyder

    I ordered mine and I was in the 1-2 weeks bracket. 2 weeks are due tomorrow and I havent received not even one update on its status.

  • WaitingForNexus

    Ordered mine on the fourth with a 1 – 2 week shipping period. Still haven’t got it. Ordered from the UK.

  • JoeyJoeJoe88q

    When they say 1-2 weeks UNTIL shipment, they mean that it won’t be out of the warehouse for 1-2 weeks.

    I’m in the second week now, no word yet.

    If I see one more post about some guy with a 5-6 week wait getting it after 3 days, I’m going to drive down to Google HQ and punch the nearest manager right in the stomach…

  • alathays

    Ordered my 16Gb on the 4th @5:06 pm (UK). Shipping estimate 1 to 2 weeks. Nothing heard yet. Fingers crossed for Xmas 🙂

  • Dominic

    I ordered the Nexus 4 8GB on the 04/12/12 in the UK at around 18:00, it was shipped on the 05/12/12 and delivered on the 06/12/12 in the morning, even though it said 4-5 weeks to dispatch when I ordered it. Brilliant service and very impressed, very happy to say the least.

  • Jordan

    After seeing this page i decided to ring google myself to see what was going on. I had ordered my phoneon the 4th at 5:09pm and was given a 3-5 business day wait and was meant to be paying £9.99 for a two day ship. I still haven’t got the phone. Anyway I just called and explained my situation, they transferred me to a different department where they said they would write me a ticket and get answers on what is going on and will be giving me daily email updates on the status of my order. Plus they’re reimbursing me for the £9.99. I advise everyone in my situation to do the same thing.

  • moderately patient

    I suspect something went awry with order times,
    in google wallet, my 17:06 GMT order is listed as being placed at 09:06 UTC-8.

    Still was quoted 1-2 weeks, which isn’t up yet.

  • AR

    I ordered on the 28th with 2-3 weeks of shipping… no phone update yet…

  • Thorvick

    I ordered my phone next week and it arrived yesterday!

  • Archie

    Just got off the phone with the Google.
    Got confirmation of my order on 04/12/12 @ 17:06.
    Bearing in mind they went on sale at 17:00 I thought I had done well.
    I thought wrong. Google have now opened a case to find out what is going on. Haven’t had an email about any case as of yet despite being promised one.

    I am not holding my breath.
    Did mention to Google about how poorly it had been handled and the reply was that I do have the option of cancelling the order. Cheers for that .

  • david

    got mine. email initially said 5-6 weeks and I got it within 4 days !!

  • quickthanexpected

    ordered on the 7th deceember and recieved on the 10th deceember

    • Anders

      Where did you order? In the US?

  • timmy

    Just cancel your order. I order it said 1-2 weeks, the email confirmation AFTER the order then stated 4-5 weeks. I am not willing to wait that long. Will just buy another phone – that’s all it is after all.

  • Kyle Hopkins

    Ordered mine in 27th at 4:30. Said 2-3 weeks, I just got it. Just over a week.

    • Michael

      Are you from uk?

      • Nasty Nate

        I think a lot of people commenting are not in the US. I ordered on the 27th and had a 4-5 week estimate delivery time and I’m reading comments of people ordering the first week of December and having less than 3 week delivery times, which doesn’t make sense..

  • Michael

    Don’t know if I should cancel my order and reorder the 6-7 week wait just coz it’ll get here faster

  • Dimi

    Ordered on 27th of November and still no sign of a dispatch note. I’ve spoken twice with the customer support and all I was told that what is stated in the confirmation email (which was 4 to 5 weeks) is correct and I just should wait

  • jbone

    I live in the US and placed my order on Nov 27. I have not heard anything from google as of today Dec 10

    • cepr

      Me too. Ordered 11/27 and its still PENDING.

    • Austin

      You should try calling in for refund on 2 day shipping. I tried and they escalated the problem for me. But no reply so maybe you guys might be lucky on waiving the shipping fee

    • ishan

      same here, made another order yesterday.. its shipped today, no word on my previous order made on the 27th

  • try9000

    Ordered mine from an Apple store in Canada, how ironic.
    Time was 3:06 eastern time. Got a 1-2 week delivery and they charged my card that day. Still no shipping email back. C’mon Google! Should’ve known the Nexus4 would sell like hot cakes and been prepared for the wrath. With no retail outlet for this device the support has to be top notch. Maybe they should toss the people who bought the phone when it first dropped and STILL don’t even have it a complimentary bumper case. But those are sold out too LOL. All I wan for Christmas is my Nexus4

  • Raimondo

    The sensitivity of the touch screen on the nexus 4 is atrocious! It just does not respond that well. The nexus 4 may be stock android, but the screen tech, although crisp and clear is unresponsive to touch and f*****g annoying!!!

    • davafasda

      fat fingers??

  • To everyone that’s getting the devices early, did you guys order the 16gb?

  • I ordered on the 5th Dec morning in UK, heard nothing and money hasn’t left my account.

  • GeorgePR

    I ordered on the 4th, delivery time stated 3 to 5 days and still waiting. for £9.99 I’d expect at max same day delivery. google is paying its 1% tax in UK with our delivery surcharges fees. where are the people who proudly shouted “don’t be evil” ? I just smell ryan air bad practices here…

  • hbone

    I purchased my Nexus 4 – 16gb Nov 27 with a 2 to 3 week estimated delivery. Still waiting. I also bought a nexus 7 in July so so much for that theory!

  • sienna

    I ordered mine on the 4th and had it in my hands on the 6th ! Not sure if I’m one of few but I have heard of several other people on tumblr having a similar delivery time. =D

  • snooksy

    At least you might be able to get one. In Australia they went on sale for less than 30 minutes on November 13 and ever since not a peep out of Google when they might be available again.

    • ryan

      Thank you! Australia was the first Google Play store to open and by the looks of it, many Aussies may be amongst the last to get one. Would be nice if Google provided at least an indication on when sales will resume. Don’t be evil!

  • The fact that some are receiving theirs earlier is just more evidence of Google’s bungling of this whole product release and sale. Many of those receiving them earlier than expected is at the expense of people who ordered it earlier than them and have yet to receive a shipping notice. I know of numerous people who ordered theirs after I did, but have received them. It’s kind of like going to a restaurant and having people seated after you get their food before you.

    Google needs to just buy a company that knows how to manage this process of selling physical items on line and shipping them. What they have now is a joke, If you call their device support, the people are clueless. Their ability to provide tech support for my Nexus 7, or order status for my Nexus 4 is nil.

  • Sonic

    i ordered 2 Nexus 4 8GB aorund 8pm on 5th Dec, received order confirmation with 4-5 week delivery, 6th Dec in evening i got shipping confirmation email and 7th Dec 11am TNT guy delivered my phones. I am still cant belive, any way phone is realy awsome, at this price point and i have also checked with speed comperison with Galaxy S3 and Note 2, either benchmarking or net speed, Nexus 4 always a winner.

    • Dan

      Come on, get with the tone of this thread! Sour faces and sadness please only.

  • The same for me… I ordered at about 17:10. Predicted dispatch time 1-2 weeks, and I’ve heard nothing.

  • Mussi

    Quoted 1-2 weeks for 16gb UK ordered at 17:05 on 4th, no email except for order confirmation. Money has left my account but hasn’t stated that the money was paid to google.

  • Total BS, ordered at 5:06 pm on the 4th also, still waiting, no dispatch or shipping, diabolical on Google’s part, mixing up the orders. Blaming it on a 3rd party delivery company is not good enough!

  • johhny

    I ordered a 8GB nexus 4 on Tuesday 4th Dec at around 22:00. I was told an estimated shipping date of 4-5 weeks. To my surprise it arrived via TNT on Thursday 6th Dec at around 16:00. No waiting at all. It was shipped the very next day!!!

  • sdrelsl

    I ordered on 4th – with initial shipping time of 4 to 5 weeks but got mine 8th…didn’t receive any shipping confirmation..was surprised when i got the phone. (TNT left the phone at the door though without any information…had I not seen it, would’ve surely lost it!)

  • iceman

    Another f+”@£d off buyer. Ordered at 17.09 and nothing. What a joke

  • Mani

    I ordered mine on the 4th at 5:06:42, was told 2-5 days delivery. Have not heard anything since then. Now after reading this………. 🙁

  • Rob Geeson

    I ordered last Tuesday with an estimated ship of 4-5 weeks and I had the device in my hands on the thursday – two days later. Very happy 🙂

  • Brolly

    Ordered at 17:10 on the 4th. At checkout, the estimated delivery time was days not weeks. As of the 11th, it hasn’t been delivered. Reading around a few forums, it was better to order later in the evening as many with 4-5 week predicts are having theirs delivered. Google emailed me to say that this was not happening, but it is.

  • vee

    yep, google is most definitely picking and choosing who they ship to. I ordered mine Nov 27, and it was delivered dec 5.

  • Hemant Bhatye

    Ordered on 27th with delivery 2-3 weeks… No phone, no update, nothing… :'(

    • And if you call them about it, you will get that they don’t know anything about it.

  • Jeff Williams

    I ordered mine last week, I got an email saying 4-5 weeks and the next day another saying despatched, it arrived around a week after order. It is a very nice phone, no complaints, some of my Android 2.3 apps dont work but still highly recommended.

  • hategoogle

    Ordered on the 4th @17.06 3-5 day, still waiting. Google sent out orders in reverse order. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Rizy7

    People are not receiving their devices earlier than expected. Its just that Google have made a mess and dispatched devices straight away to people who ordered late into the day with 4-5/5-6 week dispatch times. While people that ordered with 3-5 day shipping times have had nothing at all and most likely will not get anything in the time frame Google provided. Google are low on stock and have just made a big mess of the situation

  • Lola

    It’s not everyone. There are people that ordered on the initial launch, Nov. 13, that don’t even have shipping confirmation. I ordered on the 27th and I don’t have shipping confirmation either. But there’s people that ordered a 16g from the 3rd – 7th and have already received their phones/shipping conf. It’s all just a huge mess.

  • Part of the controversy has to do with some people ordered late and yet received device early. So it begs the question if those lucky people are from States or Canada or UK or elsewhere?

    I am in US, ordered mine on the 28th. Haven’t heard any new updates from Google. Given the recent news of buzzing issue, I cancelled my order an hour ago.

    I will wait until next Jan or Feb before looking at Nexus 4 again. By then, Samsung would have introduced Galaxy S IV, and I will take a look at that too.

  • Michael

    Mine said 2-3 weeks on Tuesday and no sign of dispatch? Someone who has theirs, did they send a dispatch notification of email?

  • keyser sose

    That should have said China not ……chain

  • keyser sose

    I can order a product from chain and have it delivered to my door in the UK in 5 days…..what the hell is a 5-6week shipping mean exactly……where is it coming from the frigging moon???

  • i order my phone last tuesday and it said 6-7 weeks, but i got my phone in the next two days

  • djwhisky

    I ordered on the 4th, delivery time stated 3 to 5 days and still waiting – not even a sign of a dispatch note. Have a sneaky feeling Google may have messed up the orders and are sending to people who were quoted “4 to 5 weeks” before those who had “3 to 5 days” – crazy!

    • WBRacing

      No sneaky feelings required. Its a fact proven on many forums.

      Google have have apparently used up all their current stock supplying people who were slow to order. Those of us at the front of the queue have been overlooked. I’ve cancelled my orders.

      Google have demonstrated a staggering level of amateurism.

    • Dan

      You are 100% right on this. I ordered at 17.09 on the 4th, just as the site showed available devices. I had 3 to 5 days on my email.

      Others who ordered afterwards have received and I still haven’t.

      I spoke to Google and they said that technically I had a day to wait!

      Like hell it is coming today!

      • Master Jay

        Could you tell us if it came?

        • Dan

          It did not arrive.

    • James

      Just got off the phone to Google. The guy admitted there was a problem and that he was “scared to look at the forums” because of the number of people affected. He said they were all out of stock and that they were waiting on a delivery from the manufacturer but when it arrived my phone would be one of those. Couldn’t give an ETA and could only say it “might” be before Christmas.
      He also said to ring back once the phone was delivered as it was likely they would be able to give a refund on the delivery charge (bl**dy well hope so!)

      • Brolly

        What’s the number to call if you ordered from Britain?