Honda Fit to help sales with new body styles

It’s always horrible when you hear that a car manufacturer is scaling down production at one of their plants, so it is nice to enter into this Holiday Season knowing that Honda Motor Co. has already finalized that their upcoming Mexican plant will offer three new Honda Fit variants. No doubt these new body styles will helps sales in North America as it gives drivers a bigger choice.

The Honda Fit hatchback is the standard model and was always going to be assembled at the Mexican plant, but it’s the Honda Fit Sedan and Honda Fit-based crossover that has us interested as it’s further proof that the Japanese carmaker is set to push this small car onto the American market, much more than they have in the past. For years North America has been obsessed with bigger is better, but it is finally nice to see that they have now started to embrace these smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Having driven a Honda Fit and taking the car for what it is, I’d have to say that I was pretty impressed. Okay, so it’s not going to win any wards for its performance, but again people’s obsession with speed and throaty sounds from the engine is not what most drivers want these days. The idea of three Honda Fit models has certainly got my interest.

We can already visualize what the Fit-based crossover will look like, as one would assume that it would be something like the Honda Fit Twist (see above), which as some of you will know is already on sale in Brazil. You’ll notice that it conforms to the stereotype of the CUV by standing taller than the hatchback model, along with having a more aggressive front end as well.

Honda had not told the subscription-based website any technical details on the three new Honda Fit models, but let’s hope that we learn more soon because public awareness is a big deal if the Japanese carmaker hopes to achieve the kind of sales numbers in the US that they have projected.



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