GTA V preference provides The Last of Us dilemma

By Alan Ng - Dec 10, 2012

It has been a while since we last saw any new The Last of Us eye candy, but just as many hoped – we had a brand new peek at the game during the 2012 VGAs over the weekend in Los Angeles. A brand new trailer has been revealed by Naughty Dog showing a combination of both gameplay and cutscenes, but more importantly for fans – a confirmation at last on a solid release date for the game. If you tuned into the event live on Spike, you probably would have already seen amazing reveals for the Phantom Pain which could turn out to be Metal Gear Solid 5, and also Dark Souls 2 which was arguably the most impressive game reveal for the whole event. The Last of Us is still a major attraction though and Naughty Dog decided to unveil to the world that the game will be coming out on May 7, 2013.

The game is expected to be one of the final highlights on the PlayStation 3 along with GTA V before the PS4 arrives, although having said that there is now Dark Souls 2 apparently on the way to the PS3 as well, thus proving that the console is far from dead just yet.

As far as we’re aware, this is the first time that we’ve seen horse riding in the game as well, so that is an interesting feature that fans can expect to see when the game is out. We also see the emergence of a potential relationship between main character Joel and a woman named Tess.

Ellie features heavily throughout just like the previous reveals for the game, while there is also a glimpse of civilization as well in a busy town area which doesn’t appear to have been infected yet. Going back to GTA V though, is there possibly a danger of The Last of Us playing second fiddle to Rockstar’s game, since we know it will release during Spring 2013?

GTA V is arguably the most anticipated game ever across all platforms and PS3 users may not have time to consider The Last of Us if Rockstar decides to launch their game at the end of April. GTA is one of those types of games where users can play for hours on end, so is May 7 really the perfect time for The Last of Us to come out?

Of course, those gamers with a lot of time on their hands will simply pick up both games, but we have a feeling that most of you will only opt for one considering that the release windows between both massive games are now incredibly tight. If you have a PS3 and have been looking forward to The Last of Us since its initial reveal, let us know if you are now facing a dilemma over which game takes preference with GTA V in the mix.

The Last of Us is clearly going to be Naughty Dog’s final game on current-gen consoles, but will you delay playing it so you can concentrate on GTA V first?

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  • Jamel Frazier

    Preorder both Problem solved

  • fuk the h8ers

    ill buy both games plus more. this article is crap. nothing new.

  • Soulman

    It seems a few dumb people on here are thinking that the article shows gta v gameplay. THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY ARE SAYING!!

    What the article is trying to get across is that with last of us gameplay being revealed and the date that it’s being revealed does it place it directly in the firing line of gta v. Some people just cant read. GDI.

  • Failboat

    Dude is crazy that thinks GTA V isn’t the most anticipated title of the year, much less the console generation. Just because you don’t think it is, doesn’t make it true for just about every other gamer.

    You’re also naive if you think Naughty Dog has any say in the release date once the game is finished. Naughty Dog is owned by Sony. You think Sony wants to anger the makers of one of the biggest franchises in the history of video games? Yeah, probably not. Currently there is no OFFICIAL release date for GTA V, I don’t really care what Amazon is predicting. Until R* comes out and says a date, it’s all speculation. Sony is banking that enough PS3 users will want to purchase both games if they release around GTA V, which I am one of those people.

  • Kflap

    I just want a new Jak and Daxter…. A few years ago Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed were released within a week of each other. People buy games depending on their marketing campaign.

  • Thomas McBrearty

    There’s no reason for Naughty Dog to pull back, why would they? because Rockstar put their foot in the door any say “Hold up there pal?”

    Well I say Naughty Dog should slam Rockstar’s foot hard in the door, because I see no reason why they should delay it or set a new date. Rockstar’s games do ‘Nothing’ for me and I would be extremely aggravated to find out The Last of Us has been pushed back due to ..’GTA V’. I can see The Last of Us selling well, especially with all the trailers, teasers and hints dropped over the past few years of its production.

    What have we seen from Rockstar over the years of GTA V’s production?
    ….Two trailers and a few pics O_o
    Rockstar hasn’t sold this to me, I don’t play with the silent-treatment that most of the gaming franchise seem to play along with.

    “GTA V is arguably the most anticipated game ever across all platforms
    and PS3 users may not have time to consider The Last of Us if Rockstar
    decides to launch their game at the end of April.”

    Completely disagree why would gamers turn around and say no to The Last of Us and yes to GTA V? Each offer something different; you have to remember than Naughty Dog games sell well, even for exclusives, and with this game being shown more & more to the public I can see large pre-orders and sales. Uncharted 3 released close to ‘Skyrim’ and the sales for ‘Uncharted’ where incredible, Yes! they weren’t Skyrim’s sales, but they weren’t exactly hurt by Skyrim, in-fact the sales for Uncharted 3 become one of PS3’s best opening for sales. (You have to consider that The Elder Scrolls is one the biggest sellers, evidentally it didn’t affect sales for U3). So my point stands why would they push The Last of Us back, it will still sell incredibly well and is out a month before GTA V.

  • Just Talking

    Looks like “Woods” from Black Ops games.

  • Dannannay

    It does NOT show GTA V Gameplay. So if you’re looking for GTA cutscenes/Gameplay then don’t bother watching.

  • Hackers In Action xxx 8632807

    do this show gta gameplay or what

  • Beans

    Should be noted, the next Metal Gear Solid is coming out on PS3 as well.