Black Ops 2 patch 1.05 craved on PS3

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 12, 2012

There will be a number of problems needing a fix within Black Ops 2 patch 1.05 on the PS3, although we can officially confirm that the Sony console is still experiencing crashing and freezing issues for some gamers. Our PS3 Slim model has crashed once today after an hour and another time after just 10 minutes, which happened while reviewing Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and meant a hard reset had been needed. This is not a new problem and we thought everything had been solved after installing Black Ops 2 patch 1.04, but sadly that is not the case in our tests and according to a couple of emails we received from PR readers.

It is also worth pointing out that we’ve heard from a number of gamers that had been experiencing Black Ops 2 freezes previously on the PS3, but these were fixed after installing the last update. Two PR readers emailed us within the last few days complaining that the crashing is still there, but we could only confirm this with our system today. The crashing is likely a problem that will not affect every PS3 gamer, so we’d love to hear from PR readers and find out how many of you are still having problems with Black Ops 2 after installing the latest patch?

What needs fixing with Black Ops 2 patch 1.05? The developers will never be able to satisfy all PS3 players, although having to hard restart your console a few times a day is not a nice experience and one that can damage a hard drive over time. If you have a wish list for Black Ops 2 patch 1.05 we’d love to hear it, so hit the comments with your requests. Is there a problem really bugging you in Black Ops 2, which you feel needs to be addressed in the next update?

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  • Chad

    The new update has caused me to lag every game, where I drop to one bar like every 30 seconds and back to full bar. Never had that problem before the update.

  • My Black Ops 2 was fine until patch 1.04 came out now it freezes all the time. I can’t reach high rounds on zombies anymore and worst of all hard restarting my ps3 IS NOT GOOD!! Please resolve this issue because I really enjoy the game! Otherwise I’m getting my money back and so will many other people!

  • aziz

    in xbox when you turn off the auto center that make the gun less recoil
    in ps3 must make the guns less recoil

  • can they fix the screen on the ps3 . It is cut in 3/4

  • gumption7089

    My game also completely freezes while playing black ops 2 !! PLEASE FIX THIS…

  • Deathgard

    I gave up on multiplayer a little while back because 3arc has done a god awful job at monitoring the players so nearly every lobby is filled with prestige masters who simpy hacked and don’t have a clue as to how the game is played its annoying as hell but what’s worse is the constant lack of recording for zombies. High scores may sometimes not count at all or if a player quits or times out nothing is recorded. This is purely pathetic how they did not even take care of this yet…

  • Kolptreue

    Lag lag lag!!!!!!!

  • Tempest_TempzZ

    Treyarch fix this please!

    1. Freezes.

    2. Glitches in Zombies.

    3. Weird noise with Zombies mode! ( Watch it on youtube! )

    Treyarch, fix this 3 things please and the PS3 players will be happy.

    From: Tempest_TempzZ

  • TheUnhappyGamer

    Is Call of DUTY BLACK OPS 2 a game ? or just a title sequence ? as thats all i can f*#!ing see followed by a nice freeze frame :@ Just got bo2 for xmas …and its hard freezing all the time I was able to play two levels of campaign and then it started …now I have been unable to even get to the main menu despite trying for several hours every single time it has frozen.. I have tried all the suggested solutions such as deleting the game data utility and it still continues to hard freeze also tried the game with and without the 1.04 update and guess what it still freezes …and no its not my system as all my other games work fine…Spent £42 on a game that I cant play and is breaking my ps3 ….This needs to be sorted and quickly…….

  • earbaby

    Buzz Dengue has a very important point too. That might be the problem because i get killed all the time and I’m like what look at the killcam and it shows something totally different.

  • earbaby

    The game is good but the only hang-up is some matches it feels that the enemy has an advantage even if I shoot first perfect aim. Some matches it feels like its not a fair match and I’m at a disadvantage. The hit detection is the most important problem that needs to be looked at too before anything else.

  • earbaby

    Having to shoot 15 bullets at the enemy when he kills me instantly is not fun that should be fixed.

  • steban

    In All the Call of duty’s GAMES Theres a problema with the LAG AND SERVER ISSUES FIX THAT BITCHES!

  • Tamohorski

    1. lag/lag compensation… what ever, it is unbelievable frustrating to shoot the enemy 4-6 times and getting only 2 hits. Every hit MUST count. At least get the lag at MW2 level. That was tolerable to play and was probably the main reason why I enjoyed MW2 so much more than BO or MW3 even losing some other areas for those games.

    2. Maybe fixing lag will remove this other annoying issue too or something else must be done. You see there are these guys who are able to “dance” in the middle of fire by moving side to side and back again trough my firing. Now that just stupid. I am using mostly assault riffles so is it that lag problem or is there problem at guns fire ratio or hitting power i don´t know but this should not be a possible maneuver. Man can´t be faster than bullets. So I hope you fix this.

    3. Clearly in core mode getting headshot is not an instant kill whitch it should be in my own opinion. In close range it should not mater what gun you use, head shot is always one shot kill or at least it should be. I have tested this to enemy now three times whit AN-94 by sneaking very close to him and shot those 2 first rounds back of his head and did´t even drop him. This I find very stupid too.

    These are First 3 issues I find to need to be fix. Thank you and goodbye

  • xirix

    my console still freezes on zombies from time to time after the 1.04 patch but not as often

  • I think that the big streaks should be easier to get (Warthog, Lodestar, Dogs, Swarm, etc.). Also I wish that lag is patched and also ma

  • stanly816ipkiss

    yes still freezing everytime i try to play for ps3 mine freezes after every game….. needs to be fixed or i just wasted 65 bucks…

  • Exchoki

    My BO2 crashes during the cut scene right before they go to Colossus HQ. I had to hard reset the PS3 in order to be able to get the PS3 out of its suspended animation stage. When it restarts it asks me if I want to send a report to Sony and the game developer. After that it tells me it will restore the file system due to an error. I assumed my HDD was going bad so I changed the hard drive. Reinstalled the game as well as update 1.04 and the game still freezes right after the Colossus intro scene. Any ideas? Input?

  • FrannyL

    I have a original fat 60gb and it shuts down after 5 mins of gameplay they have to fix this crap

  • pask

    I have a ps3 60gb fat model and every time I play black ops 2 turns off after 10 minutes followed by 3 beeps and flashing red light

  • Has anybody else had an issue with corrupted game sound? I periodically loose all game sounds to a garbled messed of spastic audio that won’t stop till I quit and restart the disk. The inter-player headset chatter is fine… just the game sound track and voices… ???

    • Hammer

      Yep, same here. Happens every now and again. Sounds like an angry possessed ghost has taken over your game.

  • I gave up trying to play Black Ops 2 last night – THE LAG IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!… it is all but unplayable… I am likely going to try and return the game… I know… “good luck with that”… I am giving up. I tried all the router settings for DMZ and fixed internal IP’s but something else is WAY WRONG. It is NOT my router, it is NOT my connection speed.

    AND NOW, just to add insult to injury they announced the “Play with the Devs” event this weekend! Nice, now I can get “Lag Slapped” by the developers of the game themselves. I can’t wait!!! (… the “I can’t wait” part was sarcasm).

  • Kingderek

    The lag in my game makes it unplayable all i get is hit marks. My connection speeds are 5 times faster then my freinds ( his 7.1d 1.1u and mine 35d and 7u) but yet he doesnt lag and i do. Why?

  • Koori504

    In patch 1.03, my ps3 never froze while playing cod. This is insane

  • Vangry

    my prob is zombies every time i go to play tranzit town or farm its crashing on the loading screen every time but when i go to play nuketown zombies everything is fine (maybe bcoz its on my hhd?).its not my ps3 other games are fine and this is my 2nd black ops 2 disc and it does the same crap! if it dont get fixed soon this maybe my last call of duty 🙁 im about done with this crap

    • danny

      edd? ha

  • French ID: m3ct0n28

    déjà le 1er problème à régler est celui des freezes, avant la 1ere MAJ tous marchaient très bien! j’avais mis le multi par défaut, depuis la MAJ je n’arrive même plus à accéder au menu, a part au premier allumage de la console, après freeze sur freeze au bout de 20mn et impossible de rejouer jusqu’au lendemain, 1er freeze après le premier chargement, ou après le deuxième, freeze pendant la connexion au multi ( si j’arrive à aller à ce stade là ce qui est rare! ) ensuite après si j’arrive à passer la connexion au multi je me retrouve dans mon groupe, là les bugs sont aléatoires, freeze léger sa se remet et bug de son ou freeze directement, ensuite si j’arrive à lancer une partie ( une fois sur deux il n’y a plus de son ) sa freeze jamais pendant la recherche de partie ou le salon, parcontre le freeze viens toujours au début du chargement. mais arriver à ce stade ( recherche de partie ) est devenu hiper rare aujourd’hui! A QUAND UNE MISE A JOUR CORRECT !!? payer un jeu 70€ pour même pas avoir accès au menu c’est de l’arnaque!! Problème à régler sur le champ!!!

  • divo_666

    mine crashed 2 days ago and after system reset had message saying save game data damaged or missing, resulting in losing weapons prestige to lvel 2 and player prestige level 1 and was at level 38. so pi**ed cant believe have to start all over again. games been freezing even after software update and even during friendly multiplayer whilst offline.

  • da_sawce

    Many of the people here have pretty much covered most of the issues that should be addressed. Time is the enemy here Activision. The longer you wait, the worse your reputation is going to get.

    -Zombies (solo or co-op) ALWAYS FREEZES ON the BUS. I’ve had two instances where it has froze while walking the map. The joy of it all is that I can not complete the Easter Egg because once I have one or two steps to go it locks my PS3 up. Frustrating.
    -Multiplayer freezes when transitioning between matches. I can almost predict when this is going to happen because during gameplay on KILLCAMS the game gets very glitchy (frame rates slow down).

    -Hit Markers and Deaths are not accurate. I have ported forward my router settings, select Best connection and I still have issues every time I play with inaccurate hit markers and deaths. Sometimes when I kill someone, it only takes 1 bullet. Other times, a whole clip will not even do it.
    -League Play is probably the only thing that is very accurate and fun to play. IMO. Haven’t had any lag issues, freezes or inaccurate kills or deaths. If Multiplayer gameplay was similar to Leagues, this would be THE BEST GAME EVER.

    • Angry Gamer

      Exactly the same mate

  • after every game i play on multiplayer. it freezes, all i want for xmas is for black ops 2 to be fixed.

  • Shane Rivera

    Two play stations have been freezing playing the game

  • antman5435

    mine will freeze with certain attachment combos

  • phil615

    The next update should address playability because it’s still not playable. It still crashes. I only play zombies and I cannot play any long games because it always crashes without fail. It still crashes.I can sometimes play to round 20 but the system still freezes in the low 20’s – often way before that. It still crashes.

    I cannot speak on campaign because I will never play it again after being unable to progress due to invisible walls impeding progress towards the objective. Maybe that was fixed?

  • iseeuanwillkillu

    Ill be in mid game and my ps3 will freeze while playing thats the only issue i have, and trust me my ps3 stays cold

  • Jhay

    Can’t play BO2 on my “Phat” PS3 at all! Turns off 5 minutes into signing into the online EVERY TIME! If they don’t fix this soon I will be contacting them for a full refund on my purchase!

  • Crc

    The perks awareness and hard wired need to be buffed! Also, the PS3 freezing up is a issue.

  • JOHN

    yes fix lag lag lag unfair

  • kev

    Just got off phone with act and they said don’ bother sending in the game now…because it is not he disk…it has to do with the very first update they said…so hold tight to those disks and wait for patch 1.5 they will take care of all the freezing and hard lock ups…i can only hope….

  • JOHN

    fix the lag i shoot first i die WTF

  • adam

    i dont have a ps3 i have a xbox treyarch please make more hardend editions please i wnt it for christmas

    • Turk

      Don’t waste your money until they fix all the playability issues. Trust me you will be frustrated as hell.

  • Theholyreaper

    I can only play one game and sometimes not even that before it freezes up on me paid all that money for a defective product feels like I got scammed!!!

  • The_Dark_Devil_6

    ok problems,
    1. when im host of the game my ps3 froze
    2. when i shoot someone i see the hit mark but when i see the replay its like i never shot him
    3. SMG ^^ really its a deadly weapons whats up with the assault rifle !!!!
    4. shotguns ! WTF 1 shot 1 kill seriously
    please fix the game lag !

  • Pmoore

    I just freeze doing everything. I can play a multiplayer match, but as soon as it tries to get back to the lobby I completely freeze. I cannot even start a zombies match. And campaign freezes every few minutes. I am sick adn tired of this crap. I was able to play the first weekend. I downloaded my Hardened Edition camo and BAM, have not had a full game since. $90 to not play! And of course I fill out the return stuff online and magically nobody at activision gets back to me. Bunch of crooks.

  • Commentator Prime

    I never knew the PS3 was capable of crashing/freezing like a computer….. until Black Ops 2.

    • xirix

      wow you must not own very many ps3 titles then , cause i got about 5 games that have froze on me, sonic 4 ep 1, infamous, LBP, black ops 1, mw3, not including BO2

  • ghostly

    make knifing usable. currently knifing has like a 1-inch range in the game

  • maaaz

    The only call of duty game i buy on the date it is released in the Uk and it doesnt work! Had the game for just about a month now and iv given up on it! its impossible for me to get passed the part in campaign when you have to move Frank from underneath the log the game just freezes and nothing happens, havent attempted to play zombies yet or online as it probs wont even work going by what everyone else says. Iv heard this isnt the only game which activision have released when it wont function properly.
    If their going to release a game atleast make sure it functioning to the fullest without any bugs.
    feel robbed of my money from them! £50 that i will no doubt ever get back and i now have a game that is no use to me and will probably sit and collect dust untill they get this bloody issue fixed!

    • xirix

      well as you know treyarch has to collect info from users even when the game is out after the beta, games are so complicated that it takes nearly 2 years after release for a game to be fully pached, and no final patch is perfect anyways. its just somthing we will have to deal with unless you like to wait even longer for a new COD

  • Only map i can play is nuketown zombies. i think it is because there less people playing on it. not sure though. lets say i play 20 games of zombies not doing nuketown zombies. playing tranzit or bus depot or something like that ill freeze 15 or 16 times needing hard reset. some of my friends on psn freeze occasionally and there are some that freeze all the time. im scared that when ps3 nuketown zombies is released to the public it will cause that map for me to freeze too if a patch doesnt fix by then which i doubt it. soo im pretty much screwed if it comes out january 12th for playstation……. 🙁

  • astraeuss

    The reconnecting to party screen sometimes takes several minutes, I once had the reconnecting to party screen not go away therefore I had to quit the game altogether. When I back out of a lobby and hit the bring party tab some of my clan gets left behind where it should bring all party members back to our main lobby. I have had some games where one side had over 9 people and the other side had maybe three, this has happened to me a handful of times. On several occasions my clan of six are waiting for a game to start when all of a sudden one or two of our clan members are put on the oppositions side. The matchmaking leaves a lot to be desired, the lag is unbearable as well.

  • mobstatus_09

    when will the new patch be released

    • im guess 3 weeks to a month lol

    • i guess there not spending a dime of there wealth to hire more people to fix the issue

  • Skavar

    Well, thanks everyone for the ‘heads up’. Wont be purchasing BO2 for Christmas 12 !

    • i dont blame you i dont think it will stop crashing till late into next year

  • Mad@treyarch

    Still freezing bad. Now im getting an error and no games are working. Ive reformatted my ps3 hard reset multiple times. Very disappointed.

  • Kev

    I have to now send my ps3 into Sony for them to fix my hard drive. Black ops 2 has damaged by system and has corrupted it… Sony got me to go into system settings and restore system and restore it twice through safe mode with no luck. after the 9hr restore my system started ops 2 got past the 1.4 update then froze… I called Activision they wanted me to try my disk on another system and try another game on my system… Well my bros ops2 disk froze and my game worked on buddies system for 10 rounds of multi then started to freeze… So through all this testing I’ve done I have come to the conclusion that the disk is corrupting the ps3…. I advise people to send game back to Activision since Walmart Won’t take it back ( I tried) so if my game works on Activision system they will just send my disk back but if it freezes they will replace with a new disk… And trust me when I get my ps3
    Back from Sony and get my ops2
    Back I will not be running it at all tell patch 1.8 maybe they will have it figured out by then… Ps.. I am paying the 103.50$ for my repair or replacement of my system..

    • damn man i hope that doesnt happen to me if that did i probably wont have a gaming system for long time cause im poor as hell

  • Michael

    The freezing problem has only started for me since the latest patch, and I’m now unable to play more than a single game online before I have to hard restart on my console- absolutely pathetic.

  • Dale

    I can’t even play black ops 2 at all now. My PS3 no longer reads the disc after a few freeze/hard resets.

  • Casual gamer

    1) played this like about the 16th time and its like a cant get a kill unless a stay where a spawned from coz am somehow lagging like fuk even tho av got 30mb fibr optic broadband
    2)Gave up on multiplayer started zombies online
    3)Reached lvl 19 and it suddenly crashes
    4)shot a guy with 2 magazines from the b flag to the sniping spot on the disco level and he doesnt die?/had a smg/
    5)Wats with the BOUNCING BETTY u kill the guy and that fuking thing doesnt DISSAPEAR
    6)Pistols/handguns are the strongest weapons
    7)Lighting fast running men spawn behind you
    8)worst ever spawns
    9)u kill Someone and u know someone will spawn in front of you.
    10)Truthfully a just Hate this game
    Its either me or the ps3 version of this game sucks

    • Knows everything ever

      You sound like an upset 11 year – old who just isn’t good at the game. And multiplayer isn’t judge by your 30mbp/s. it uses both your upload speed and your download. Don’t cry to us about your shitty skills. And I didn’t see you mention anything to be patched.

      Now, go cry to mama.

  • Jonny_Cage13

    Activision has to look up on PS3, and not only on Microsoft, Activision don’t care about us at all, Xbox players get everything first before we do, instead of giving them out and the same time.

    • Knows everything ever

      Microsoft has a paid contract with Activision and the Call of Duty series. Xbox live members pay for the service and that’s why they get things before other consoles.

      -Also, members of the activision forums are hostile to Vonderharr when he offers help. That’s likely why they aren’t paying as much attention to playstation.

    • kenny2858

      ps3 got the update before xbox did.

      • thats because ps3 has more issues xbox is having WAYYYYYYY LESS ISUUES

  • MasterSmith

    I would love for the game to stop shutting down my Fat PS3 so I can stop stealing my sons superslim PS3 just to play BO2 and then having to switch back to my fat one to play skyrim, bf3, and the other games that I have DLC and savegames for on.

  • jesse

    I’ve had freezing problems with the call of duty black ops to since its release I’ve downloaded every patch released up to date and none of them have solved my freezing problems with the multiplayer zombies or just zombies solo. the campaign and multiplayer online seems to work fine now since the last download but the zombies still freeze when ever im downed or i restart a level and i have to restart the consol its so frustrating i play the original black ops but lately ive just given up on black ops and stuck with far cry 3. but i hope i can eventualy play black ops 2 you know befor 2013

  • Captain Miffles

    Even after the patch the game still crashes at multiple places. It’s either the intro video, the cutscene of the first level, or loading a multiplayer game. I just stopped after multiple attempts, luckily BEFORE BO2 fried my PS3.

  • AngryGamer

    They really need to sort out the freezing/lockin up problem which has really made this game the worst call of duty to date! Ive never experienced anything like it with any other game. I have had bops2 since launch night and that was the only night the game did not crash on me every day since then the game has crashed my console over 500 times. I have not been able to get a game of zombies because of this constant freezing which has ruined the game!!!

    • yea mine probably crashed like 500 times too i have not spent a day not freezing/crashing yet

      • FlyAjiraAirways

        Usually that’s a problem with the PS3 super-slim and some Xboxes.

  • They still haven’t fixed the issue of what you see in
    real-time on your screen with your eyes, in other words, the game you see and
    react to, IS NOT the same game you see on a kill cam replay. When you see an
    opponent and put at least 6 rounds on them (no flack jacket), only to have them
    fire once and drop you is so lame. Then on the replay, it shows that you only
    fired one shot… WHY IS THIS SO? Is it the fabled lag-switching? Is it lag
    compensation? It makes playing Black Ops 2 so frustrating as to just walk away.
    Why can’t they (TreyArch & Infinity Ward) program this issue out of their
    platforms? Do they not care? It is not for lack of money/funds…

    • Turk

      Its a complete joke.

      1 game you can go like 54-3 and the next 10 games you go like 12-14. Mostly because of activision’s lag comp system!

    • Prophetless

      This is my biggest problem right here. I have 5 upload/50 download, open NAT, and I’m constantly being screwed out of kills. I’m to the point of giving up on Black Ops 2. Treyarch is just as bad as Infinity Ward is now ignoring the real problems with their game. Patch 1.03 is a damn joke with all the weapon tweaks. I’m not having any freezing issues now but lag comp or whatever it is needs to go. I’m tired of people surviving what I’m putting in them.

      They also need to add spawn protection. I can put Blind Eye/Cold Blooded on and I’ll still get spawn killed by scorestreaks. And spawning is retarded but Treyarch says they “improved” it though. I’m tired of people spawning behind me or 3-5 feet of me or I’m spawning 3-5 feet of them with them looking right at me.

    • xirix

      its called ping, you have a high ping on your net. if you dont know what im talking about, just google search internet ping (or w/e search provider you use)

  • Turk

    Please patch the following:

    – Lag Lag Lag (your official article does not fix the lag issues).

    – Ability to cancel out of “Reconnecting to party”

    – Make matchmaking system REGIONAL. Causes severe lag otherwise.

    – Address lag issues on main menu. Scroll down three line items, push down….delay delay……next item (4th line item) is selected.

    • There is a fix for your last problem. While choosing your game mode, just go to “Search Preferences” (press square or x) and change it to ‘Best’

      • Turk

        Thank you for your insight. However, I have already done that. Helps most of the time but not 100%.

    • xirix

      lag is due to the users connection most of the time, and if you disable your theater recording you will reduce your normal in-game lag