Nexus 4 vs. Galaxy S3 in visual review

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 8, 2012

There’s no doubt that the most popular Android smartphone this year has been the Samsung Galaxy S3, although the demand for Google’s Nexus 4 has been unprecedented over the last month, so could we have a better choice found in the Nexus 4 vs. Galaxy S3? Within the last couple of days LG has explained why there are Nexus 4 stock shortages, which couldn’t be more obvious considering the smartphones popularity and problems keeping the device in stock on the Google play store. LG simply state that the demand had been too much, and far more than they expected, which is resulting in issues with keeping the Nexus 4 in stock at retailers.

Nexus 4 vs. Galaxy S3 in visual review – today we wanted to compare the flagship Samsung smartphone with the insanely popular Nexus 4, and see how both these Android phones compare for those of our readers not sure which to choose. We’ve embedded a few video reviews below this article that compare the Nexus 4 vs. Galaxy S3, although each review offers a different perspective that might help undecided buyers come to a decision. These visual reviews will also give you a much closer look at the hardware and Android software running on each device.

The first video is the longest and runs for just under 33 minutes. You’ll see the Samsung Galaxy S3 and LG Nexus 4 side-by-side, and the reviewer focuses on certain specs by comparing each device for that feature. They also point out pros and cons for the Nexus 4 vs. Galaxy S3, and this includes the fact that Nexus devices tend to get Android updates first and the benefits of TouchWiz on Samsung’s smartphone. If you want to understand most of the features on both the Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4, then this video will certainly deliver with a little insight into almost everything.

You’ll see the Nexus 4 vs. Galaxy S3 in a second and third video below as well, which we wanted to include so you get to hear more hands-on insight from a different perspective. The second review runs for almost 14 minutes, and the third for just under 8 minutes (this reviewer also explains the comparison could be seen as (Jelly Bean 4.1 vs. Jelly Bean 4.2). Both detail the main features and explain how the smartphones compare in their opinion. In the last video you can see a UK network speed test for the LG Nexus 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3, which gives you a little insight into how both devices compare for cellular speed in the UK on 3. You can also see the Nexus 4 vs. iPhone 5 in a specs visual here.

If you had to choose, would it be LG’s Nexus 4 or Samsung’s Galaxy S3? Take a look at the video reviews below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • fanboy

    is just me or does he sound a little biased to the s3

    • pg1997

      he has rooted his phone and installed a lot of crap on it and whereas s3 had nothing on it thats why nexus 4 wasa working slower than s3 but still only 3-4 secs…

  • ech

    I had the S3 (along with the S2, N1, NS, MT4G, S1, ) loved every phone they were all the best at their time. But now, having had the S3 since June and having the N4 I have to admit there is no contest in screens. I have had all the screens on Samsung, but LCD blows it away. For me, this is different for everybody, I use the cloud/Google music, so space is a non issue, as well as battery I am a heavy user and for every phone, I kept spare batteries on me. Only difference now, I went to NewTrent and got an iCharger and 12000 mah one for weekends…..and I get 3 charges as opposed to only one per spare battery. N4 FTW

  • RGA

    S3 wins on storage and battery for me. It really annoys me when people say the S3 screen is too saturated, because you can turn the saturation down in display settings under screen mode.