Skyrim Dawnguard for PS3 inevitable, price undecided

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 7, 2012

We know that a number of PlayStation 3 owners have moved away from Skyrim due to the long wait for Dawnguard on the PS3 platform, although if you take Bethesda’s latest comments into consideration it seems that Skyrim Dawnguard for PS3 is inevitable. This is a piece of content well worth playing at some point if it does finally arrive on PS3, which we enjoyed on Xbox 360 after first investing over 400 hours into the Sony console, and we’ll never forget the fun had after deciding on Lord Harkon’s vampire gift. It also seems that this aging Skyrim DLC will arrive on PS3 at a reduced price, considering Bethesda’s recent comments about pricing being undecided.

More Dawnguard for PS3 promises from Bethesda – within the last 48 hours an update had been published on the official blog about Dragonborn’s release. This article included a few words about the development of Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3, and the developers make it clear that Dragonborn will be delivered as the first PS3 DLC thanks to it being easier to release. This shows that the Dawnguard problems are much bigger than some PS3 players originally thought, although it had been made clear that work will continue “on Hearthfire and Dawnguard for PS3” after.

Bethesda will provide a solid PS3 release date and price details for both Skyrim Dawnguard and Hearthfire, although at this time they don’t have an idea of when that will be. So it’s clear PS3 owners will at some point receive both Dawnguard and Hearthfire, but will you want this DLC once it launches? The price would be easy to work out considering we know what it cost on Xbox 360 and PC already, so it makes sense that Bethesda doesn’t have an “idea” on pricing thanks to their being a discount likely. This is the very least we’d expect thanks to how long PS3 players have had to wait.

Do you think Skyrim Dragonborn for PS3 should be at the same price as Xbox 360? We’re happy that Bethesda made the choice to release this DLC first rather than waiting even longer for the first Skyrim DLC to arrive on PS3, but should PS3 players be given a make-good with pricing? You can read about problems starting the Dragonborn DLC in this article, although we’d love to hear from PS3 players and how they feel about Bethesda’s latest promises in the comments.

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  • Who wants to bet that the 360 gets a SKYRIM GOTY edition with all dlc in the box before the ps3 gets a single dlc? I own both, but made the mistake of getting skyrim for the ps3. Never again.

  • Not buying Dragonborn until they make good on releasing Dawnguard and Hearthfire on PS3 at a discounted price. Bethesda, you’re going to have to try harder to get my hard earned cash. You already took me for $150 with my collectors edition…

  • PS3SucksBawls

    Feels good to be a 360 owner. Suck it, butthurt morons, and get a 360 or shut the Hell up. XD

  • what the F@*#. Bethesda is really starting to piss me off. that’s now a third dlc for the F@*#EN 360 before the PS3 has gotten one. they could have at least released it on the same day. i’m F@*#EN fed up with Bethesda. it’s not just a matter of how big the problem is, but how much have they truely worked on it. they have now released two more dlc’s and at least one game. F@*# you Bethesda

  • to be honest idc about dawnguard my main intrest in hearthfire as for dragonborn it looks cool and all but if it gunna cost me $20 to get it im srry but no if x-box is getting this stuff sooner then every1 else then make them pay more for it also then and i mean that they shld have charged them $50 for dawnguard and $20 for hearthfire and another $50 for dragonborn but once ps3 and pc were released drop the price back to $20 $5 $20 anyway other then that all i gotta is this if dragonborn comes out on time then no dont discount it but if it’s late then i demand that every ps3 user gets all dlc’s for ps3 free and i mean now and for all future dlc’s for skyrim im srry but if its late that be the 3rd strike and if that happens thats what we get all of them free

  • jjjjjjj

    Why isnt it free? Atleast release dawngaurd free

  • jack

    I think theyll pull it off and soon if they dont get it to ps3 first the internet will explode with rage along with their twitter page

  • wtf_Boo-Boo85

    I’m going back to playing Final Fantasy

  • By the end of 2012 we will all be dead

  • The Undying Crystal

    Does it matter? They’re likely going to #$%@ us over again. Discounts for Hearthfire and Dawnguard. Heavy discounts. They held it off for months. MONTHS. In that time, I bought six other much larger pieces of DLC for another game and completed all of them 100%. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter either way in the end. They’ve already lost a sizable fan base through this fiasco.
    I’ll buy the DLC, probably, but I’m never buying any of Bethesda’s products unless I know for a fact it was competently made. Sorry if you disagree with me, but Bethesda is a good game company. The problem is that it just doesn’t deliver good content.

  • That’s it. Keep stoking the flames…

  • Anthony

    I think we PS3 players should get it at normal price. As long as we don’t get it half a year late, that is.

  • Iwantdawnguard

    It’s great that we are getting a DLC but as long as a release date for every DLC especially Dawnguard is released, I won’t be satisfied


    So wait we are waiting for a release date of a release date…..

  • Dragon

    Hell yea finally I cant wait I got like 1 char of each race ready to continue there long and heroic journey

  • Rawraangryface

    This dlc better be fu&&ing cheap or these asshats can go to hell

  • Lelouch

    What makes me upset is Bethesda says this is the best content for for ps3 they dont know what ps3 user want or dont want. They stop all teams just to work on the third content. Pete Hines and Matt Grandstaff tweeted DLC takes time to be created they had seven months to get dawnguard four months to get heartfire working on the ps3 they also had sony team helping. What they are doing is giving the third DLC to ps3 hopping the ps3 user will forget about the first two. I said before they were going to release dragonborn to ps3 and not mention about the others. If they cant give us the release date dragonborn and heartfire I beg others ps3 user dont buy dragonborn until they gives release dates for the other two DLC and please rate the DLC as one star on the PSN network.

    • lelouch

      Sorry for any misspell words If they cant give us the release dates when dragonborn is release then I beg others ps3 user dont buy dragonborn until they gives release dates for the other two DLC and please rates the DLC as one star on the PSN network.

      • i implore all ps3 users to not buy any DLC until they drop the price to $5.99. The choice is up to you to teach these liars a lesson


        • Interested

          Kind of interested – can you point to an actual “lie” Bethesda has told? And link to something that backs that up?

        • casper13rocks

          when dawngauard was released they said it would out to ps3 and pc in 30 days lie then they said it was soney fault lie then they apolygised again lie if they were sory they stop licking microsoft balls they also said exclusion period was only for 1st 2 dlc packs anouther lie would like some more just slowly go through all post since dawnguard was released you’ll find dozerns

        • Anthony

          I don’t remember any of this at all. Are you sure? I remember them saying we will get it after the 30 day wait for XBOX 360. They didn’t lie about that, we are still getting it. They aren’t licking balls to Microsoft, they are getting payed an assload by a rich company to not give us the DLC for 30 days. And if the 30 day wait happened for all the Black Ops 1 DLC’s. why would it be any different on Skyrim? We will have to be patient for all the DLC’s. Tired of people complaining.

        • M’aiq The Stander

          The 30 day delay was supposedly limited to the first 2 pieces of DLC, many misunderstood this for meaning that Dawnguard and Hearthfire were the two pieces affected by this agreement, while in truth Hearthfire is merely an Add-on and Dragonborn is the true 2nd DLC.

          The following DLC will not be delayed exclusives unless another deal is struck with Microsoft or perhaps Sony. The biggest mistake Bethesda made was to take the easy development option; the Xbox, rather than developing on the PS3 or PC which allow for much more compatibility with other platforms, at the cost of being more difficult to create.

        • casper13rocks

          hearthfire was advertised and sold as dlc not ad-on content it’s enuff bethesda licks microsofts balls you dont need to join in

        • casper13rocks

          if it was only a 30 day waight there wouldnt be a problem but its gone long past 30days on all released content or cant you count?

        • The difference is, once the 30 day exclusive is up on Black Ops the PS3 and PC actually recieve that content. With Skyrim, that hasn’t been the case (obviously) So tired of being shitted on by Bethsoft and stupid ignorant fucks like yourself.

        • buttercup

          They never said that dawnguard would be in ps3 in 30 days

        • casper13rocks

          when dawnguard was relesed they said it was only a 30day eclusion for xbox thats saying it will be relesed to all platforms ps3 wernt given any indercation they would be left out that is lieing they new dam well it wouldnt be ready in 30 days

    • Katcher

      One star? Really? Can’t you all just act mature about this? So we don’t have the first two DLC…BIG MOTHER F***ING DEAL!! Programing isn’t easy you know. The XBOX 360 has a different GPU than the PS3 so obviously problems are going to arise with compatibility. They want Dawnguard and Hearthfire to be fit for purpose rather than it being broken on PS3. Just act mature about this. I don’t mind the wait, I’m fine with playing Skyrim on the PS3 just the way it is right now.

  • Lets first see if dragonborn releases on ps3 and then talk about dawnguard

  • Nathan

    Some many stupid people seem to be commenting on here. I think we should pay full price for Dragonborn as it is going to be released on time, Dawnguard and Hearthfire should have a small discount. At the end of the day it is just a game, and people are whinging over just a bunch of pixels at the end of the day.

    • MuffinMan

      So basically you’re saying that you would give $20 just for a bunch of pixels?

      • Nathan

        Where did I say I was buying it?

        • Ohalla

          This kid, lmao hey Nathan, if your not buying any of the dlc which you clearly stated and you want to brush off gaming likd its nothing, makes you a couple things, your def not a gamer or anything close, you just got a big mouth and weak ass thoughts you want heard. But what in the f$@! are you even posting about this dlc stuff if your not even a player of it or a gamer you nerdy f$&@ for alot of people gaming is there only pass time. Its a way to escape and relax for a bit and we gamers are very passionate about it. We devote time to get lost in the fantasy and get ourselves pumped for new releases. You really have no business here boy!

        • Nathan

          Ok, where to start. I have probably invested more time into games than you ever have, and by stating that I am not going to buy this DLC doesn’t mean in the slightest bit that I am not a gamer. I just don’t really want to get Dawnguard or Hearthfire as I have other things I want to be spending my money on. I really want to rip you a new one but I can’t even be bothered dealing with some typical f@#* who just jumps to conclusions.

    • Its because individuals like you, publishers will screw gamers with broken games over and over again, and make them pay a full price of a non-broken(or it should be) games. And never call other people stupid, it just make you as stupid as they are are combined


      • Nathan

        No one on this Earth is making you pay for for a “broken” game. It is up to you and other people not to buy the game and to actually take it up with them if you think a game is broken. Would you want to be sold a broken car or would you complain and say it is broken and I want it fixed. People like me actually get of my backside and do something, the EA incident I helped out on for example when Australians were paying $30 more than other countries for DLC . And if you look at many of the comments on here it seems like there are stupid people on here, although they may just be 12 year olds who want to have a rage about their parents paying full price for DLC.

        • you are missing the point here, why giving them enough incentive to repeat the same thing over and over again

        • Nathan

          Don’t you think they have finally learnt lesson here as this has not happened to them before. They will now be forced to port it to the ps3 properly now otherwise their sales will go horribly bad downhill for the ps3. Although I doubt they could get much lower at the moment

    • spiritreaver

      You know Nathan, people like you burn me. The game is a game, but the money paid for it is real. As well as the way the maker conducts themselves. Some people really need to learn the difference.

      • Nathan

        You have only paid for the vanilla Skyrim, and I realize that money is money. As I said I think we should get full price on Dragonborn as it is coming on time, Dawnguard and Hearthfire should have a discount as we have been waiting for so long. So I do not understand the point you are making.

    • casper13rocks

      ontime would of been release it to ps3 and pc at same time as xbox so yet again ps3 owners are f#$ked over so get ya facts right dips#$t skyrim dosent belong to xbox

    • But they’re our pixels! Don’t they deserve an identikit home building tool for their pixelated wife and kids? Must they go without a place to store their pixelated magician robes and iron ores and sit in front of their pixelated fire, NOT exploring the new areas and killing dragons. In fact Bethesda should release Hearthfire first because nobody really wants new areas or storylines do they?.I’m sure I had a point to make somewhere.

  • Yeah we are finally about to get dawnguard hurayyy

  • Gaming Loner

    No way, not buying anything from them. Hope they never release a game, made by them , to the ps3. Go F yourself, i had enough. Just fix the main game, give u some patches containing key weapons/items. After that, FCK OFF!

    For you guys who’s gonna buy dragonborn/dawnguard/heartfire DON’T! You’re doing exactly what they want, feeding their greeds. To hurt a company, we must strike where it matters. In their pockets. But Fck sometimes i wish i was some tough ass special forces soldier so i can blow BUgthesdas head off and make sure they never fck with us (ps3, pc) players again.


  • jake the rake

    Should be a small discount due to delay as after this much time it’s very difficult to avoid spoilers that we wouldn’t have seen with a simultaneous release. So we won’t get the same level of pleasure afforded to other platforms.

  • anon

    i cant believe people really think the add ons should be discounted or free as nice as that would be. you are NOT ENTITLED to dlc . they are trying (however poorly the results) to bring us more content but just cause its taking a long time doesnt mean it should be discounted or free.

    im also kind of impressed with how this guy somehow manages to write whole pararagraphs everyday tht basically say- nothing knew to report

    • casper13rocks

      but we are entitled to fair and equale content skyrim isnt exclisive to xbox let me geuse your a xbox troll and already have all your extra content why dont you just go f$#k your self

    • Gaming Loner

      THen why is the back of my skyrim cover clearly stating “ADD-ON CONTENT”?! And no, patches aren’t add-on content, they’re just “fixes” to a Broken Product and the patches minimized their chances to get their a$$es on the street. Fail.

    • lelouch

      I glad that you can defend a company that has F rank by the Better Business Bureau. I hope you get the same treatment down the road on console.

    • Well Anon, I agree (and disagree) with you. The box does state add-on content as so many people are stating.But nowhere does it state when. The issue people are getting confused about is with the 30 day xbox exclusive window. This simply means that the 360 gets it 30 days before anyone else, and they did. Where did they ever say that we would get it 30 days after the 360? Publishers of articles have said it, but where did Bethesda say it? Maybe they did, but I don’t recall it. Now, Dawnguard should be discounted to PS3 users as a measure to promote good faith. Having both systems, I made the mistake of buying Skyrim on PS3 knowing the poor results with other Bethesda games on the system. Shame on me. Nevertheless, I have more than gotten my $60 worth from the game having logged in well over 250 hours. So, simple solution: buy the dlc if you want, don’t if you don’t want it and try to make a statement. but a word of advice, all the foul language that some of these people are using to try to make a point ISN’T going to be taken seriously by anyone at Bethesda or anyone over 15.

  • TranceStyle

    Im disappointed of them to the point of having to buy a £300 PC just to play all of the DLCs and flog the PS3 version at a loss.

    They should now take into consider the pound note or the dollar bill they are holding in their hand right now and ask if they actually deserved to have it after f**king over Playstation 3 gamers because the impression it gives is that they only want to use my hard earned cash for toilet paper as soon as they manage to sell out faulty copies of their game.

    they should be ashamed of themselves.

    I won’t buy another game from them again if I ever find out I end up buying anymore of their faulty games and its not going to matter if I get it brand new or second hand.

  • MuffFlap

    Wow the exact same sh*t as before, “PC and PS3 will recieve Dawngaurd, one month after the Xbox timed exclusive expires” it’s happening again, seriously WTF, this supposed date will arrive probably around the middle of January (which will be unbelievable any way) and it’ll show up on steam, and thousands of Ps3 users will log onto the PSN and nothing, and week later we’ll have “We are experiencing minor difficulties with Dragonborn for the ps3, release date wil be porsponed till further notice” THIS WILL HAPPEN!!

    • Dragon

      At least we getting it be thankful for that bro I understand your frustration but we getting it

      • casper13rocks

        they said were getting it for all dlc and nothing has arived or is confirmed aslong theres no release date its all just talk there still working on there only trying to shut ps3 owners up

    • one word man “microsoft” enough said there, control the market

  • casper13rocks

    i think its disgusting they stoped work on dawnguard to work on new content and as no date has been set just saying early 2013 isnt good enuff and dosent conferm any release when dawnguard was anounced it was stated there’d only be a 30 day waight but that was all lies untill a actual date is confirmed and it actuly arives i believe nothing from bethesda they do nothing but lie to ps3 owners just to pamper to the pathetic ego’s of xbox

  • This is all you talk about. Skyrim for PS3. Almost every tweet. Have some variety like you used to.

    • TranceStyle

      Excuse me, you have no idea how much trouble Bethesda has caused over this fiasco with Sony and Playstation 3 gamers.

      How would you like it if a software company decided to sell a game in both Apple version and Microsoft Windows version and then deliberately only gave an expansion pack for that game to apple users but not microsoft users because they messed up on it then somehow blame microsoft for it.

  • I don’t care about a discount, and got really confused when reading that. Does this mean Dragonborn will be released first or Dawnguard? So confused, I had my heart set on chaos and destruction as a Vampire, Already done it as a Werewolf.

    I am willing to pay full price for the DLC if it get’s me the DLC. Usually DLC like these would cost £7.99 for PS3, I never and probably wont ever understand Microsofts idea of making Xbox Live use Points instead of actual money. (basically Microsoft suck)

    I just want to know when this DLC is released, so I can start playing Skyrim again, haven’t played it since July, so playing it with DLC would make going back to it feel like a new game.

    • Susan

      Dragonborn will be first “early next year”, no date has been set but it could come in Jan. Dawnguard will arrive on PS3 after Dragonborn is released.

    • Dragonborn will be the first expansion to come to PS3.

    • Old italy

      hey some i can agree with

  • Cypher

    A discount would be nice but id pay full price and gladly so. It will be worth it, just take your time and make sure there are no more problems.