Skyrim Dragonborn DLC met with starting problems

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 6, 2012

Getting on the longboat in Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC is not so simple for certain Xbox 360 gamers, and these players are having problems getting started with the 3rd downloadable content. We touched on how to start the Dragonborn DLC a couple of days ago, but it seems that these instructions are resulting in different experiences for gamers. You might end up at the docks in Windhelm and find no way to travel to Solstheim.

If you head to Windhelm and can’t find Gjalund Salt-Sage, then the solution might be much simpler than you think. The majority of gamers experiencing problems starting the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC have not reached a certain point in the main quest line, which is The Horn Of Jurgen Windcaller. For whatever reason, if you haven’t reached this point in the main quest then you will need to complete that first.

Once you’re at this point you’ll be approached by masked men with a note that leads you to the Windhelm docks where you’ll be able to board the Northern Maiden to Solstheim. You can read more about this in our earlier article, which includes a screenshot of the note and the man, Gjalund Salt-Sage, you’ll find at the docks when the Dragonborn DLC is working right.

Problems with Skyrim Dragonborn DLC on Xbox 360 – following the release of Dragonborn we’ve seen a few of PR’s readers share issues they’re having, which mainly focus on getting started. One gamer said “arrived at Windhelm, the boat that takes you to the island wasn’t there“. This made some people feel they need to complete Dawnguard first, although this isn’t the case but strangely some gamers claim they can’t start the Dragonborn DLC even after finishing The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. Have you noticed any other problems with the Dragonborn DLC, and are you able to start the latest add-on?

We have also noticed that dragon riding is limited to areas that you can fast travel to, and the flight is limited but you do gain control of the dragons powers. What do you think of the dragon riding?

Are you excited about the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC? Most people know that the PC and PS3 won’t see Dragonborn until early next year, although if you’re on one of the other platforms will you still be interested in playing this expansion next year, or have you moved onto another game? Personally we’ve loved the Dragonborn DLC so far, and while it’s early days this seems like the best add-on for Skyrim yet. It is also worth pointing out that the possibility of Hearthfire and Dawnguard reaching the PS3 looks increasingly doubtful considering the latest developments.

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  • Zachary Wray

    I’m having problems with a control switch, I have the correct thing to use it it just wont activate

  • Miep

    Yup, i did the quest Horn of jurgen windcaller, but No sign of cultists, a boat, or even Gjalund Salt-Sage?! I’m traveling all across skyrim right now, seeking for those cultists…

  • Tyson

    well this sucks. i bought the dlc, installed it, ive beaten the entire main story, but when i get on the boat, italk to the cap, persuade him to take me there, when we arrive, im stuck. cant move, cant open journal inventory, etc. but i hear him say sothis is raven rock good luck, blh blah blah. but cn=ant move. been like that for hours. also BOSS says that dragonborn.esm contains a dirty edit? how is that possible. ive reinstaled 2 time.

  • i have completed the horn of jurgen windcaller and there is still no boat in windhelm…what to do ? im totally freaked out over here

  • Two Monty’s

    Having the same problems… After reinstalling the dlc a few times I still cannot find the “boat” to Solstheim. Unlike the Dawnguard DLC which started immediately with characters prompting to the new content, the is nothing to get me started on this one… Anyone have any solutions? This is beyond the highest levels of irritation. I have completed all the main quests for the Skyrim main story and dawnguard.

  • one foe all

    i made it to solstheim with out fighting the cultits and now it isnt leting me do the main quest. and i have done all the side quest and been to all the city in skyrim and solstheim. i killed one cultits at the beast stone but he didnt have a note.

  • Azz J

    my problem is this smashed all dlc’s numerous times but when I found a tomb in solsteim where you get a mask off a dragon priest that boosts your shock capability I put the mask on my manikin in my house in solsteim and left the house came back a while later and it misteriously disappeared and can’t be found. So I got over that experience did a few more quests and now everytime I put skyrim on and load my progress it just sits idol on loading screen for hours probably iv tried loads of techniques to try and get it to work but looks like im going to have to start a new game again. Makes me laugh because Bethesda said ” we are all excited for the supporters and fans of skyrim who play the new dragon born dlc” more like they are excited about counting more of our money. One more thing do alot more testing on your dlc’s and games before release that goes for fallout to skyrim. Rant over

  • Sean Ward

    My problem is a little bit different, I bought the dlc, I’ve already completed the quest needed but whenever I go to the docks the boat isn’t there, what should I do?

  • Guest

    Mine problem is quite hard to deal with, I have done the quest needed, but, whenever I go to the docks at wind helm the boat that is meant to be there, isn’t, what do I need to do?

  • CJ 123

    Well this blows I spend my money on somthing I like and it doesn’t even work I have done everything like I have done the mission for the horn thing and I’v waited for 40hrs in the game and I viseted every town I also went to see if the boat was there and nothing this really really blows

  • Mike McD

    My issue is on the 2nd black book (chapter 3). Learn the hidden knowledge of Epistolary Acumen. I get the what should be the end of chapter 3, kill the bad guy, my pointer still says I,m in the right place, but nothing further, killing the bad guy is meant to end the mission and give me the knowledge, my son completed it easy enough and I have even gone bqck and strted from an ealier save!!!

  • Ben

    My issue is that after I gave the book of Waking Dreams to Storn, the game wont allow me to continue on to fight Miraak after learning the third word for Bend Will.

  • Jake

    Ive already finished the horn of jurgen windcaller and find any boat or cultiat, is there any solution to this??

    • Jake

      *cant find

    • Corey C

      Same here… Can’t seem to find a solution either.

  • Damo

    Downloaded played a couple of times now entire game will not load help !!!!

  • I downloaded the Dragonborn DLC on the day of release and have played it every day since. I just loaded my game to find not only am I not in Solstheim, where I logged out, but also everything I’ve got so far since I started playing the new DLC has gone, including armour, weapons, random inventory items and even new spells/shouts I have learned. I don’t know what is going on, but this makes me very sad. :/

  • Mike

    My issue is a little different. I board the ship at Windhelm and set sail for Solstheim and at that point the ship sails right through the terrain, through the castle walls, sails right through the Solstheim port and then through 2 more castle walls before stoping right back at Windhelm. I can never start Dragonborn. I’ve done both game and system cache clearing, uninstalled and reinstalled the Dragonborn DLC and the tile update and nothing works.

    • jason

      my issue is the same thing I would get on the boat thinking he would take me ther to start the quest but I end up right back were I started its like we never left its like you said . is ther anny other way around that to start the quest I wounder do you have to get ther by a boat are could you walk to get ther

    • Giovanni Negron

      I have same problem in my game, sail through windhelm bridge and end up back at the boat in same port I started from… Any fixes out there please!!!

  • none

    how do i beat mirock at the end it wont let me he uses a phantom shout and just stands their

  • i just fast travelled to Whiterun and was met with two of the cultists. Although I have completed all the quests and story lines so far, including Dawnguard

  • matt

    On xbox install and reinstall worked for me save it in windhelm port and do it and the ship will appear infront of you