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New Westinghouse 4K LED TV for CES 2013

Consumer electronics fans will be glad to get Christmas out of the way as this will pave the way for CES 2013 and while there will be a huge range of products on show, one that will certainly grab some attention is the new Westinghouse 4K LED TV. However, there’s a fear that if this 110-inch 4K LED TV still looks like a Westinghouse then it could put a few people off, but it’s all about value as well.

What makes this model so special is that it’s significantly larger than what we have seen in recent months, and this is something that Westinghouse will play on. However, because they have yet to share any details, such as the 110-inch Westinghouse 4K LED TV specs and price, it has been reported that there are a few surprises in store for consumers during CES 2013.

In the past this television manufacturer has been guilty of not building TVs with sexy thin bezels like Samsung, so are not very pleasing on the eye. However, we do know that many consumers have been happy with their Westinghouse TVs because of their value for money and how long they last consumers, although this isn’t the case for everyone. What we do find amazing is that you get a cheap brand manufacturer like Westinghouse bringing out a 110-inch 4K TV, when some of the big boys don’t even have one on the market yet.

As we mentioned above there are a few smaller 4K LED TVs coming to the market, one such model is the Sony XBR-84X900 4K Ultra HD TV, but you’ll really need to be committed to this kind of technology as it will set you back $24,999.99 – cannot see the larger Westinghouse version having a price anywhere near that figure can you?

It has been a while since we first learned about OLED TVs so just maybe we could see more affordable OLED displays on show during CES 2013, surely this would be something consumers would much rather see than oversized TVs that are out of reach for a majority of us?



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