GTA Vice City setback for Android

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 6, 2012

Seeing GTA Vice City release for Android and iOS devices is pretty exciting for the mobile gamer, and while this version from the popular franchise is over 10 years old, it is an impressive achievement for the army of Google Android devices plus iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The plan had been for GTA Vice City to launch for Android and iOS on the same release date, today, although this hasn’t happened due to problems on the Android platform.

GTA Vice City setback for Android – we might have GTA 5 to look forward to next spring, but playing our favorite gaming franchise on mobile devices is still pretty fun and this is exactly why thousands of mobile gamers are wondering where the GTA Vice City download is for Android? If you look on the Google play store you might have come across the app, but Rockstar has commented on this and stated, “this is an error“. You can see Rockstar’s exact comment in the image below that they posted a few hours ago, which basically explains the setback is due to “validation errors“.

Be careful of scams when it comes to GTA Vice City for Android – there is a big difference when it comes to Android and iOS, which includes pros and cons for each platform. The closed iOS system means that a lot of Google OS smartphone and tablet owners hate less openness, and this is why they don’t choose Apple’s mobile devices. The problem with a more open system is that it can be taken advantage of and this leads to some apps landing on the Google play store that are scams. When it comes to the setback for GTA Vice City on Android it seems that certain apps are taking advantage of this, and you don’t need to look far to see apps on the Google play store claiming to offer a download for the 10th Anniversary Edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

One such example we found is called “GTA Vice City free download” and the title explains it all, anyone in his or her right mind would understand Rockstar does not endorse this. You can also look at the comments and ratings of such apps, and in most cases other Android users will point out a scam when they see one. Do you normally spot fake apps on the Google play store easily?

Bottom-line: Rockstar explain they will let you know when GTA Vice City is live for download on Android, so keep connected to their Facebook channel, official website, or PR’s Facebook to know when that is.

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  • Kanga

    Wonder if I will be able to just torrent the APK like I did for GTA3…

    • CameronNicolson

      get out

      • blab

        Lol everybody does it .com

    • really?

      You sir are a giant dough. Support devs and buy the games. You tight fisted jippo turd. I hope u download a virus and have all your personal details stolen

      • macboy74

        Come on son this is standard practice for Android users. They expect every thing for nothing that’s why their devices are cheap plastic garbage you can get at the corner drug store or at the dollar store for $50. And this story is one of many reasons I dumped Android years ago. First off there are way to many problems with the Android os itself and there are always problems getting the right software for the devices that run android. Now I know why so many people use iOS devices.

        • >says devices are cheap garbage
          >iphones break constantly
          and you can get the phones cheap because they have different phones made by different companies catered to how much you can spend. Its called variety something apple knows nothing about seeing as how there’s basically no changes in the iphone 5, iOS is garbage thats why people are constantly trying to jailbreak their iphones because it gives the customers no freedom. the only reason more people use iphones are because they want to look like they have money