Nexus 4 demand strong in Canada

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 4, 2012

It looks like the demand for LG’s Nexus 4 via the Google play store is being felt all around the world, and within the last 24 hours Nexus 4 stock arrived in the Canada store with shipping dates slipping fast. Yesterday afternoon, EST in the United States, we saw orders being placed again on the Canada Google play store for the Nexus 4. At first shipping times were within a week or two, but these quickly slipped to 6-7 weeks within minutes of going live.

The Nexus 4 popularity has been shown in both the UK and US with stock completely sold out, and most people managing to place an order in these countries are waiting until 2013 for the smartphone to be delivered. We touched on the likelihood of the Nexus 4 being permanently sold out for the rest of this year in the US, and even if stock did find its way to the US or UK Google play stores you won’t receive the handset for at least 2 months.

There are ways to get hands-on with the Nexus 4 before then, but this is normally via auction websites like eBay that sell the smartphone at a much higher price. It seems some people are making a lot of money after seeing the bids on Nexus 4 listings, although some 3rd party retailers are also cashing in with higher prices as well.

Did you manage to order a Nexus 4 via the Google play store in Canada, and if so what shipping time did you receive? Reactions from people that tried to place an order are mixed, which includes a few people stating they managed to order a “16GB Nexus 4 at 3:05pm EST, although the handset won’t ship for 1-2 weeks“. It looks like orders were limited to one handset per person, and the 8GB Nexus 4 sold out first after the new stock refresh. Other shoppers were complaining about being “too late again“, and that stock had been “sold out again” by the time they tried to order. Most people would love a way to be notified when stock arrives in Canada, although there isn’t an option from Google at the time of writing.

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  • SukNai

    Where on my receipt does it tell me shipping time? Under Shipping Status?

  • Adrian Georgescu

    ordered at 3:07:38 PM EST with 3-4 Weeks Shipping!

  • Mike

    I ordered and have a receipt in my google wallet and email, but no information on shipping. It was at 1-2 weeks when I got my order in. I hope 😉 have too se, be nice to have it over the holidays to set up and play with

  • Mark Chapman

    I got mine at 4:36:23 PM EST, and it was 7-8 weeks delivery.

  • A Yellow Guy

    Got one at 1-2 weeks ship date and wife got one with 5-6 week ship date which was only minutes after finishing the first order. Yea… had to keep refreshing

  • bob

    12:03:13EST Ordered a 16GB

  • A. O.

    I received the heads up email 3 hour prior to the sales start.
    The website opened up at 3:03, the re was no 8gb at all. Delivery time for 16gb was 1-2 weeks. I waited until 3:05pm, delivery time was 3-4wks. I purchased it (5-6 refreshed needed!).
    Opened a new browser at it was 6-7wks! (3:08). I DON’T KNOW WHAT APPLIES TO ME? 3-4wks or 6-7wks? Is there any way I can check it?

    • thomas mack

      your email from google will tell you

      • A. O.

        How did I miss it! Thanks!
        Btw, it says 3-4 weeks 🙁

    • Could you kindly tell me how much is shipping costed you?

      • Mark Chapman


      • A.O.

        16.99 to Ontario

  • Warwulf

    I got head up email 2 hrs before 3pm EST. Had to refresh a few dozen times. Initially showed 1-2 weeks. But I ended up with a 7 week date. So, I should have one by early Feb? Being a Cannuck, I can’t wait to try LTE on it. Have to say, despite the bad press, my experience was ok.

  • 1:03 Mountain Time. 1-2 weeks ship time. Many page refreshes were done..

  • 3:03 eastern. I hit it at 1-2 weeks, and by the time I kept hitting ‘Proceed’ a hundred times, it was showing 3-4 weeks. No delivery time on the sales email, so who knows?

  • canuck

    I tired to buy on first day it went on sale Nov 13. I got all the way to cart and pay and then system kicked me out. I thought that was it and gave up.

    Fast forward three weeks. I got the phone and charge on my c.c. day before.
    Good thing I didn’t buy from eBay. Had no idea Google was planning to send me one.

    BTW. I am using Galaxy Nexus with 4.2.1. Jelly Bean. My Nexus 4 is definitely better, especially for 309$ but for people who are paying double on eBay to switch from a phone like mine, in my opinion are wasting money. Just wait guys, this is not a super phone. Good but not great.

  • rsr

    I received an email about 2 hours before it went on sale.
    I got through at around 3:04pm EST. It will be shipped in 1-2 weeks.
    I hope majority of the people were as lucky as me.

  • Kevin

    There is a way to know when stock comes in..just sign up for email notifications. I got one last morning which said it was going on sale later in the day. I managed to order one at 12:04 PST and it said 1-2 weeks until it would be shipped.

    • Kevin

      And I ordered the 16gb version.

  • In Canada, we did receive a notification email at 10:30pm PST, or 1:30pm EST, from Google Play about the sale at noon PST, or 3:00pm EST. The 8GB was never on sale; only the 16GB was available.

  • Michael B

    I got through a few minutes after 12pm yesterday and my shipping estimate is 3-4 weeks. I’m just glad I was able to nab one when I did.