Skyrim Dragonborn definite for PS3, Dawnguard doubtful

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 3, 2012

We knew that the PlayStation 3 had Skyrim DLC on the way but now we know that this content had in fact been Skyrim Dragonborn, and not Dawnguard for PS3 as some people had hoped. The confirmation arrived today on the official Bethesda blog without a release date, although we did see that Skyrim Dragonborn would launch on PS3 early in 2013. It makes sense that the Xbox 360 would have the DLC for at least 30 days, and then the PC and PS3 are likely to receive Dragonborn at some point in January.

This announcement came during a reminder that Xbox 360 users are under 24 hours away from being able to download Skyrim Dragonborn, the 3rd DLC, and the hype around this content is pretty intense considering Bethesda claim it is their most “ambitious” DLC to date. The good news is that the developers were finally ready to confirm the PS3 would receive its first Skyrim DLC, so certain problems have been solved although to what extent is yet to be seen.

Some gamers are still upset over the lack of Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3 – while we’re happy to see progress with the Sony console after investing more than 400 hours into the PS3 version of Skyrim, it is fair to say that not all gamers feel the same optimism. One of our readers explained how they purchased the “collectors edition for PS3 at launch“, and they cannot understand why Bethesda treats “PS3 users so badly“. This isn’t the feelings of all PS3 users, but we can confirm a large number of them feel this way and expect some sort of discount with the first Skyrim DLC for PS3. If Dragonborn is the first downloadable content for the PS3 and Dawnguard doesn’t come thanks to certain problems, then it is very unlikely that these users will see any kind of discount considering Xbox 360 and PC gamers will have to pay full price.

Bottom-line: we still might see Skyrim Dawnguard release on the PS3 yet, but considering nothing had been mentioned in this latest update it’s very doubtful. In our opinion Skyrim Dragonborn is a step in the right direction for PS3 users, although Bethesda should consider a small discount as a gesture for PS3 gamers.

Will you download the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC on the PS3 next year? You can also read about an intel leak for the upcoming DLC in this article. The release time for Skyrim Dragonborn on the Xbox 360 is currently unknown, although feel free to have a guess in the comments.

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  • Jacob

    Tbh I’m on ps3 i dont give a f*** about dawnguards dtoryline i just want the new stuff in it (weapons , armour, vampire lords) they need to start working on the original problem instead of making year another dlc which will only get to Microsoft users

  • me

    After a patch that meant your console froze if you went in the water, why would you want to pay for anything to download from them. It will be buggy as hell and then they will release 6 patches over the next year that don’t fix the problem or make the game unplayable. Maybe 3 or 4 months ago I would have bought it but now GTA V is coming out. Id rather give my money to a really good developer who make quality games that work. RANT OVER!

  • Tristan

    As a ps3 user, it is certainly frustrating having not received any DLC for the ps3 as of yet, but saying that, Skyrim is still the best game that I have played so I will be definetely download any DLC that adds to the gameplay. However, I am not so sure about Hearthfire.

  • Anonymous

    Oh how i sometimes hate XBOXES theyre SO gay and goody goody the bethesda
    i wish ps3 could get itd own exclusive dlc

  • look i cant figure out why they cant just fix the problem, Fallout 3 was a massive game (not as big as skyrim) but surly it must have flagged problems there, with dawngaurd and hearthfire already on the xbox and pc its like getting kicked in the face with no apology im sure those at microsoft would have a few things to say if this problem occurred with them. looking forward dragonborn DLC but hate the idea that others have completed these DLC’s on other consoles and wikis all updated 🙁

  • trollarch

    I know why there releasing dragonborn first. its because they want to charge at least one dlc for full price. Bethesda, im not THAT stupid

  • Ricardo Galundo

    Ill buy Dragonborn for full price, but if they do release Dawnguard and charge full price. Then they can just take the game back because im not going to pay full price for dlc thats more than half a year late.

  • levi

    well im getting an xbox for christmas so screw this skyrim ps3 crap. hopefully the dishonered dlcs dont end up the same way though, because i got that for ps3…….

  • Russell Johnson

    should have expected this did the same with oblivion released three for pc and x box, one for PS3. fool me once shame on you. fool me twice shame on me.

  • Roshan80

    Bethesda have shafted ps3 users as we have no way of showing our displeasure. We like Xbox and pc users are engaged in our character’s development we have invested 100s of hours in gameplay. Therefore no matter how hard done by I feel I am not going to pass up the opportunity of expanding that experience. So as much as I hate bethesda and I do hate this company for not having a adequate quality assurance team or appropriate pr team or having any respect for their customers, I will buy the dlc. So after all this what has Bethesda learnt…. nothing. See you back here in a year when ps3 users get shafted over fallout 4 dlc

  • batts

    i said it before and i’ll say it again SKYRIM is not fit for purpose. It crashes, frame rate is slower than a dead persons pulse and the quests have fookin glitched! So IMO the game shouldn’t have been released to us in the condition it was. Some patches were released but did nothing much to help fix it, and the bellends at Bethesdasoft or microda or what ever their fookin name is could’t give a flying intercoarse! all they wanted was the cash to stuff down the front of thier pants to pretend that they all got great big nutsacks! If ford mass produced and sold a fookin dufuss of a car which cutout every 5 miles and the headlights only came on when in the daytime! They would be Embarresed to fook and they would have a product recall on the broken piece of sCRAP metal and get it sorted. But NOOO not Bugsinthegamesda they just take our money and show us the bird!

  • rpeake

    I don’t get how the 3rd dlc will work and the first 2 won’t, I love skyrim and would like all the dlc, as my character is a companion I was really looking foward to the dawnguard dlc, I agree with what most other people are saying, I don’t mind waiting but please keep us updated.

  • GOTY Edition. It is inebidible.

  • Anonymous

    Bethesda has already ‘reserved’ three spaces for Skyrim in the PlayStation Store, & I’m assuming those spaces are for the three DLC released so far, that have yet to be released for the PS3 version. I’m optimistic that we’ll see all three released on the same date that the PC version will get Dragonborn.

    • ps3 user

      i wouldn’t bet on it but you never know, lets hope it happens 🙂

  • You

    Now that it is out all those “talkers”, are still going to get it. Wow as soon as they shine a new carrot, the talkers return to th teat.

  • iamgod

    I wont buy it unless I get dawnguard and hearthfire aswell all 3 bundled for a £10 thats all they are worth to me now i am bored of skyrim and havent played it for around 4 month it is rubbish same old repeat crap pointless battles and glitched quests the exploration is the best part and even that is repetetive.

  • Hmmmm

    Will I buy it? hmmm

    As a Ps3 player. I have not played Skyrim for months. And the Bethesda drama is now more entertaining than the actual game.

    If this update is not spectacular then it will be disappointing.

  • batts

    i cant believe this, Bethesda Shafted us with a 9 ft pole and there is still another 7″ to go, and they will ram in into us! They just released skyrim again but with a bloody T-Shirt and post cards and they want £50 fookin quid!! and NO Dawnguard still..If you listen carefully people you can hear them saying “who’s the daddy?” and some people are squealing “you are…you are”. They have treated us like the filth that you find under your shoe after a long walk in the park that has a sign that says no dogs allowed, but you know some basta has let one in and dumped it’s load!

  • Steve

    Find all these DLC comments amazing – is like Bethesda owe you something somehow. What other product in the world do you expect subsidiary or tie in products to be given to you, and be available to all? You buy a product because you want it, and you are happy to exchange the amount of money they are asking for it. I didn’t buy Skyrim for its DLC content, I bought it because I wanted to play it. The fact that they charge money for the DLC shows more than anything that this is a separate product, that they happen to have made for xbox users. I don’t go whining to Smirnoff after i’ve bought a bottle of vodka, cos they sell nicer shot glasses in Russia than they do in the UK…nor do I expect said shot glasses to even exist.

    • Connor

      You have taken this topic way out of context. Russian vodka has nothing to do with DLC that was promised to EVERYONE who purchased skyrim. Your meager attempts to condone what they are doing is pointless, go crawl under a rock! The point of DLC is add-on content, i don’t know about you but where i come from add-on content is translated to additional content for a product which has already been released and not a separate product as you claim…

    • blob the bob

      Steve I bet you all the money in the world that if you were on the side that had to wait 6+ months for the DLC you would be as pissed off as every other ps3 user, but you aren’t part of that group so the fact is you really don’t know what you are talking about. Until you actually experience what we have, all PC and xbox user should shut their mouths, you are full of it and have no idea what you are clearly talking.

  • adsehteb uoy kcuf

    I will download dragonborn but only because Skyrim is my second favourite game. Plus we have waited to long for dlc and Im not giving up the oppertunity to play some however I will say that I am increadable dissapointed with bethesda I really wanted to play as a vampire lord, Also after all this I will most likely not purchase any other bethesda games unless they are RPG’s and even then I will purchase them on xbox because this has proven that bethesda do not see PS3 gamers as people and that they only give us dlc because they have to.

    • Poorscribbler

      Sooo… Not really going to make any kind of statement or prove anything to Bethesda, then, are you?

  • miketorious

    Bethesda said the first 2 dlc would be exclusive to xbl, dawnguard was first, hearthfiee was in fact a plug-in and not a full dlc therefore dragonborn is the last of the exclusivity.

  • SkyrimGirl

    Hold up HOLD UP uh yeh i think we PS3 user SHOULD get a dis count for all the crap we had to go through not fair my a$$ you PC,X-box360 user paid full price because it came out when they suppost to come out. We PS3 users have not seen ANY DLC form Bethesda so i think it’s right that whatever DLC comes out first for PS3 (Hopeful dawnguard) we should get it free, if not a discount on that DLC, we waited for god knows how many months without word on anything we were left in the dark about anything till now, i also agree bethesda need to share the wealth well DLC’s once in a while instead of sucking Microsoft’s *COUGH * anywho i will not believe it, til i see the DLC.. just sayin, i dont want to get my Hopes up and then the DLC never comes out.

  • SkyrimGirl

    I Can care less about Hearthfire , i just want to be a Vampire Lord, yeh Dragonborn would be cool but damn it bethesda how about starting with the first DLC

  • Noe

    I will not be buying this DLC or any other Bethesda product until Dawnguard and Hearthfire are released for PS3.
    There are many great video game developers out there and I’d rather invest my money in developers that conduct their business in an ethical manner.

    Note that I am not upset by the xbox exclusives, but by Bethesda’s lack of communication and respect towards PS3 players.

  • Rose

    I don’t see why they don’t just release all three on a disk for PS3 and price it twenty pounds I would buy it, and I’m sure it would resolve the issue, this has happened in the past, I think it was with call of duty but don’t quote me on that.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    So the PS3 players finally get a release date…. 2013, thats real specific. As I recall Bethesda has been saying their close to releasing DLC for about half a year now, this does not tell the PS3 community anything. Bethesda has still neglected to inform them of the where abouts of the other two DLCs and I am not convinced that the same won’t happen with this one.

    • BethesDerp

      Exactly. I can easily see 2013 dragging on with no sign of Dragonborn and complete silence for Bethesda, until eventually the situation becomes embarassing enough that they finally release a tiny nugget of info stating that they are having unforeseen problems with Dragonborn as well, but are working on it, and are of course “as disappointed as the fans” about it. Then back to complete silence. And so the cycle begins again, leaving us with nothing but vague tweets and gloating from immature 360 fanboys. I hope I’m proved wrong, but right now I expect nothing else from Bethesda.


    I will buy dragonborn when it is released to the PS3, but I am still upset about the fact that we have not received Dawnguard(the DLC I have been waiting months to get) and Hearthfire, even though we will be recieving dragonborn I will not be satisfied until we receive the other 2 or receive news that we will not get them, I do know that the probability of me buying another game made by Bethesda is slim to none

  • Ninja

    Have I calmed down about this situation, yes. Does having dragon born confirmed for ps3 help, erm no….basically had dawnguard confirmed back in June only to have that not happen. Just not going to count my chickens before they hatch sort of deal. And while dragon born definitely sounds cool I want a straight answer on dawnguard and hearthfire

  • I would definitely download Dragonborn once it comes out there better be a discount since PS3 hasn’t had any DLC’s for Skyrim yet.

  • TJ

    Xbox users pay for xbox live so we should get it before ps3 users.

    • Matthew Seeley

      I think everyone should have access to DLC at the same time so we can avoid petty arguments. Companies should be more concerned about how much of their product they can sell, not how much corporate tit they can suckle. Showing favoritism will only alienate a large part of the gaming community and come back to haunt them in the potential sales that could have been made but were neglected.

    • Conor

      That makes no sense whatsoever. Just because Microsoft make you pay for your online doesn’t mean you deserve it more than everyone else.

    • XboxH8er

      piss off you ungrateful oaf

    • jacobtheACfanboy

      thats not the game develpors fault its microsofts if you dont want 2 pay get a ps3 and dont use the fact that you pay to get dlc early a$$hole thank god that normal develepers like ubisoft give ps3 exclusives u must be retarded

    • Rob

      What an informed and intelligent person you are. I can see you’ve given this a lot of thought. Now get some sleep, tomorrow you’re going to be learning how to tie your shoelaces.

  • Matthew Seeley

    If Bethesda has been working on the first two DLCs to make them work for PS3 then why is it they supposedly have the third working? I think that the release of this DLC will not happen for the users of PS3 just like the previous two. Doesn’t matter to me though. I’m not going to buy any DLC from a company that tries to sleight its customers, no matter the platform.

    • Kyvor

      They got this one to work because its a completely separate map, it’s not adding to the existing Skyrim map. I think the whole situation is crap too, but considering the way the game ran on PS3 when it first came out, I do genuinely believe that adding extra to the existing map (ie Dawnguard and Hearthfire) could be causing serious issues on the console

  • Jamie

    On thing I learned about ps3 users recently is this you finally get down good news and its never enough for u then wounder why people hate on you it’s completely oviously thanks bethesda u worked hard keep it up with a few updates on dawnguard for these ungrateful console users, who can’t be glad an addition is beig added to their console.

    • Matthew Seeley

      They are not ungrateful, they feel cheated by a company that may as well be telling them that they are less important than XBOX users rather than equals. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Also you may want to check what you write before you post it. Your writing skills are atrocious.

    • Conor

      IT’S BEEN 5 MONTHS!!! Can’t you xbox fanboys get it through your head? What’s so hard to understand that we’ve been f**ked over again and again. If it were the other way around you would understand and would be doing the exact same thing.

      • jacobtheACfanboy

        exactly completely agree

    • XboxH8er

      no this is why everybody hates Xbox because of people like you who gets handfed games and DLC’s, and then go around saying all other consoles are terrible when, in reality PS3 is better all around, except halo,which is badass,

    • blob the bob

      Let’s see how you would react if you were the one cheated…all you xbox and pc users don’t understand what it is like to be cheated by Bethesda, since they’ve pulled this garbage before…like with Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Oblivion, and now Skyrim…we’ve been getting the short end of the stick for a while now and xbox being the easier console (therefore less advance) to program they chose to port it from pc or xbox to ps3 when if they wanted max profit to port from ps3 to the other consoles

  • Nick

    I don’t really see the appeal of Dawnguard and Hearthfire anymore. If they do release them for PS3 I’ll buy them but only because I’m not tight on money at the moment and I’m a little OCD and feel the need to complete everything I start. The novelty has worn off and right now I just want to get my hands on Dragonborn! Not only does DB completely tie into the story, whereas DG feels like a completely unrelated sidequest, it also adds awesome features like riding dragons, a new area to explore, awesome looking armors and weapons, etc.

    I can see why others would be pissed though, especially people who enjoy playing a werewolf or vampire and people who want to adopt children. Put down your Twilight books and just enjoy what we are getting instead of what we don’t have.

    • The_Airsofter

      Where does Twilight come into it? You mentioned something about werewolves and vampires and then spiraled off into tales of fairies and mongrel dogs… I’m confused.

    • Black Velvet

      I agree that Dragonborn is a better DLC than Dawnguard/Hearthfire but at the same time I’m not on the “be happy with what we got” boat because it’s kinda BS that Bethesda sold out like this. I’m pissed off at Bethesda and it’s more about principle than the actual DLCs. They sold out to Microsoft.

    • DarkFantasy

      Wanting extra gameplay, crossbows and vampires and werewolves that are actually as awesome as they should have been in the original game has absolutely nothing to do with Twilight. Grow up.

    • trollarch


  • they probably may realease dragonborn first and all the other dlc a few weeks later

  • sam

    I’m happy now atleast I know I’m getting dlc

    • blob the bob

      I wouldn’t hold your breath on it…after all this is similar to what happen with Dawnguard.

  • Joey

    Screw Bethesda at this point. They don’t care about their gamers all they care about is money. If they really cared about us and what we thought they wouldn’t release 3 DLC’s on Xbox when they haven’t even released one on ps3. I have played EVERY elder scrolls came, actually every Bethesda game, and I’m disappointed to say I am done investing money in Bethesda. I will buy my games else where. This is enough

  • IchiYamamoto

    Annoyed – yes. That being said, I will definitely go and buy the add-ons released for Skyrim later on. I really want to become a vampire lord and harness its full powers.

  • Matt

    The lack of understanding here is incredible. This isn’t a matter of Bethesda pleasing everybody; it’s about maximizing profit. A company will operate at the highest point of profit, and doesn’t consider externalities- considering that this wouldn’t even count as a negative externality produced by Bethesda, PS3 users really have no right to complain. I really think that those who see a need to whine about it should step back and consider how the market works. Try to understand the grown-ups, kids.

    • Pete

      So you’re saying its ok for Bethesda to just act however they want as long as it maximises profit? That could never happen, the competition in the market is so huge that it means if a company is seen to not care about their consumers they will go elsewhere, gamers are fantastic at holding a grudge.

    • Conor

      If the situation were reversed I’ve no doubt you’d be spitting the dummy out too. We paid the same amount of money as everyone else playing on 360 and PC, so therefore are entitled to the same content at the same time as everyone else. As long as it suits ‘your’ needs then screw everyone else I suppose.

    • casper13rocks

      anouther microsoft troll i see why dont you just go pay to use your own internet conection fool

    • Rob

      The only lack of understanding is in your condescending, ignorant comment. PS3 users have every right to complain. We know damn well it’s all about money, that does not justify their shoddy treatment of such a large number of their customers. Bethesda would insist this hasn’t all been about maximising profit, so if you’re right that makes them dishonest money-grabbing crooks. You’re just making them look worse in your pathetic, misguided attempt to justify their actions.

    • blob the bob


    • PS3 Rules Earth

      Imagine if this happened to those XBOX fanboys out there. I shudder at the possibilities. Bethesda may have gained a crap ton of money but they gained bad publicity and pissed off a crap ton of people. Not really a successful way of profit making the way I put it.

    • luke nuke

      U have a point, but the customers give the company a profit

  • I’ll definitely buy it, however I wish Bethesda would at least update us on Dawnguard and Hearthfire, if they just came out and said, “Sorry we are going to be unable to release it on your console” or even a weekly tweet or post saying “We’re still working on it” I would be happy, but all you get is long periods of silence with “I’ll tell you something when I know something” comments from Pete Hines. I can’t speak for all PS3 customers but all I want from Bethesda is some communication. Right now, there is still nothing being said about Dawnguard or Hearthfire.

    • Daniel

      Could not have said that better my self. Glad to know there are still some people who have not blown this out of proportion. Thanks for that.

    • I agree if we had communication with Bethesda than I would also be happy.

    • tristan

      Agree, but also, if we (PS3 users) are not getting Dawnguard, then i at least want a patch or something so that i can get the crossbows and other new items released with that DLC. I can do without the story, so long as i get the perks (like Vampire Lord form).

      • Mike

        ^^^ Thank you. Glad someone else finally said this. Honestly, I could give two $hits from a rat’s a$$ less about the Dragonborn DLC, but at least ONE other type of ranged weapon besides bows is something die-hard TES fans have been asking for since the release of oblivion, and now that they FINALLY have that (crossbows), Bugthesdasoft (as predicted), can’t get their $hit together and getting it working on the PS3 (supposedly). My very first Skyrim character is a Nord Warrior who is a master smith, and I would love nothing more than the ability to forge Dragonbone weapons, as well as forge arrows for his archer hireling. Oh wait!!! I cant cause Bugthesdasoft are are a bunch of incompetent f#cktards. I agree, SOME dlc which is of decent quality is better than nothing, but all anyone has to do is read any forum regarding this topic, and they will quickly see that an overwhelming majority of PS3 players are wanting
        Dawnguard. The coolness factor of a dedicated Vampire and Werewol f skill tree also goes without saying. Oh wait!!! Thats right – we wont be getting those, either. Instead, you want to give us dlc that his new “armor” that looks like hammered tin made by some dip$hit in 7th grade shop class. No thanks. Give us Dawnguard, OR F#CK OFF

  • Bb

    To be fair to them, the chances are they were already locked in to a contract with Microsoft waay before these issues arose. And anyone who thinks that Bethesda should take on a corporate giant like Microsoft just because PS3 users want the game before Xbox is being a bit silly. The only thing they can do now is to sell Dragonborn to PS3 users at a discounted price (or free). They’ve obviously learnt their lesson and have started to format their DLCs differently from now on. Moaning will do nothing.

    • We don’t want the game before XBox users, we want it at the same time or the exclusives to have some balance. Different company here I know, but take Rockstar for example, Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories were PS exclusives, Chinatown Wars started off as DS exclusive, the two DLCs were XBox exclusives. Rockstar have shown some balance in there exclusives. Where each major company has each had an exclusive. With Bethesda all I see is Microsoft getting exclusives. Fallout 3, every DLC exclusive to XBox first, Fallout New Vegas, same again, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, exactly the same with technical delays added on top and I didn’t play Oblivion but from what I understand, that was the same with no release up until the GOTY Edition.

      But you are wrong, I don’t want to play the DLC before XBox users, I just want to either play it at the same time or there be some balance between the major consoles in exclusives. XBox 360 got the first DLC months ago now. We don’t get one until January 2013 and it isn’t even the first DLC.

      As for the technical issues, I can understand there were technical issues and I can accept that, but that doesn’t explain the lack of communication from Bethesda, do Bethesda have a contract with Microsoft saying they can’t communicate with PS3 customers cos if they do I’d be pretty pissed off. They could at least keep PS3 customers updated, I mean even today, all we have been told is Dragonborn is being released, no update whatsoever on Dawnguard or Hearthfire. Where is the communication? There’s no point in having a Public Relations Department if Bethesda can’t be bothered to use it to keep up Public Relations.

      • casper13rocks

        technical issues aside fact is no dlc should of been released to any platform at all untill it was ready to be released to all platforms so on day 31 of dawngaurds release both pc and ps3 players should of recived it same gose with hearthfire that was end of any exclusive deal now with dragonborn pc xbox and ps3 should by rights get it all on the same day bethesdas actions are inexcuseible

    • spiritreaver

      Fairness towards Bethesda flew out the window months ago.

      And ‘moaning’ is prolly the only reason for the announcement today.

  • casper13rocks

    why should ps3 owners continue to have to waight we have been given sweet FA so far bethesda stop licking microsofts balls there deal is over give every1 dragonborn now you F#$KING C%#TS

    • Matt Appleyard

      You have horrible grammar and spelling.

      • Ch4rli3

        Not to mention the vile language too.

        • Rick

          Awwww, are yor widdle feelings hurt by the the big,bad, harsh language???? You offended??? Awww, there there – have some milk and cookies while I call you the “Wahmbulance”… F#CK OFF PU$$Y

        • Anonymous

          Insulting other people isn’t going to get you your DLC more quickly, my foul-smelling friend.

        • Mike

          Why are you smelling strangers on the internet???

        • casper13rocks

          grow up dipsh!t you obviesly a microft troll who got all his extra content id love to see all you microsoft tools reactions if tables were turned and it was ps3 that had all the dlc and you had none you’d all be going off ya guts swearing like drunken sailors so here i give you a complamenty dildo so you can go F%&K YOURSELF

    • DON-EAZY-E

      Don’t worry casper i don’t judge peoples grammar or typing like these spell checking dorks.I totally agree about that bethesda needs to stop taking it up the azz by microsoft though.

  • Consoles United

    I’m not buying content from a company that favors certain consoles even though other console users have suffered. See ya Bethesda! January 2013 is way too late to get any consideration for your company. I’m enjoying Hitman Absolution, AC3 and Black Ops 2 to even compare this to crappy Skyrim.

    • Matt

      That you enjoy Black Ops 2 more than Skyrim speaks volumes about you as a person. Or are you just overcompensating for your lack of DLC?

      • DON-EAZY-E

        i’m not a cod fan but why did you just say that title he also said AC 3 and Hitman Absolution i to moved on to wwe 13 Skyrim is old and by the time the dlc comes out for ps3 i’ll be counting on the days till GTA 5 F**k skyrim and bethesda they took to long so they suck.

    • Trollarchstaff

      AC3 FTW