Nexus 10 price surpasses iPad 4

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 3, 2012

Apple holds the tablet crown without a doubt and this set the iPad 4 and mini up for success the moment they launched, but we’re seeing Google gaining a massive following with their Nexus 10 / 7 tablets with users becoming increasing passionate about why the Nexus 10 is better than the iPad 4 in their opinion. Tablet newbies find it hard to get past the price difference when looking at the cheaper Nexus 10 with iPad 4 beating specs, and they wonder why Apple charge more for delivering less in terms of specs?

As an owner of both the Nexus 7 and iPad mini we understand the differences in build quality, and Apple charge more for metal and other more expensive materials used when building the iPad 4. Android fans explain that the hardware inside the Nexus 10 counters this, and they’d rather have a plastic exterior with better specs inside, but then we have to consider the price difference as well. Google sell the Nexus 10 from $399 and Apple sell the iPad 4 from $499, so this is a clear price gap that will be important to users on a budget.

Google Nexus 10 stock problems and price hikes – it’s no secret that Google has had issues keeping the Nexus 10 in stock at their play store, although you can currently see the 16GB Nexus 10 tablet shipped within a week in the UK and US. The same can be said for the Nexus 7 tablet, although their Nexus 4 smartphone continues to feature a sold out message thanks to popularity being too much for Google to keep up with. The stock problems are resulting in some retailers increasing the price of the Nexus 10, and we’ve seen a number of online stores adding an extra $100 to the Google play price.

This page on Amazon shows a Wi-Fi only Nexus 10 with the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, but it is priced at $549.99 that’s around a $150 premium on the Google play price. We also looked at Google’s shopping portal and see a number of stores selling the Nexus 10 over $500, again this is much more than the $399 price on Google play. You can see why there are stock problems if the price is always lower directly with Google, and also the reason why people are so desperate to know when stock is available at the play store.

Would you pay a higher price for the Nexus 10 when compared to the iPad 4? If you end up paying more than $500 for the Nexus 10 then you’ll be paying more than the iPad 4 price, which might sway some people to pick up Apple’s tablet instead. The 4th generation iPad seems to keep the recommended price without hikes taking place at 3rd parties, and shipping times on Apple are currently right away with an in stock message being displayed. You can see the Nexus 10 vs. iPad 4 in a visual review via our earlier article.

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  • EdShift

    I bought an Ipad 4 for my Grandad about a month back. Impressive bit of kit.
    He loves it.
    My Nexus 10 showed up tonight after a bit of a heated conversation with TNT.
    It’s an amazing bit of tech.
    It knew who I was when I turned it on and it automatically installed all my apps exactly as I had them on my other android tablet.
    Google has integration with the cloud so seamless it’s scary.

    Absolutely Top Notch product. Makes my Archos G7 look like a Dinosaur and I was always pretty satisfied with that before now.

    If this can’t be described as an IPad killer you need IT lessons.
    That’s my view.
    Luv and Peace.

  • Nick

    I prefer Nexus 10, and just bought one, because I can essentially use it as a small portable laptop with great features, and there is a lot freedom to do things on it, unlike being restricted with iPad. Initially, I was actually trying to buy a Windows 8 laptop. After trying many PCs, it finally hit me: Why should I spend so much money on a new PC when all my needs are met by Android Jelly bean and Nexus 10? I actually think that if Android can allow users to mount external disc drives easily and provide a good spreadsheet and presentation programs, a lot people would stop using MS window PCs altogether. I did consider buying an iPad, but it is just too restricted and ones to connect with iTunes on another computer to transfer files, which is terrible if you want your tablet to function as much as a full computer. I love having the Nexus 10, Nexus 4 and looking forward to getting a Nexus 7 when its screen color calibration is improved.

    • Jeff Myers

      I am trying to decide btwn the 2 tablets….the 64GB ipad has more storage, but one big factor is that I use gmail and other google products every day. Nick, what did you mean, ” ones to connect with iTunes on another computer to transfer files”?

      • Zerilos

        Actually in most instances file transfers can be done via the cloud and/or dropbox with an ipad.

        • Much bigger pain than simply connecting with USB cable and it popping up like a flash drive on your computer. Also, the Nexus 10 can transfer over the air in more ways than the iPad can.

        • Zerilos

          I agree, many Android devices are more convenient in this area, still there are vary few things that i cannot wirelessly move from one iDevice to the other. It’s really not an obstacle.

  • archerian

    The title of the article is highly misleading… but the author seems to be interested in driving more traffic to his page, after all any publicity is good publicity…

  • Johnny


    See what I mean? lol

  • Johnny

    You know, writers really lose credibility when they have typos. Especially when it’s too times in a row.

    “Google sell the Nexus 10 from $399 and Apple sell the iPad 4…”

    Come on, really? I don’t even have to finish the article to realize you’re not very bright. Get a better editor.

    • Dan

      The irony is strong with this one!

  • miguel martinez

    Yes I too think this is biased article, how come you can’t say that there is a higher demand for the Nexus 10 because it has some better features than the IPad 4 so people are willing to sell and buy at a higher price… which is true. There is always a higher premium on a high demand products but not because Google says so… The people have spoken, they want a Nexus not matter at what price. Google has a set price on these babies and are less expensive than the latest IPad and give you more for your money. You can’t buy freedom. As for the writer of this article, Daniel Chubbs get off Apple’s apples. How you like them apples?

    • Zerilos

      Actually the price is more do to the extremely limited availibility of the Nexus 10. Since you can’t actually buy it anywhere, then people who managed to get them can sell the for a significant mark up. The same happened with the Transformer Prime earlier this year, and we know what a giant piece of poo it turned out to be.

  • Well, If people want to be lazy and not purchase it from Google Play then let them waste the extra money. And Don’t say that the Nexus 10 prices “surpasses” the iPad 4 as the highest tech model of the Nexus 10 is $499 where the lowest tech model of the iPad starts at $499. On top of that this article has Apple fanboyism all over it. My favorite part is the image of the Nexus 10 shown in Landscape mode with the longer side vertical side by side with a portait oriented iPad.

    It’s like you don’t want people to take this seriously. A comparable iPad gen 4, to the $499 Nexus 10, is $599. With that said the tech of the Nexus 10 blows the iPad 4 specs out of the water.

    • Piolinluzvel

      I agree with u friend..another I pad lover nexus 10 best tablet out there period.

    • Zerilos

      Actually most benchmarks show that the iPad 4’s preformance is superior. Whether it be battery life, FPS, and physical contruction, the iPad 4 seems to be the better device. If you add in the number of availble apps and an OS that is more stable and secure then Apple’s device is clearly the winner.

      • Actually many benchmarks put the Nexus 10 ahead of all competition. The only benchmarks that are not showing the Nexus 10 ahead haven’t been optimized to give accurate readings on 4.2. Also with battery life, in a test where you loop an HD video over and over again until the battery dies, the iPad wins, but every single “normal usage” test I have seen puts the Nexus 10 at around 2 days, where the iPad has to be charged every day. Add to it that the Android operating system has more features and offers a better user experience and Google’s device is clearly the winner.

        • Zerilos

          There are a number of CPU benchmarks where the Nexus 10 comes out ahead and others where the ipad 4 comes out ahead. The ipad beats the Nexus 10 by a very significant margin in terms of graphical performance…test after test show that its not even close. Every battery comparison I’ve seen thus far shows the ipad to have a significantly better battery when it comes to browsing and graphics intensive operations (i.e. movies and games). If the XDA forum is accurate, then there are a lot of N10 owners dealing with some serious buyers remorse right now due to performance issues and screen defects. Android does have some features I like, but the stability and security provided by iOS is more important to me.

        • Security on iOS? I’m sorry does iOS have multiple user accounts? The answer is no. The Nexus 10 can easily accommodate a whole family to suit their needs without disrupting each others experience and keep their information all separate. These CPU benchmarks you speak of you have any sources? Because all I’ve seen is the Nexus 10’s cpu completely destroying the competition. The only thing I’ll give the iPad is the better GPU. Despite the better GPU the Nexus 10 runs any graphic intensive demanding game at it buttery smooth and that’s with a much higher resolution than the iPad 4. Jellybean is extremely stable I’ve had 0 application crashes on my Nexus 7, this is from real world experience which I believe holds more ground than your claims. If the many apple forums I seldom visit also have a lot of iPad 1,2,3,4 users complaining about defective screens, flickering, light bleed etc… then I guess that’s also an accurate representation of the whole iPad community right?

        • Bea

          Actually yes but not in those terms, you can sign in with your own ID and your own content is available to you, you can check allow multiple users in settings.

        • Bea

          Nexus 10 vs. iPad 4 up close in visual review from this site
          No it isn’t.

  • Could this article be any more biased? Pretty much any item that is currently hard to get your hands on are being sold by people and retailers for a higher price. If the demand is high and you are in a rush to get your new device then you have the option of paying more, just because there are people selling it for more it doesn’t magically raise the retail price that goole has set. So this stupid article about how the Nexus 10 being pricier than the iPad4 is very misleading and you are blatantly telling people to buy the iPad 4 just because it is made out of metal. Which I find hilarious that the only argument being made here as to why iPad is “better” than the Nexus 10 is because it’s made out of metal.

    • archerian

      you forgot the “and other more expensive materials” .. perhaps the author knows something we don’t, maybe the screen is sapphire glass 🙂 🙂

      • Bea

        No it’s not a biased article, it says many good things about the Nexus and the iPad, and also points out where they are not as strong. Android users just want to see all bad about the iPad. That’s bias.

        • archerian

          Did you read the complete article? The whole article can be summed up by – “Apple makes a great ipad, its better designed and worth the premium cost because of the metal and “expensive parts”, the Nexus is cheaper but its price on ebay matches the iPad so disregarding all facts, the ipad is clearly better”

          All the talk of metal and “expensive materials” is nonsense – check the BoM and find out how much those “expensive materials” cost.