GTA V surprises you’d still like to see

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 3, 2012

It has been an amazing month for Grand Theft Auto 5 with the latest tease from Rockstar focusing on one of the three protagonists, Trevor Phillips, which can be seen in the image below thanks to some official artwork. This tease had been delivered with a promise of more GTA V artwork very soon, so you can expect a lot more visual insight into the protagonists. We also saw some freebies being offered last week in preparation for GTA V, although you had to enter by Friday last week for a chance to win the photo viewer.

GTA V trailer 2 arrived at the middle of last month and shortly after met with some analysis, and also Rockstar defended the graphics in the second trailer by explaining that nothing had been “pre-rendered“, so this had been pretty impressive considering the details were real footage from within the next Grand Theft Auto game.

We saw a number of PR readers giving their feelings about each of the GTA V characters last month, with some people feeling that Trevor should be used for the dirty jobs considering his personality. We’re sure Rockstar will develop the game in a way where all characters will be needed for certain missions, so in some circumstances you won’t get a choice. The realization that GTA V wouldn’t feature a co-op mode also upset a few people last month, and a number of gamers thought GTA V had been perfect for such a mode.

There are of course a massive number of PC users that are unhappy with Rockstar over the lack of GTA 5 PC release details, and the idea of waiting much longer is not a nice thought for these people. Other gamers point out that this should be expected when you consider Rockstar’s past and how much support is given to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

GTA 5 surprises still needed before launch – we’ve had a massive amount of news for GTA 5 over the last few months, which led up to the recent magazine exclusive and had been supported by a number of details being revealed by Rockstar on the official blog. Even after all these details there are a number of things that gamers want to know, and we’ve seen a few of these wishes answered in the form of GTA 5 rumors.

Other than what we already know, what other GTA 5 surprises would you still like to see? Personally we feel Rockstar still have a number of surprises to be revealed before the GTA 5 release date in spring, although one way they could reveal some vital details would be in trailer 3. It would be pretty cool to see someone adding gas to their car in the next trailer, which would make the game feel even more real, although we know this isn’t something all gamers want in GTA 5. There are of course finer details that need to be improved in GTA 5 and we’re unlikely to notice them until we get hands-on, which includes a possibility of silenced weapons not alerting the police and other improvements for more realism. We’d also like to see other animals roaming the streets, and not just dogs.

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  • Dante

    i wonder if we will be able to customize cars like GTA: san andreas or better

  • allan

    i agree with “gta should be realistic” because the whole point of making a gta game is to roam around and get a taste of what would happen doing specific action so if you dont want a realistic game, gta 5 is not for you.and of course people want thing like more animals and more cars, the thing is more animals will not affect the gameplay even if it is your pet (if you can have pets) and the vehicles will make some difference but not a significant one so stop whining and just croos your fingers and hope for the best

    thank you

  • josh

    If you still play any of the following GTA IV, TBOGT or TLAD whatever multiplayer mode on PS3… Add ZuluWarrior97

  • I think Rockstar will add a whole bunch of amazing things into this game. They still have lots of time to get stuff done and whatnot. What I’d really like is too have dogs with you , like have them as pets , have them ride with you in cars , tell them to do something specific. That’s what I want along with numerous other things I can talk about for hours and hours

  • Aladeen

    It would be surprising if all versions of the game (whether it be the ps3 xbox360 and the considered wiiu and pc versions) came out on the same day ^_^

  • jeeby

    good god turn signals

    • allan

      YES i have always wanted turn signals in gta 5 i hope they will do that now

  • Jon

    The last witness idea is cool but not realistic in a built up area if you consider people calling the police after hearing a gunshot. In the “wilderness” or silent crime however …

  • roger dogder

    Am I the only one who wants a fully loaded prison? If there’s 3 character’s then surely one could spend some time inside and have the others bust him out 😀

  • carl johnson

    having a more real open world game would benefit the gta series as it would immerse the player and it would be AWESOME

  • Realism is cool. End of. More the better. I personally would like to see a massive improvement with the police and how they respond. I’m really counting on rockstar to make an amazing police response unit, a really realistic police response. Batons, tasers, tear gas etc.

  • Tacoman

    But most important if it’s said long enough children children children children children children children children children children npcs 😉 pew pew

  • Tacoman

    Flying bombers would be awesome. Submarines and ability to launch missiles and torpedoes from them. Maybe a navy !? Nuclear testing in the desert hijacking planes trains and automobiles. Kidnapping for sure like I said tying them up stick them in
    the trunk take them where you want. Whack them:)

  • Tacoman

    I want children in it. That will complete me. And tying people up and carrying dead bodies or bodies setting them on fire. Flying 747s big planes. Power tools and regular tools axe, screwdriver, hammer, ect. A zombie story too. Kills like in manhunt. Body parts flying off. Plastic bags oh yeah. More mele weapons and just weapons explosives a lot. Comment if you think theyre good ideas

  • Would be cool if they allowed us to enter a lot more random stores and homes and scare the crap out of the residents.
    Also there needs to be more cars on the road, I think GTA IV was not as realistic in that sense considering it was supposed to be NYC – real NYC is much more congested, there needs to be more traffic jam chaos in Los Santos at peak time!

    • allan

      if there was lots of traffic, wouldnt it suck if you are being chased by the cops or there is a mission where you need to drive really fast and it is too congested? i prefer the amount of triaffic in gta iv or they could make it busy in the city and not as much in the outskirts on los santos

  • SwurftFurt

    System-link / LAN option for multiplayer! I plan on buying two copies if LAN feature is included (I have xbox live, but I prefer to system-link)

  • Fab

    Can’t wait for this game , would love a deep house radio station , some classic hip hop: throw some west coast tracks in there , nothin but a g thang, what’s my name , California love , check yo self , today was a good day, some Nate dog (rip) . Just chilled out driving rap.

    A low gravity cheat like saints row 2 would be fun too

    • roger dogder

      Dude you basically just described “radio los santos” from the last san andreas. Was awesome though, r* always seems to deliver on the music front.

  • I want to be able to buy dogs and then walk round the streets, setting the whole pack on people.

    I can just picture terrified pesestrians running down street pursued by a load of hulking Pitbulls lol.

  • gta v or watchdogs

    If rockstar won’t release gta v on pc, i will became watch dogs fans. And i wont play any rockstar games anymore.
    Sorry for my bad english

  • Vyom

    You’re right mr “gta should be realistic” someday i hope R* includes the entire United States of America in their map!!!!!!

  • beanspiller

    aLIEN SPACECRAFTS!!! I WANT TO FLY ONE!! abduct people! Area 69 military base! PLEASE!!!

  • UnknownUser28

    Hopefully the speed for fast cars are like in VC where the screen shakes.

  • jisgr8

    I have always liked the idea of base jumping. Being able to leap off the 60th floor of your condo would be great. I am talking about the balcony not the roof. Why not be able to throw your cat off there as well?

  • olof

    I think gta 5 is going to kick saints row 4 ass.i love saints row 3 but it gets pretty sucky wen all they putt in it is violence and take way the parts that the real.I aleast saints row 2 had crap you could do in real life. Like,smoking,drinking.stuff like that

  • olof

    I think the idea of rocktsar puting the three characters to gta 5 is pretty cool.if you want a gangster gangbanger you can pick franklin or if want crazzy dude who kills for fun pick trevor. And then there micheal,he reminds me of some mofia dude.So they basically made every type of criminal.

  • rob

    I would like to see more realistic police response. In gta 4 it doesnt matter where u are or whos around if u shoot a cop its 3 stars automatically. I hope in gta 5 if nobody sees it or hears it its like it never happened.

    • Like read dead redemptions system you needed to be seen then the witness would run to the sheriff’s office

    • Nico Bellik

      I second u

    • ComputerTrophy

      When cops are shot in real life, the operator/dispatch will hear it and many units will be dispatched to the area. In the United Kingdom, the Metropolitan Police have a radio system with a panic button. Gunshots and loud noises also trigger broadcast signals.

  • I would like to see hidden UFO/SPACESHIPS in Area 51, and I hope we have the ability to steal the ship, and fly with unprecedented speed all around THE SAN ANDREA’S… What else do I want, be cool to see people go in and inside their house, going to work, I heard the computer will be having a purpose. I heard you will find dead bodies, and you can have the choice to solve what happen

  • alex

    All I want to know is the data

  • Kerry

    I’m sure Rockstar have a few big GTA 5 announcements they’re saving for next year before the launch.

  • Tony

    We need some really cool cheat codes for GTA 5, I loved using them in GTA IV. It would be good if they added something really crazy that surprises us all, but it is a crucial part of the game. I still play GTA IV every week and use the cheats all the time.

    • Kam

      u got gta online we could play together on ps3

      • IchiYamamoto

        If I may join in on here. Feel free to add.
        psn ~ ichiyamamoto

  • RickyT

    Submarines would be cool.

    • joe

      no chance

      • there will be submarines

        • jonny

          ur a lier

        • caleb

          well there will be a ton of water vehicular stuff even subs

  • Gta should be realistic

    I don’t get why people get pissed with it being realistic, that’s what GTA is about you idiots. Go play saints row if you want ridiculous unrealistic explosions and gun fights you whiney idiots. Gta 4 was very realistic and it was a great game!

    But yeah stop writing dumbass articles, I’m sick of typing in gta 5 and getting some bull crap article

    • allan

      i agree with “gta should be realistic” because the whole point of making a gta game is to roam around and get a taste of what would happen doing specific actions so if you dont want a realistic game, gta 5 is not for you.and of course people want things like more animals and more cars, the thing is more animals will not affect the gameplay, even if it is your pet (if you can have pets) and the vehicles will make some difference but not a significant one so stop whining and just cross your fingers and hope for the best

      thank you

  • Dymez

    If we could predict the surprises we would like to see, wouldn’t it NOT be a surprise?

    • Susan

      Make a prediction with something that you want to see in the final game, you never know you might be surprised. Personally I hope we get to customize cars, and trailer 3 reveals it…now that will be a surprise for me.