Skyrim Dragonborn DLC intel leak before release

By Alan Ng - Dec 1, 2012

We are just days away from the highly anticipated release of Dragonborn, the next DLC expansion pack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda has not said anything regarding the missing PS3 Dawnguard content yet which is obviously disappointing, but those with an Xbox 360 may be interested to read through a vast list of new information, which has apparently been leaked before release.

This information contains many juicy details about the upcoming DLC pack, including a list of new Dragon Shouts, achievements that can be unlocked, new weapons and armor, new spells that can be learnt and also the new locations that Dragonborn will see your player travelling to.

This is obviously very spoiler orientated, so if you are planning to pick up Dragonborn on Xbox 360 from day one, you may want to look away so potential surprises are not spoiled. For PC and PS3 users though, this information could be more worthwhile to you, as Bethesda still hasn’t confirmed if Dragonborn will be coming to these platforms or not.

With that in mind, you can read through the entire leak here and decide for yourself whether you are interested in picking up the pack for $20 and if it seems worth it or not. Looking through the list of new weapons and armor, we again see a confirmation that Bonemold armor will be available in Dragonborn, while there will also be something known as Deathbrand Armor as well, which sounds particularly powerful.

There are also hints of a new summoning spell that will be available, but the person responsible for the leak hasn’t revealed what it is, as they want players to see it for themselves. On the subject of Dragon Shouts, the leak reveals that there is at least five new powers to obtain – one of them by the name of Dragon Aspect that will allow you to create dragon armor and summon a dragon to help you in battle with increased stats as well, but can only be used once per day.

All this information is obviously still deemed rumors as it hasn’t come from Bethesda, but then again the developer has given no information other than the trailer on what the DLC entails, so perhaps this leak is just what potential buyers are after. View the whole thing courtesy of TheOutHousers and let us know what you are most excited about, based on the information they have provided – there are even some gameplay screenshots from Dragonborn to take a look at as well.

For PC and PS3 owners reading this – do you desperately want to get your hands on Dragonborn now? It could end up as the best Skyrim DLC expansion so far – not that PS3 users can have a say on this.

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  • Sidd

    Yeah well im really happy were getting content i wanted it in order.

  • Hizoku

    Why so much hate for xbox players? It’s not our fault that Microsoft have a good sense of business and paid Bethesda for a 30 day exclusivity deal.
    Also it’s not Bethesda’s fault that the PS3 wasn’t compatible with their code.. there was no way of knowing since they had no trouble in the past… Also we know they’re not at fault since even the Sony programmers that were sent to help couldn’t make much headway.
    Dawnguard isn’t even that great to be honest.


    i’m taking serana with me from dawnguard because she is invincible plus i have skyrim on
    Xbox and computer with all DLCs on both 8)

    • Hizoku

      you probably won’t be able to take any of your current followers.

  • casper13rocks

    how about getting some leaked information on what content is ment 2 be comeing for ps3 insted of pampering xbox with notice of more treats and goodies they will get stop rubbing the fact ps3 still have no content in our face’s and do ya job as a reporter and find out whats going on insted of just speculating what might be happerning from a 5 word tweet

  • Kronikyle

    Lol I sold my copy of skyrim a few weeks ago, guaranteed this dlc for ps3 Beth claims to have is most likely hearthfire and that’s it screwing over ps3 user once again. I wish all those Beth ps3 fans luck but I’ve given up on the fail company who can’t make dlc for a system that’s entering its last phase. Pathetic is all I have to say

  • Dougie F

    If I don’t see DLC for PS3 before Christmas, I will give up on Skyrim (although I’ve pretty much stopped playing it now). I won’t be giving any more of my money to Bethesda either.
    They should have had the DLC set up for all platforms before it was released to any of them. Microsoft’s 30 day exclusivity deal has turned out very well for them, due to a short-sighted developer. And everyone with a PS3 that wanted to play the game has been ignored.
    If they’d at least have the decency to come out and say it “We’re sorry, we messed up, we won’t be able to release this expansion for the PS3” (or whatever the truth may be), I could deal with it. But we just seem to be getting completely blanked and that I find to be insulting. I don’t have the money to be going and buying a whole new console just to play an extension of a game.

  • Steve


  • gaara1193

    honestly this dlc is going to be tits

  • gaara1193

    so glad i got an xbox now, still feel bad for ps3 players

  • Magus

    Read the whole page, loving every second of it until i read the line about spears, and guess what, the ones the Rieklings drop count as arrows, and cannot be used like a spear by the Player. Too bad My Pc version of Skyrim only runs at 55fps, it really bugs me, so i’ll have to continue to hopelessly wait for a PS3 release…

    • What’s wrong with 55fps? That’s perfectly fine. It’s not like the PS3 runs it faster.

    • dafuq you talking about

      Im pretty sure PS3 and xbox only run at 30 or 60 fps so what the hell are you talking about

  • Sam

    Bethesda are gay for Xbox

    • matthew

      you are sooooooooooooooooo right

    • Like Pc and Ps3 never has exclusives. : l

    • KasaiWolf

      Yeah and Ubisoft are gay for PS3 with Assassin’s Creed……

  • Soooo. Does anyone reading this play Dark Souls (or even Demon’s Souls?) Just wondering when the best time of day is for PvP on either especially for avoiding gankers on Dark Souls. Also on Demon’s Souls is there an easier/reliable way to get summoned by the monk or is it entirely random? Any help would be appreciated cheers.

    • Hippie!!!!!

      Lol it’s the hippie, but jokes aside you can go to undead burg. Most of the players are respectful. During the time 2pm-6pm (GMT) you get a lot of fights. Good luck hippie