Xbox 720 reveal timing under consideration

By Alan Ng - Nov 30, 2012

It looks like Microsoft are definitely pressing forward with their plans to debut a next generation Xbox ‘720’ console towards the end of 2013. We have again had a semi-confirmation on this, with Microsoft now thought to be in the decision process of where to actually announce their new console to the world – E3 2013, or at a separate event later on in the year?

After the monumental Xbox 720 ‘Fortaleza’ leak which the majority of gamers managed to see before it was pulled by Microsoft, it’s fair to say that Microsoft cannot keep their new Xbox console under wraps for much longer. Rumors are continuing to suggest that the new console is going to support exciting features such as augmented reality glasses, Kinect 2.0 and now reputable publications like Bloomberg have now decided to chime in on the Xbox 720 bandwagon as well.

They have published a new report, confirming that the next Xbox console is indeed on the way in 2013, in line for a release during the Holiday and Thanksgiving period. November should now be the month in which we’ll be able to purchase the device, but the report also references an interesting factor in that Microsoft don’t know when the best time to launch will be.

Traditionally, we have always seen new hardware launches at the E3 events, but recently we have seen other companies choose to hold separate events instead to engage consumer interest even more. A perfect example of this can be seen in Apple’s new product reveals – originally we would see new hardware during the company’s annual WWDC trade show, but now Apple has instead opted to hold a special event separately, for the last two iPhone launches.

Will Microsoft go the same way and decide that the Xbox 720 unveil should be just about them and not shared amongst other companies at E3? If this is an option, we may see the console unveiled during Fall instead – a September reveal, followed by a November release date. Would that sound reasonable to you?

If Microsoft decides against showing the next Xbox at E3, does that mean that Sony has the stage all to themselves with a possible unveiling of the PlayStation 4 – or is it still too early perhaps? It’s looks certain that a new Xbox will now release next year – let us know when you would like to it to be unveiled.

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  • week after E3 if sony announce the PS4… just so PS4 isn’t the only thing the media are talking about. If they don’t announce the PS4, then Sept. and Nov release

  • mx104

    It should be revealed early Q2 2013, shown off at E3 and released september 2013. That wil give plenty of time for families to buy for christmas and give gamers what weve been waiting for

    • art

      but their is nothing wrong with current gen consoles hell i just got a 360 2 years ago! (yea im not exactly well off) and i mean come on! by the time i get ahead enough to buy a new system it’l be near the end of its cycle

      • Goochslayr

        Get a better job

        • Josh Gordon

          Shut up you moron, If life was that easy wed all be working high payed jobs not trolling on the internet you idiot.

        • cripper

          lol you are a fly man

      • Uhm, there is something wrong with present-gen consoles too …. they’re outdated and have been graphically stretched to their limit. I own a self-built gaming PC with a Radeon 6970 GPU and an Ageia PhysX Accelerator to the side, and BRO, the graphical difference is like WHOA!! You would have to see it in order to believe it. Epic announced last year that the Unreal 4 game engine is about to see use in game production, and the present-gen consoles can not run the Unreal 4 Engine … although my PC could : ). The Xbox 360 uses a Radeon X1950 GPU, which was a top notch GPU … in 2006. Here’s to hoping that the new console makes use of at least an AMD 7850 or so, and preferably TWO of them (Dual GPU) with the other one being unlockable later via update. In fact, I wish I were sitting in on the R&D meetings, because this would be one awesome console if I were.

      • Josh Gordon

        I know. Id much rather next gen come around 2015 and have GREAT specs then come next year and just be like a mid range PC. There is nothing wrong with the games of this generation apart from how they are developed. I could hold out another 2 – 3 years with great titles like MGS Rising. Played the demo, Its bad