2012 iMac release time planned for midnight

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 30, 2012

The new 2012 iMac release time is just hours away and since our earlier article about the date being finalized by Apple, we now see consumers wondering exactly what time they’d be able to order the 2012 iMac today? Our sources tell us it should land at midnight Pacific Time, which is within 30-minutes at the time of writing, so it might be recommended to keep hitting the refresh button on the official Apple Store over the next hour.

Expect 2012 iMac delays and shortages – we’ve already heard from Apple that there will be supply problems, so if we do see the new 21.5 iMac go up for order with pre-orders for the 27-inch iMac, you should expect shipping times to slip fast. We just checked a few moments ago and we still see the same availability message, although if everything goes as planned this should change within the hour.

The 2012 iMac midnight launch – this is midnight for PST and 8am for GMT, which follows a traditional launch for Apple when products don’t release right after a keynote. It is worth noting that rumors state the reason for delays had been with LG Display, and the problem with mass producing a new component for the new iMac display. This means there are limited parts available, and while orders will go live there’ll be in limited supply, so expect a lot of people to be disappointed with long shipping times for those that don’t get in early.

You might be able to purchase the 2012 iMac from just under $1,300, but you can expect to pay up to $4,200 when you add on all the upgrades to the 27-inch model with Fusion drive as well. If you want your 2012 iMac to ship right away then don’t add on customized options, although if you do then expect the shipping time to be much longer. Let us know if you manage to get an order in at midnight, unless Apple delay things further that is?

Did the 2012 iMac go live to order at midnight for you, and if so what’s your location?

Update: The new iMac is now live in the US to order, and it is worth noting you can also pre-order the 27-inch model as well. The UK had to wait around 25 minutes longer, although orders are live in the UK now as well.

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  • SyrenSerpente

    Ordered 27″ Fusion drive, i7, GTX 680MX Thailand delivery 25th – 28th December

  • Carol

    Northern California. Ordered 21.5″ iMac with Fusion Drive + 16 GB RAM at 12:01 AM PST. Delivers Dec. 18-21 with the configuration. No problems ordering. Got Education Discount. 😉

  • Dennis Chumby

    Ordered 27″ at 08.30 UK delivery between 21st December and 2nd Jan

  • Bread Moss

    Ordered my 27″ at 12:08 PST. Delivery 24DEC-31DEC. This is my first Mac after using PCs since the 80s. I hope I don’t regret the inflated price tag!

  • Warren P

    At 23:57, ordered from California. Server was slow.

  • ordered at 12:05pst new imac 27″ eta dec 24-31st

  • Alex

    waiting on UK .. 8:20 AM

  • Cam

    Still waiting, rather impatiently, in England…

  • Craig

    no sign here in the Netherlands :O(

  • Rob

    Bought!! New iMac. 17:57 in Australia (23:57 PST)