Wii U impact on Xbox 720 and PS4

By Alan Ng - Nov 29, 2012

We are just days away from the European release of the Nintendo Wii U console. Almost two weeks after the US launch, Nintendo will hope that EU gamers show the same amount of interest as US buyers, with Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime speaking in many interviews in order to further hype up the capabilities of the system. This week, he has been speaking about how the Wii U relates to future consoles from Sony and Microsoft, with regards to potential PS4 and Xbox 720 systems respectively.

Reggie certainly raised one or two eyebrows when he recently conceded that all third-party games will look better on the Wii U, with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 used as a specific example. Now he has spoken again on the threat that next-gen consoles pose to the Wii U, or lack of threat as Reggie clarified to say, insisting that it is actually up to Microsoft and Sony to react to their console this time, not the other way around.

Reggie told CNET in a recent interview that Sony and Microsoft will both need to look at the Wii U and ‘decide what their innovation is going to be’. He also added that fancy hardware such as faster processors and ‘pretty pictures’ that respective next-gen interfaces will produce, ‘will not be enough any more’.

The funny thing to note here is that both the PS4 and next Xbox console are going to have fancy new interfaces and much faster processors than their predecessors. The Wii U is obviously selling very well in the US at the moment as expected, but will interest ultimately die out as soon as we see those new Sony and Microsoft consoles up on stage?

Reggie also said that Nintendo are going to ‘keep innovating’ with the Wii U, which we’re guessing will lead to other games in the same mold as ZombiU, which many are touting as one of the best games to showcase the new GamePad controller. Sony and Microsoft will obviously be bringing their own innovative features to the table as well though with their respective consoles – Sony’s Gaikai partnership could be one example, while the possibilities of Kinect 2.0 with augmented reality is already starting to get fans excited.

What are your thoughts on Reggie’s latest comments which send out a challenge to Sony and Microsoft? Do you think the Wii U is the real deal and will stay healthy while the PS4 and Xbox 720 are out, or is it only a matter of time before interest fades out fast?

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  • Hapgood

    Well I call bulls%^$ on this whole article. If they really need to work out what their innovation is going to be, then I am out of the console market for good. I for one am sick to death of bloody gimmicks all the time. Motion Plus, Kinect, I genuinely don’t give a damn. I don’t know about the majority of these younger gamers, but I want a controller and a TV screen, so I can lounge on my sofa like the lazy oaf gamer I am and play games. That’s what I lack on the PC, the lazy factor.

  • John Doe

    Nintendo brings uniqueness to their consoles and games which is why I always find myself picking up each of their consoles. Something PCs don’t and can’t offer unlike tech demanding games which can be improved with just a more powerful computer.

    Not to mention there is nothing like a good Zelda, Metroid and other Nintendo franchises.

  • Sam

    If ps4 and xbox 720 is more of same but faster I think they will struggle. Why buy into restrictive consoles when my PC probably outperforms them already and can do triple screen gaming. The biggest threat to xbox and ps isn’t wii u it’s steam. Nintendo has carved out it’s own market with excellent exclusive and great innovation

    • Wiiu4life

      Yep, I got rid of my ps3 cause there was absolutely no point to pay 60 bucks for a game when I could log onto steam during a 5 times a year major sale and buy many of the same games for 5-20 bucks and have better/ smoother gameplay with higher resolutions then any tv could do.. And I still got my good old nintendo systems hanging around cause of all the great nintendo games. And I of corse still have my ps1 and dreamcast

      • tom2k123

        Umm it’s a known fact that PC games are cheaper, what era have you been living in O_o?

    • spiz

      because consoles are far easier and more simplistic to use. i game on both my PC and xbox. but sometimes it’s much nicer to kick back on the couch, than at a desk.
      a good PC costs far more than a console does as well, and there are always little issues and problems that can pop up – which if youre not tech savvy can be a real hassle.

      • Adam

        I can do the same with my PC – hmdi to my tv, with wireless keyboard & mouse or controller and sit on a couch and play – now I actually have a PC that can run games, and run them better than any console for 1/3 of the price.

    • gamer

      Exactly. If new consoles focus strictly on power, then consumers will have a choice to make: them, or a more powerful, upgradeable all-purpose PC. that’s the question. when consoles though offer exclusive features, franchises and innovation, then the market changes and you have but one option: console. Nintendo is right on this time and will prosper. The way i see it, Nintendo will be the only remaining console-maker in the struggle of video game survival. I can have a 16+GB ram PC, i7, latest geforce, and play all the games with as much and more comfort i want, but nothing other than a Nintendo console can host a good Nintendo franchise with all the innovation, dual screen experience, insane controls like the Wii u and what’s to come next by Nintendo. For the first time in my life i have pre-ordered a console, cause i want to support good innovation. it’s goodbye to beefy consoles, welcome to creative play and general-purpose computing 😉

    • tom2k123

      Yes but anyone with a brain would realize that consoles are better optimized for games than a PC would ever be (Fact); then next-gen won’t struggle because more and more gamers are looking for hardcore games that push new boundaries each time.

  • Nintendo master race!

    • tom2k123

      Ahh gotta love the joker