PS Vita’s COD future after Black Ops woes

By Alan Ng - Nov 29, 2012

The dust has now firmly settled on Black Ops: Declassified, a PS Vita port of the original console classic and a game that arrived alongside console versions of Black Ops 2. Today, we still see new reviews pouring out for the game but unfortunately, they do little to change the overall feeling among gamers and critics, that this is one Call of Duty game that perhaps should have never come out in the first place.

It’s a desperate shame in our opinion too, as the PS Vita definitely deserved something special with the very first Call of Duty game to debut on the system. Instead we see all this negativity swirling around and although some people view it as very harsh towards developers Nihilistic Software, others view it as inexcusable and an early warning sign after similar reception for Resistance: Burning Skies – the company’s last game.

Where did it all go wrong though? One of the most recent reviews we’ve seen comes from GameSpot, who have awarded the game a 2.5/10, stating that Declassified is a huge disappointment which does nothing right. They add that the game is a sad excuse for a portable first person shooter and too much repetition and technical problems with multiplayer lead them to the conclusion that the game tarnishes the Call of Duty brand and was simply a cash in to release alongside Black Ops 2 on console.

You can read the review in full for more close your eyes material, while it’s not a pretty sight over at Metacritic either. So far, the game has an overall score of 32/10, with a user score of 5.3 from owners who have submitted their own reviews. There is a mixed reception from people who have uploaded a review defending the game against all of the hate, but overall – the reviews are generally unfavorable towards the game.

Which leads us on to our next question – what is next for the PS Vita in terms of Call of Duty? Declassified has arrived now, the reception has happened and it’s now in the past. Sony will obviously be aware of what has happened and even Activision no doubt, although they may not be too bothered about Sony’s bad fortune since Black Ops 2 continues to rake in crazy amounts of money for the company.

We would hate to think that this is the last Call of Duty to ever appear on the PS Vita, but will Sony will want to endure the criticism and embarrassment again? We still have no idea why Treyarch didn’t develop the game in the first place – did Activision not allow them or were Treyarch simply not interested?

Let us know what you think the future should be regarding Call of Duty on the PS Vita. Should Sony cut their losses, strike a deal with EA and have DICE develop a Battlefield 3 port to the Vita instead? – now there’s an exciting thought.

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  • Roshan80

    I agree with the idea that declassified was more about cashing in than creating a good game. I think Sony have to think really hard on who they licence the development of games too. Ps vita is an awersome piece of hardware but if the games are sub par or infrequently released they are going to condem this machine to the mechanoid heaven. However unit 3, drake, metal gear solid, little big plant are evidence of the quality of gaming when they do invest time and effort and create the game around the hardware and handheld experience. Rather than rushing out a product to make a quick buck.

  • yjl

    I think treyarch should do a better game for the vita and sony should vet EA to do anotber amazing FPS

  • I think they should just let a subdivision handle it im sure Treyarch and Infinityward has some people that can knock it out every year

  • red

    a sad case of developers not playing their own game…if its not worth playing why make it at all, think man!!!

  • mangoman3000

    good idea i will luv to see BATTLEFIELD 3 on
    the vita,as i mention before developers can get these games ported over to the ps vita.
    NBA 13,NHL 13,INFAMOUS just to name a few,it can happen,Developers need to take this handheld very seriousely

    • I’ve played BF3 on the VITA. it’s not a terribly hard hack. But don’t do it unless you have an old PS3 you don’t care about in case something goes wrong.

      There is no reason a game has to be dumbed down on vita

  • jason

    Having a blast with black ops everytime I load up tons people playing so I guess we like playing bad games or it’s pretty dam good no lags sometimes server is bad but just load up again and wala seen many players with high ranks so plenty of hours invested maps are sm
    all but it’s 4 x 4 and I didn’t get this for campaign so don’t care bout that our ur ps vita hating scores

  • Austin

    I’m sure if the next games gets the same year or two of development the console games get, as opposed to the 5 months it took to rush it out the door, it’ll be a real treat.

  • Dan

    It only gets bad reviews because people are comparing it to the console version. If the console version didn’t exist then I’m sure reviews of Declassified would be a lot better.