Nexus 4 ruins Christmas with two month shipping

By Alan Ng - Nov 29, 2012

The Nexus 4 stock crisis for UK and US consumers doesn’t show any signs of improving sadly. After initially selling out of inventory within 30 minutes on launch day, the Nexus 4 again reappeared for sale earlier this week. Unsurprisingly, the device is again completely sold out, with Google now updating their website to display a delivery wait for up to 8 weeks, for the 8GB Nexus 4.

It now means that for those consumers who managed to get through to the payment process at the second time of asking earlier this week, your 8GB Nexus 4 will now not arrive by the end of the year and certainly not in time for Christmas day as a present for a loved one or friend.

The situation for those seeking the 16GB Nexus 4 isn’t ideal either, as a screenshot captured on the Nexus 4 while it was briefly back in stock, now backlogs all new orders with a minimum shipping date of 4-5 weeks, so the chances of you getting your device in 2012 is very slim as well.

We are trying to remember a situation where a high profile smartphone launch was as bad as this, in relation to online orders specifically. The fact that Google’s system failed time and time again during the payment process was a really frustrating moment for consumers who initially thought they had secured one in their baskets, but to no avail.

If you head to the Google Play Store now, you won’t see the 8-9 week shipping estimation – as the store now lists both models including the 16GB as sold out. The question that consumers will want to know now though, is when will they be back in stock if they can only manage to ship the 8GB model at the end of January 2013?

Is this a monumental failure by Google from your point of view? Let us know if you were lucky to order a device this week and what your thoughts are now on a potential shipping date in 2013.

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  • Google

    Think we may as well all wait for the Nexus 5

  • ECH

    It doesn’t say OUT OF STOCK now??? I think the phone was a much bigger success than they thought. When contacting Google, that’s where they dropped the ball in not knowing how to handle customers with care. I spoke to one Supervisor and she treated me like trash. I called later and one rep should have been a manager – she took the time to explain what happened, that they were in stock, to go home and retry, maybe with a different browser. I tried Chrome ASAP, and it worked. 🙂
    I just question, the delivery time has to do with when we ordered right. If we ordered when it said 2-3 weeks, then that is what we should wait for, correct? Not the 8-9 weeks

  • mr angry

    Sick of Googles antics so have ordered a Samsung note 2.
    Vote with your wallet.

  • Tom

    Very angry promised my daughter one for her birthday she was so disappointed googgle should get there finger out of there arse..

  • Nexus customer

    Bought a nexus 4 the day of relaunch (after almost 4 hours of trying to buy in hopes the play store would fix its glitch that wouldn’t allow you to purchase) as my galaxy nexus broke the same day. My device is shipping in 2-3 weeks because the shipping date is based on the estimates at the time of purchase, not the updated ones for new purchases. So if you bought it quick because you were prudent enough to realize that the device might sell out again after it sold out in 30 min the first time….this is not an issue. While I do think the play store failed by not allowing customers to purchase for hours after the scheduled relaunch, the shipping is not an issue. Ask someone that actually bought it before bloviating on conjecture and calling a device with an apparently insatiable demand a failure that ‘ruins christmas’. Yes not everyone can have it asap, but those who did want it soon were able to get it sooner by purchasing it sooner…

    • DM

      Oh shut up. It’s got nothing to do with being prudent. For most people who tried to buy it, it simply didn’t work.

      • ha

        Just like being last in line. If you ordered right when it launched you got one and if you were 5 or 10 minutes late you didn’t get one. Simple as that. People thought they would still get one half an hour after it launched and now they’re upset they didn’t.

  • I was lucky enough to have the nexus 4, got it from 02 then returned it as faulty after a week. The OS had lag problems from unlocking the phone from screen lock, to moving between screens. The completely limited OS compared to a customised ROM made me yearn for my Galaxy Nexus again, which I now bought again after selling it. Truth is, the NEXUS 4 was amazing aesthetically, however the operating system 4.2 is not really much different from 4.1.2, and the lack of any ROM such as AOKP or my favourite Codename Android for the phone, unfortunately sets the feeling of buyers remorse afterwards. Believe me, it’s better to wait for the phone to be restocked properly then to pay over the odds for it as a contract or £400 + on ebay. If you have a Galaxy Nexus, I advise installing Codename Android, and APEX launcher, the complete enhancement over the stock completely overshadows any stock OS or updates the NEXUS 4 has.

    Wait for a great ROM for the NEXUS 4, then buy it, otherwise you will feel deflated. As the saying goes; “Been there, done that….”

    • ha

      You went with a galaxy nexus because you were too impatient to wait for a custom rom to come out? The nexus 4 is at least 5 times better than the galaxy nexus. Actually every aspect of the phone is better there isn’t a single spec that’s better on the galaxy nexus.

  • juzzaaaa

    its amazing that google has managed to make people have not even bought the phone feel wripped off with all this lack of stock and the price hikes from the second tier providers such as O2.

  • gk

    that’s why LG never achieved a position like Samsung or HTC did.
    Shame Shame Google….you are still a child in mobile market.

  • LB

    It’s obviously to do with the O2 exclusivity here in the UK. O2 are selling it at £400 if you get it without a contract, that’s £130 profit on top of what they should make on the handset. So they profiteer in the run up to Christmas and then it appears back on the Play Store (probably part of the exclusivity deal) just days before. I hope nobody gets drawn in by this racket that O2 are running.

  • Juzaaa

    By the time I had gotten the e-mail to say that the phone was available in my e-mail the phone had already sold out. The TOTAL lack of communication from google via their website in the uk I foound to be very frustrating. Also the lack of any means to contac them via phone and no response from e-mails being sent. whilst themain selling point for me is the value for money, i think that it is worth paying that bit extra for the samsung galaxy as at least their customer support is functional. In conclusion i would not pay a penny over the price stated on the web site in repsonse to google having O2 and car phone warehouse sell it at over a £100.00 pounds more than you could get it from google.I think this would be the best thing the consumers could do, so that google get the message. I am sure there was some method to all this madness driving people into an inital frenzy to drive prices and demand for the phone up by limiting stock.But that is just a suspicion.
    when all is said and done if you cannot get it at googles cheap price wait till the coming year for the new galaxy 4,which will have 4g!!!!!

  • BeachBoy

    I think they have extended the delivery every x devices sold. I ordered mine and it was 4-5 weeks.. then I’ve seen screenshots showing 6-7 weeks a little later, and afterwards 8-9 weeks. I don’t think the ones that got a 4-5 weeks will get it in 8-9 weeks.

  • Curt Wagner

    Nexus 4 ruins Christmas with 2 month shipping?? Your life really sucks if a smartphone has that kind of influence. #drama

  • mr angry

    Big mistake I am now going to buy a samsung instead.

    Just putting us to the back of the que and swupplying the big phone stores.

  • Chris

    I sold my Galaxy Nexus the day before the launch, got a Nexus 4 in my basket at 0830 but the website gave an error. Now I’ve been stuck with a dumbphone for the last two weeks but can’t wait till after Christmas so I’m going to get a Galaxy S3 instead.

    • Ray

      lol…you’re supposed to buy the device, and then sell your phone I think. Isn’t that the norm?

  • Canuck

    Second time this week I got frustrated. PCWorld reported it would be available at Noon Pacific time but forgot yo mention only US customers. What a waste of day.

    I have Galaxy Nexus running 4.2. I can do everything Nexus 4 does….just slower. That’s it for me. I am not checking stock till March. Google does Not want my money.

  • Phill

    I suspect that Google has an agreement with LG for so many units, and this number has already been sold. The only thing Google can be blamed of is not anticipating demand.

    I assume that LG is supplying the other retailers directly. If I was in L.G.s position, I’d limit stocks to Google and try to sell through other retailers, after all, when Google is selling the Nexus 4 so cheap who in their right minds would buy L.G’s other phones?

  • sean

    I got one and it was a gong show. Can’t believe how far they are pushing this out. By the time they have stock the next one will be out.

  • JD

    There obviously is stock otherwise in the UK providers such as O2 and Carphone warehouse won’t be able to sell them. Also with three being a provider next month of the nexus 4, I have a feeling that in the UK this is related to their one month exclusivity (O2)!
    Either way pretty poor service from google there should be a pre order service at least!

  • Rod

    It’s hard to comment one way or the other without knowing the quantities sold and shipped to date.

  • Yuri

    It boggles the mind how badly this has been mishandled by Google it almost seems like they don’t want the phone to sell this well.

    • Scott

      Well, they don’t want to sell it really do they? It’s not making money for them selling at that price. And despite all the negative publicity about the Play Store, none of this is hurting the reputation of the phone itself or the Android ecosystem.

      This is a master stroke at creating hype as far as I’m concerned; it will do the Nexus/Android brand the world of good in the long run.