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Nexus 4 ruins Christmas with two month shipping

The Nexus 4 stock crisis for UK and US consumers doesn’t show any signs of improving sadly. After initially selling out of inventory within 30 minutes on launch day, the Nexus 4 again reappeared for sale earlier this week. Unsurprisingly, the device is again completely sold out, with Google now updating their website to display a delivery wait for up to 8 weeks, for the 8GB Nexus 4.

It now means that for those consumers who managed to get through to the payment process at the second time of asking earlier this week, your 8GB Nexus 4 will now not arrive by the end of the year and certainly not in time for Christmas day as a present for a loved one or friend.

The situation for those seeking the 16GB Nexus 4 isn’t ideal either, as a screenshot captured on the Nexus 4 while it was briefly back in stock, now backlogs all new orders with a minimum shipping date of 4-5 weeks, so the chances of you getting your device in 2012 is very slim as well.

We are trying to remember a situation where a high profile smartphone launch was as bad as this, in relation to online orders specifically. The fact that Google’s system failed time and time again during the payment process was a really frustrating moment for consumers who initially thought they had secured one in their baskets, but to no avail.

If you head to the Google Play Store now, you won’t see the 8-9 week shipping estimation – as the store now lists both models including the 16GB as sold out. The question that consumers will want to know now though, is when will they be back in stock if they can only manage to ship the 8GB model at the end of January 2013?

Is this a monumental failure by Google from your point of view? Let us know if you were lucky to order a device this week and what your thoughts are now on a potential shipping date in 2013.



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