iOS 6 Maps without Google keeping users on iOS 5

By Alan Ng - Nov 29, 2012

It appears that Google are still putting the final touches on their highly anticipated Google Maps app for iOS 6 – the app that will be the savior of many iOS users it seems. Apple is currently hard at work on desperately improving their own iOS 6 Maps application, but a good portion of consumers are still running iOS 5 on their devices, purely due to the poor performance of Apple’s Maps on iOS 6.

We told you almost two weeks ago, that Google were apparently in the final stage of getting their iOS 6 Maps onto the App Store ready for the anxious approval process, that will needed before the app is available for public download. We haven’t heard any progress from Google though since then, which means that the app may already be on the waiting list, with Apple probably busy deciding whether or not they want a rival mapping app to overwrite customer preference to their own in-house app on iOS6.

A recent report published by Bloomberg, suggests that Apple are frantically trying to work on an upgraded version of iOS 6 Maps in a ‘race against time’, which they hope will change consumers minds and give the app another chance. However, mapping is a service which has to be 100% correct at all times, and after seeing various result errors on Apple’s app, consumers may have already decided that Google Maps is the only alternative.

Furthermore, certain users have even resorted to staying on Apple’s old iOS 5 firmware, simply due to the fact that they want to remain on Google Maps, rather than be forced to use Apple’s own in-house application.

It’s a delicate situation indeed as Apple does want not to be pictured as the ‘evil’ company blocking Google’s attempts to provide an alternative for frustrated consumers, but then again, if Apple does approve the app, they are surely going to see a significant drop in consumers that are using their own maps application.

What are your thoughts on the current maps situation on iOS 6? Apple has apparently fired senior members of their company that were previously responsible for releasing the maps app in its current state that you are using at the moment. Do you welcome this bold move in the hope that the software is improved, so that you can take a second look?

How many of you are actually still on iOS 5 as we mentioned above? Will you update the moment that Google releases Maps for iOS 6?

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  • Anthony Tarantino

    Google Maps is now available on the App Store guys. You can all stop bitching now.

  • A Google maps app on iOS 6 will not get things back to normal. A whole bunch of apps use integrated maps and these will still use the crappy Apple maps.

    Another thing. Everything about the Apple maps seems to be about inaccuracy in the content. I think that the maps application is visually horrendous. The maps lacks contrast and small roads only appear when zoomed in a lot which make orientation very difficult.

  • xraso

    I have tried using Apple Maps twice this week (large American City in the NW). First time I wanted to know what street to turn down to get to a chain restaurant where I was meeting somebody…AM would only find the one that was 20 miles behind me.

    Second time I was in an unfamiliar part of town trying to get to another meeting. The directions took me up a long road to a turn 5 miles ahead…to TURN AROUND!! And in navigation mode you can’t zoom out to see what is coming up.

    I put Apple Maps into my “Unused” folder along with passbook and Game Center :p

    If we don’t get Google Maps back soon I will be switching to one of the new quad-core android phones!

  • KYJeff

    I remain on iOS5 for both my iPhone and iPad because of the need for quality maps. I just don’t see how Apple’s 100 map employees piecing together data from other parties can compete for years to come with Google’s in-house data, 7000 map employees and years off work. I’ll upgrade to iOS6 once Google Maps have an app for Apple.

  • gent987

    I am keeping IOS5 on my iPhone 4. When the Google Maps app is approved I will be getting an iPhone 5 … unless the iPhone5s or 6 is released before Google Maps is approved. I need the integrated blue dot and public transportation info when I travel.

  • Chris

    Sitll on iOS 5. My next phone purchase is now in a race between Google Maps getting approved for iOS6 and my upgrade schedule with Verizon.

  • Christopaul

    I regret “upgrading to iOS 6 on my iPad.. Still using iOS 5 on my iPhone 5 with no intention of upgrading. Even considering switching to Samsung, just to have Google maps and YouTube APPs.

  • Lucface

    Yes, I am still on os5 for that reason. I will upgrade when I can keep gmaps.

  • Anthony

    I’ve waited long enough, I’m going Android.

  • I have owne three Iphones. The best, the best app on all three has been Google Maps. If Apple can’t get off the stick and get Google Maps back. I will switch to the Galaxy, and say a hearty “Ta-ta” to Apple and it’s IOS 6 and the pitiful, sorry, and wormy little Apple Map app. Get ready Apple, don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out of this house!

  • Jm

    Apple has already infuriated many customers with their poor maps and lets face it, Siri is pretty useless but Siri was never practical like google maps is. They need to let google maps pass and if they are smart, give up on their own maps. They cant keep taking their customers for granted because there are other options

  • donjose

    I upgraded to iOS 6 and ended up having to downgrade to 5.1.1 (even at the risk of bricking my iPhone 4).
    Google maps is the only way to get around the NYC public transit if you’re not familiar. The Apple maps app is useless as it forces you to download a third-party app. That’s not always an option when you’re already underground and without signal….

  • Bon

    I Will ditch my iOS for android should apple defer implementation of the google map ap. Steve jobs will be turning in his grave. Apple need to back peddle on this fast.

  • Peter

    I will remain on iOS5 until the Google Maps app is available. I still use my Nokia N8 which has excellent maps but don’t always want to use 2 phones hence not upgrading

  • Julian Wiseman

    Thank goodness I didn’t “upgrade”. I’ll only dot when google maps is available.

  • tsw004

    I’m still on iOS 5 on my iPad & iPhone purely because I want to keep Google maps. I won’t upgrade to iOS 6 until Apple approve the new Google maps app. If they block Google maps I’ll move to Andriod.

  • Yammi

    I will definitely choose google map for the apple map is awful, without any useful information.

  • Gareth

    I have been using the new maps in NZ since their release and so far have not had any issues. Mostly use it finding addresses in the Waikato region and it has not failed me yet. Guess I have been lucky!

  • Brmcd

    I was holding out for Google Maps but my phone crashed and I was forced to download iOS 6.

  • 1amm3t4

    I am unlikely to ever convert to Android or Windows Mobile, but I have not upgraded to iOS5 and told all my friends and family to skip iOS6 until Google gets its own native maps app on iOS. Even if they do, I’ll have to manually paste or type in addresses into Google Maps, so I’m not that thrilled about iOS6 in general.

  • essenen

    I’m in that group of people who are not upgrading my iPad until we can get Google Maps for iOS 6. If Apple is that confident that its map app is superior then they shouldn’t worry about a little competition from Google!

  • Randy

    I love Apple, but was so disappointed with their insistence on developing their own maps application. The point in it eludes me. Google are obviously the experts, and their application and interfacing web-based software have been my first choice for many years. I have not updated my iPhones to iOS 6 yet and won’t – not until Google Maps is available. And even when that happens, I’m not happy that I’ll have another arbitrary app I don’t use (Apple Maps) taking up space.

  • da_matrix

    I’m not updating to iOS 6, unless I can sneak in gmaps…honestly I’m considering getting rid of my ipod touch..the thing is useless compared to my android phone.

  • Need Google Maps back

    I live in NYC, and I unfortunately upgraded to iOS6 when the option presented itself on my iphone screen. I had no idea that my google maps were about to be stripped, and replaced by apple maps. As a result, my abilities to find the closest subway stations, restaurants, and directions are no longer available in the same efficient manner as I was accustomed to with google maps, and now I am basically left with a glorified ipod/camera with phone and email capabilities (and a screen that is awful to type long emails on). The google maps integrated into the iphone platform is what made this my dream device here in NYC, and sold me on switching over from a blackberry. I never thought that I would ever switch from a blackberry to an iphone, but I finally did last year, and rationalized the switch with the fact that the overall benefits of the iPhone platform far outweighed the benefits of simply having a great email machine (in the blackberry). If Apple doesn’t allow google maps back as an app, and as a default search option for the whole platform of the iphone and ipad, I am going to have to be forced to look into the android market. I just hope that Apple is taking into account that they are simply handing over market share to companies like google and samsung, by staying with Apple maps, and opening up the mobile market to those companies even further. I really don’t want to switch brands again, but I will if Apple doesn’t allow google maps back onto its platform. The ball is in your court, Apple. The way I see it, though, is that Google or Samsung is going to end up acquiring RIM, and then Google will have the best overall mobile platform with its map and search capabilities, email, and overall experience for end users. (And Samsung will have the best hardware to run this platform). Apple can easily avoid all of this by simply allowing google maps back into its platform right now. If they wait too long, though, it will be too late…too many people will have already made the switch.

  • DB

    Im on IOS5 purely as apple MAPS don’t cover any detail in middle east. Apple should stick to building solid hardware with great user interface. it’s also th ereason I havn’t upgraded my phone but if the time comes and google maps is not avalible I’ll buy a different phone.

  • Stryker

    iOS 5 simply because of the map.

  • James

    Apple maps isn’t a disgrace – its just not as good as google maps.. what’s a disgrace is Apple forcing users to use it. If Apple don’t give their users choice that’s taking monopoly one step too far and my next phone won’t be an iPhone on principle. They should attract users to their maps app by making it better and more accurate.. Not by blocking the competition – that leads to inferior products. i have no issue with their own being the default but blocking the alternative is sticking their fingers up at their customers..

  • Funya

    I’ll update my iPhone as soon as Google Maps is on the AppStore. Not before. I don’t want 3D buildings ; I just don’t wanna get lost 🙂


    The App is rubbish in the UK and does not work at all in the Middle East, a total joke. Give me back my google maps that you stole.

  • Jack Randall

    Still on ios5 on my ipad and will be unlikely to upgrade or buy a new ios device unless Google Maps is re-released on ios.

  • Count me in as another waiting for the Google Maps app before upgrading to iOS6 (and iPhone 5 for that matter). Apple really screwed up on this one….

  • I suspected that I was not the only one of 200 M odd iphone users put out by the inaccuracies of Apple’s maps. Australian city of Rockhampton 100km wrong …. and the lack of the Google places information puts Apple’s info way behind. ios 5 is still on my iphone 4s.