Wii Mini size dimensions still MIA

By Alan Ng - Nov 28, 2012

Almost out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced a Wii Mini console that is going to be available to buy in early December. The console is going to be available for an affordable $99, but there are some big shocks in store for interested consumers – including the confirmation that the Wii U is only going to be available to buy in Canada.

You heard that right. The Wii Mini will be available on December 7, but only if you live in Canada – so no US release, certainly no UK release and not even a Japanese release either. That is a strange decision you have to say as we can predict that there will still be a great deal of interest in a Mini version for $99, even if the Wii U is now available.

That is not the only shock in store for consumers though. Nintendo has quietly confirmed at the bottom of their product page, that the Wii Mini will not have any internet features at all – ie, no WiFi or Wired internet. That involves online games, or simple online connectivity to the Nintendo Network too – nothing.

As one last kick in the teeth, there will not be support for any Gamecube discs – although this obviously isn’t a major issue as the other two factors mentioned above. For the moment, Nintendo are not saying anything on the possibility of the Wii Mini launching in other regions, but you would have to assume that this will change at some point next year as it would be pretty amazing if we didn’t ever see this console released in other countries.

The design itself looks fantastic – a red theme with what also looks to be a pop up disc tray as well. Bizarrely though, Nintendo hasn’t actually revealed the true dimensions of the Wii Mini – meaning that nobody actually knows how much smaller it is compared to the original Wii.

The size of a ‘DVD box’ has been whispered on the likes of Twitter, but Nintendo’s ‘what is Wii Mini’ FAQ page appears to have been taken down for the moment so there’s a great deal of confusion still in the air among consumers. How can Nintendo announce a new slim console, but not tell us the actual size of the new console? A real head-scratcher for sure.

What are your initial impressions of the Wii Mini? Are you shocked that it is Canada only and does not include internet connectivity of any kind? We’ll bring you more details about the true size when we can.

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  • Majestic 12

    It will have internet connectivity through an external modem sold separately. Just another Nintendo money machine. That said, I’m getting one. looks sexy.

    • TGX

      Nintendo is becoming a sell-out. Their whole shtick was with innovation and backwards compatibility. Now their conforming and going with this whole miniature craze. It’s lack of features is annoying