iOS 6 untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak one step closer?

By Alan Ng - Nov 28, 2012

After weeks of silence from the numerous iOS 6 developer teams that are strenuously trying to provide an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and other A6 based devices, it looks like a breakthrough may have been made. One unknown team is claiming to show a working iPhone 4S jailbreak on iOS 6.0.1, a jailbreak which they say will also work with A6 devices like the iPhone 5.

Unsurprisingly though, there are no public download links yet, which is obviously disappointing for the masses that are looking for the jailbreak. We’re used to seeing releases from the likes of the Chronic Dev Team and the iPhone Dev Team, but this latest claim has come from an unknown team called the Arab Dev Team, or the ARB Dev Team for short.

They have provided a video, apparently showing a working iPhone 4S jailbreak on iOS 6.0.1. We see the settings menu showing the version in question and then supposed evidence of a working Cydia store as well. We say supposed, as there has been quite a lot of feedback regarding the jailbreak over on Twitter – most of it negative.

Many consumers are already claiming the video to be a complete fake, while p0sixNinja has also been giving his thoughts on the video on his Twitter account as well – as you can see in some of his messages above. As far as we’re aware, this is the first time that the ARB Dev Team have emerged into the limelight, but it seems like a lot of people are already calling them fakes on their alleged success.

If there is any truth to the software, then it could mean that we’re one step closer to an iPhone 5 jailbreak – assuming that their theory about the jailbreak working on A6 devices is correct. For now though, they need to release the links if they are going to prove the doubters wrong. So many times we see claims being made, but nothing is ever released which is just further eye candy for the community.

Watch the video below and let us know what you make of it. Is this real optimism that a A6 jailbreak will be released soon, or is it just another fake like the rest?

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  • Hell

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  • Shakur Ali

    They said it’s comeing next week

    • arab team LMFOA!!!


  • Shakur Ali

    Real jailbreak it’s comeing soon

    • Arab jailbreak LMFAO!

      no shakur ali, it isnt! stop trying to profit from somebody elses hard work with SCAMS! piss off…… typical

  • Shakur Ali

    I think we got a new arb team for jailbreak go on rate them

  • Shakur Ali

    It’s real

  • Fgcf

    Definitely fake. If real give us a link.

  • HK

    I can prove it to be fake. They changed the settings icon in ios6. This picture shows 14 edges of the big gear, ios6 settings has more. Ios6 big gear is placed a bit higher and the edges are shorter. This is a proven fake…

  • Lee

    Just one thing cydia is on 1.1.8 now but he’s one saids 1.1.6 why

  • DanielHsu2

    It’s a .plist edit and xcode. Not even a decent fake vid. My 10-year old nephew could make a better fake video. #GullibleFools

    Any “download” they release is likely to be a Botnet-esque type of Malware. Don’t be surprised when they use the botnet to DDoS a major site and the FBI knocks down your door.

  • Jeff

    Your all idiots if the Core jailbreakers are’nt saying anything then its because theres nothing to say ….. Arab Dev Team gimme a break its probably a self exploding jailbreak created for suicide bombers LMFAO………..

    • sam sosa

      Bad joke

    • David


    • Gravetye


    • alex


  • Pupilliam

    Settings icon is ios 5. He made it look like ios 6 by modifying his systemversion.plist file.

  • Jordon

    To the dummy below ios 5 does not support passbook as it clearly shows on the device wich means its at least ios 6 smart ass

    • Lysed-A

      @Jordan , you are so stupid. you dont seem to have an idea of the tweeking ability of a jailbroken ios 5 iphone. talking about having passbook simple means you are a dumb ass

    • AnotherRetardBasterd

      Any dev can build an app with the same passbook icon and name. it’s clearly no proof. dumb ass

  • P-money

    Fake look at the settings icon it’s ios 5!!

    • Jordon

      You’re so stupid there’s passbook wich came out on ios 6

      • James

        Your the stupid one. There is an ios 6 theme which gives you a non working passbook app on your homescreen. It’s easy to fake an ios 5 4s to look like an ios 6 4s jailbreak. My ios 5.1 jailbreak has the blue status bar glow. The ios 6 dialer, the ios 6 music app including g all the ios 5 icons. And it’s easy to change a .plist. Know what you are talking about before slating someone it just makes you look stupid

      • There are multiple ios 6 themes available on cydia for ios 5 which install a blank passbook app that doesn’t open it just crashes back to the home screen

  • Ryan

    Looks real to me. Either way it doesnt matter whether or not it’s fake. The jailbreak still is not out and we still have to wait until its released. My suggestion is to be calm and patient and not get flustered about petty things. It might save an aneurism or two.

    • Jordon

      It’s possible though it could just not be ready for public release yet but it’s hard to say that this will work with anything above the processor grade of the 4s but it’s possible.

    • DanielHsu2

      Jailbreaking is ridiculously hard even for veteran jailbreakers who have studied Objective C for years.

      The vid is just a .plist edit and/or xcode. A 3rd grader could do it

  • shan

    fake, look at the size of (s) mean 4s

  • Elmar


  • woodedman

    fake, you can see the switch at 16 seconds from iphone 4 to 4s. why do people waste their time? AND OURS! pathetic!

    • b0nerific

      That wasn’t a switch you moron. Clearly the camera was focussing but you can see the black blur really quickly so clearly this is still a 4S.

      • @fidellayne

        yes it is clearly real

        • Rd

          It is fake if you look carefuly there’s a shine and a second light down the bottom right of the screen. When the switch happened.. It is fake, download the video and put it in slow motion and then you will see

        • DanielHsu2

          Sigh idiots like you are indicative of the downfall of our society. Did you also fall for the Exiled Nigerian Prince Scam?

      • woodedman

        lol, so for the rest of the video they just happen to be hiding the top antena meets! its ok mate, you go pay the fee they will be demanding for their “jailbreak” shortly!
        like many of us, i am keen and egar to get my hands on a jailbreak, but please dont see this dodgy vid as something its not.

  • Alon

    Is it true?