Xbox 720 might lack a years advantage

By Alan Ng - Nov 27, 2012

Earlier this week we informed you about the fact that the transition into next-generation Sony PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles had been too slow – the words of Ubisoft’s CEO. Now we have some related comments to share with you from that man Michael Pachter again. He has pinpointed a release date period for Sony’s console specifically, adding that the company will not want to make the same mistake of being a year behind Microsoft – as we saw with this current generation.

As most of you are well aware, the Xbox 360 launched in 2005, a full year ahead of Sony who only managed to release their Playstation 3 console in 2006. Sony has admitted in the past that this perhaps wasn’t the best business move in hindsight, with Jack Tretton also saying that the move is unlikely to be repeated when the next-generation PS4 finally does arrive.

That means that for the first time, we are in line to have both next-generation consoles releasing in the same period as each other and come this time next year, we could see an almighty sales pitch from both Sony and Microsoft who will be desperate to secure respective console purchases ahead each other.

This week, Michael Pachter has again echoed the thoughts of Jack Tretton, by saying that Sony doesn’t want to launch behind Microsoft again, adding that developers have already been working on PS4 games for a year now making a launch next holiday season very likely.

He has pinpointed a PS4 release in October or November 2013 and also believes that there will be further price cuts to the PS3 as well ensuring that the console still lives on while other gamers make the transition up to next gen. What does a simultaneous release mean for Microsoft though, if they no longer have a year’s advantage as we saw with the PS3?

Will we see a situation occur where gamers will just pick up one console or the other based on hardware and specs, or will gamers just choose their next gen console simply due to their allegiance and brand awareness? First week sales for both respective consoles are going to be key and it will be interesting to see what happens if both consoles launch around the exact same period.

Where is your money going next year? Do you think Microsoft will suffer this time around without a year’s advantage, or will the Xbox 720 still win the next-gen battle regardless? Give us your thoughts on this predicament.

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  • cripper

    I think the Exculsivity rights (and generally better in every way on XBox) of CoD is going to destroy the PS4 sales figures.

  • Future of Gaming

    Hmmm Xbox or Ps4….I choose WiiU

  • ps4 4 me.. I don’t pay for multi player. steam free, sony free, nintendo free, microsoft pay.

  • Will MTL

    Going back to Nintendo, PS3 and XBOX 360 were fun but I miss Mario and Zelda. That remote is also interesting and backwards Wii compability will allow me to play those games I missed over last gen, and get some sweet virtual console classics! The price will probably go down too, so when the new ones come out I’m going Wii U

  • Porky

    Or might decide that which console will be earlier hacked,like in this generation …

  • Porky

    And do not worry I believe that we will all be pleasantly surprised by the ability of new hardware.They do not sleep on our laurels…And after all, what is the percentage of people who can afford PC that would have a much better graphics than the XBOX 720 and PS4 in multiplatform games???Because of that,esvlusives will decide.

  • Porky

    Consoles will be similar in strength and so will not be the differences between multiplatform games and better sales will have console that has a better and richer history of esclusives and we all know the answer.I’ll help you a bit P.. Miles ahead 🙂

  • Agreed @twitter-561611820:disqus I think Sony is much better prepared for a home console this generation. The Vita is up and away a better portable than any other out there, its just the ipad and tablet thing have kinda gotten in the way of the developers who strive to make their cash.

    As far as specs are concerned, the most concrete rumors point to the PS4 being 10x faster than the PS3, the new Xbox being 6x as fast as the 360 and the Wii U being 20x as fast as the Wii (not saying much) so this may very well be another N64/PSoneish/S-Saturn era where gaming makes some serious strides in game play, since the tech really isn’t there to make another PS1-PS2 leap or even the smaller PS2-PS3 leap in graphics that we’ve seen.

    Either way, I do believe this generation will benefit from lessons learned such as pricing, online models, and IP exclusivity. Or then again, the whole anti-used games could take over and we will all be going to PC gaming. (cause then, what would be the difference?)

    • Good point, Sony has likely learned a lot from the having a close competitor for the first time.and I think they have a proper plan to move forward. Of course the used games thing could make this whole next gen a total disaster and Valve will rise up to the challenge for the millions of new customers looking for a more open platform, whose developers are open minded and not influenced by stock prices. I’d say Microsoft is the more unpredictable right now, having to rise out from their most successful console yet and not may make them cocky or give them a huge edge. And I have no freaking clue what Nintendo will do with a soon to be low powered Wii U and starting so early…

      Either why, I can see the loss of PC gamers due to the new generation not being as high because Valve as a more dedicated fanbase than ever. PC fanboys are probably the most passionate and will be hesitant to leave, unless the new consoles have something absolutely unique and amazing, besides graphics.

      I really think Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have to worry about Valve now and not just each other. If you’ve seen anything they have hinted at of confirmed to be working on, you’d be amazed. The Oculus Rift, which looks like an exclusive PC tech right now, is mind-blowing and if it makes it to the spotlight, it WILL change everything about gaming as we have even known it to be. Valve is making their own hardware and HL3 will be here evertually, likely after they launch their new game engine they recently confirmed to just be basically waiting for the right game to launch with.

      I predict PC and consoles with be direct competitors next-gen and it will be brutal for the all companies involved. The economy will likely rise and more money will be available for consumers to spend, making the stakes for the companies even higher than before. I’d even be so bold to propose it will be the fall of a company’s gaming division, or a company itself involved in the battle.

      • yes yes and yes, although I’m more than Certain it will be Microsoft, Valve made PC gaming what it is more or less and now that they’ve completely dropped them from the menu, it’ll be a lot harder to convince PC gamers that Microsoft’s buggy/clunky and resource hogging OS’s are even necessary. Even MS themselves must know this, hence all their efforts and R&D will and have been pushing to the Xbox division, everyone wants a bite of the “Apple” if you catch my drift…

        IF you dont then I’m saying the closed and controlled business model that Apple has successfully marketed is what everyone will copy sooner or later. Unless its part of the Android alliance. Lets face it, what, if ANYTHING has Microsoft truly come up with on their own? And if someone says Kinnect I’m going to throw a right hook through your computer screen

  • If they have the hardware that is close enough in specs, I think Sony will do much better this time around, IF they can match their software titles and new IPs will likely come into the picture for both companies.

    The PS3 and 360 are essentially in a tie for worldwide console sales. So for the Xbox to have less than a 2 million unit lead according to vgchartz, is not a failure on either company’s side, but Sony would have been in the lead, if they got the head start like Microsoft. And we all know the RRoD counted for more new purchasers then the YLoD, so Sony could very well be in the lead right now.

    So if the next-gen can match Sony and Microsoft to have competitive features, I can see it being a very close sales game all the way through the upcoming years and hugely successful for both companies.

    And I’m not a Sony fanboy. I’m just being fair. I actually have never owned a PS3, have a 360 I don’t use, and am now a PC gamer. Fanboyism is stupid and hurts the gamer culture.

  • marhorn

    Exactly what Neo East said. Fitch has just downgraded Sony to junk status.
    Xbox always has a bigger percentage of game shares than Ps….

  • My money is not going into any of these ass holes pockets. The next gen of gaming looks set to be the most dissappointing generation of games to date. According to the rumoured specs. The next gen Xbox and Playstation are set to be equipped with LAST YEAR’s MID-RANGE GPU’s. So this means that we will get a console released in 2014 with specs that in 2011, were considered average or medium, not high end by any means, and that was in 2011. Imagine how hopelessly out of date these will be when released. This means that the whole gaming ecosystem including PC gamers will be bottle-necked by the next gen console’s horrible specs. Look at the previous generations. The original Xbox was more powerful than a standard PC when it was released, so was the PS3. But this generation, by the time the consoles release, PC hardware will be light years ahead of them. Making the next gen of consoles almost redundant in terms of specs, meaning that we will not be seeing the huge jump in graphics from last gen to this gen this time, simply because the hardware has not been improved as substantially as last gen’s, hence the console’s GPU will just not be able to handle such a huge leap in graphics. This means that with-in 3’4 years, the next gen hardware will be so redundant that they will not even be able to handle the grahics of new release titles. Instead of spending money on bringing gamers the latest powerful hardware, Sony and Microsoft are instead using all their money to stop people from playing used games. So this means that if you wanted to bring your game over to a friend’s house, guess what? BAD LUCK. Or later when a game has stopped being produced and it can no longer be bought in stores, someone decides to pick up a used copy as this is the only way to get the game. BAD LUCK AGAIN. So with the hopeless and behind tech used in the next gen, combined with the used game killer, we have a dissappointing generation of gaming in our hands.

    • Htchtfhgchgcuv

      Typical pc fag

    • parkours50,000000000

      you should get yourself a OuYa gaming system its by google or something but ya its a cube and its really small and its PROBABALLY as good as a xbox or ps3 so its easy to travel. look it up

  • Sony is dead. It’s lost all relevance as a brand, software maker, and a corporation. There shouldn’t even be a PS4.

    • Joel B

      So the Playstation 2 released a year earlier than the Xbox. The Xbox 360 released one year before the PS3. Interesting to see what’s gonna happen with them being realeased together. Like the articile says the first week will determine which people want more. Of course we might see Nintendo cut the Wii U price by 50 dollars for both editions. Nintendo cutting prices is a might.

    • I wouldn’t say dead, but in a injured or wounded state? Yes. They very likely can have a comeback if they’re careful, but they need to watch their steps very closely or your wording will be dead on.

    • So how does a company give Microsoft a year head start and come back to outsell xbox? Sony is not relevant? ok… So what is Microsoft? A god to you?
      Sorry but I like hardcore games and halo box can’t deliver.

      • Justin McDermott

        Sorry to burst your bubble, but the 360 has been outselling the PS3 for 6 years now, Sony’s credit rating has been downgraded to junk and the company is in huge trouble. There is no way they can afford to do what they did with the PS3 for this next generation.