Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 existence hinted in tweet

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 27, 2012

One thing we want to know as a Skyrim PS3 user is the existence of Dawnguard, and the majority of tweets normally explain that there’s nothing to share, although within the last few hours it seems Pete Hines has finally hinted at the existence of Skyrim Dawnguard being the PS3 DLC. First up let’s clarify a couple of things about Twitter and Hines, first up the man had been one of the first at Bethesda, which makes his words very important. Second is the fact that most news breaks via Twitter, and this is also a source for news on major news networks as well.

Confirmation as good as it gets for Hines – the tweet can be seen below, which gained the attention of Bethesda’s main man thanks to a Sandlot reference, and also a little empathy towards Hines about how much he must get asked the question about Skyrim Dawnguard for PS3. Nick asked Hines for an update on Dawnguard for PS3, and Hines explains that there are “still some details to sort, things to confirm“. You can make of that as you will, but to us it certainly sounds like confirmation that Dawnguard is at least coming to the PS3.

This is certainly more of a hint than confirmation, but considering the question had been directed at Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3, it seems likely that Hines would’ve said his usual “I don’t know anything” if news hadn’t been due soon. He might be talking about other PS3 DLC, although the way we read the tweet is that Hines is talking about some things to confirm for Dawnguard on the PS3.

What do you make of this tweet in relation to Dawnguard on PS3? It certainly shows that details are about to drop, so we’ll know exactly what they are very soon. Do you think Hines has pretty much confirmed Skyrim Dawnguard’s existence on the PS3 in this tweet? Keep connected to PR, as we’ll be one of the first to break the crucial details when they land, and you can count on Hines being one of the first people to deliver the news via Twitter.

We’ve loved playing Skyrim on the PS3 for over 400 hours and it delivered a lot of satisfaction, but it looks like we’re finally about to receive some DLC after looking at this tweet. It is worth pointing out that some gamers have not experienced the same fun with the PS3 version of Skyrim, which is due to a number of bugs that plagued their game.

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  • Skotie

    You guys got it all wrong they’re not going to leave a pile of human feces…. They’re going to leave us a coupon!

    10% discount when you buy a new xbox 360+ skyrim game of the year edition! Sorry to ruin the surprise.

  • Nova

    Lol FUUK BETH DAH!!!!!!!

  • That’s not news, that’s paragraphs of conjecture based around a vague fuckin tweet, you utter plum.

  • Wxh

    Why releasing a game on a game that you can’t handle it’s codes stupidity with bethesda trying to get money in any way.

  • Aqualung

    I for one have pretty much had it ! It’s just too bad all gammers can’t get together as a group and just boycott Bethesda all together until things get settled. NOT JUST PS3 OWNERS BUT ALL, XBOX AND PC OWNERS AS WELL. It seems to me that they have made it clear they are in the pockets of Microsoft. I find it hard to believe that with a gaming station that has been on the market longest of all of them, they can’t get code right it just doesn’t make sense. If they truly had any concerns there would be no other add on’s, nothing for xbox or pc until they could release everything together. That’s called customer service. With the way things are in the economy today why would you let them put you into a position where you want to buy a new console, do you not pay enough just for the games ? I am disappointed to see the squabbles over xbox vs ps3, where’re all gamers old , young makes no difference. So stop arguing over who you think has the better consoles and stand up together as a brother hood of gamers !!!

  • Berenskin

    Bethesda Skyrim DLC, Bethesda Skyrim DLC, Bethesda Skyrim DLC, That’s all I hear!!! Then I wake from my nightmare…

  • Ethan

    Why will bethesda not tell us what is wrong with the dlc so it will make more sense why it is not being realeased then maybe a realease date. Also why would you want 2 dlcs so bad that you were willing to give away free online, buy another skyrim for the xbox ($60) then buy a xbox ($100-200) then after that 2 dlcs ($~20) just for 2 dlcs that are only going to last you maybe 10-20 hours then you are bored. Why would anyone do this? I personaly have a ps3 and xbox but I got skyrim for the ps3. Even though I have both it is not like I want to buy another skyrim. I am pissed about not having dlc in half a year it was realeased but I have other games to play such as BO2 and AC3.

  • P.Oed

    Oh my god I am in love with this game its……oh wait this is skyrim? I was talking about Dragons Dogma. IN YOUR FACE BETHESDA….TAKE…THAT!!!!

  • TheRavenHD

    I left for the greener pastures of PC land…

  • Jack

    Enoulf with game and out with it. We getting the dlc or not. If so than when! Gosh, totally unprofessional. Getting a cold sholder and have been for months. Wtf.

  • Rage of a Rage within rage

    Let’s just face it guys, Half Life 3 will be given a release date before Skyrim’s DLC’s on the PS3 ever will at this rate. These meaningless articles are just scraping the twitter barrel here.

  • Pete … Pete … Pete … aren’t you clever (or so you think), Bethesda should stick to developing games not playing head games with its customer base. It’s NOT by mistake that your people are so carefully using the words “NEW CONTENT” and not just simply DLC is it? There is NO Skyrim DLC coming for the PS3 is there? So what is the New Content if NOT a DLC?

    Taking up collections to buy him a thesaurus for XMAS so he can find even more creative ways to say… “Sorry, No New Info at this time. Check back for more of the same in the coming weeks”

  • Wiimbizi

    they are probably gonna wait for 12/12/12 seems right to me one day one month one year since skyrim has been released

  • JonDoe

    Its never coming for ps3. Ill bet my left nut microsoft paid bethesda not to release it for ps3. Ever notice how they always run away from the questions involving ps3 dawnguard?

  • w

    it will be a GOTY edition for ps3 so they can get us to pay another $65dollars and make our current copy useless and with the way their GOTY edition go it will be so full of bugs you’ll freeze every 10mins and wont enjoy it any how think about it. it has been a year

  • elkciP yttonK ehT

    More useless information

  • Cyingy

    I MAY get the DLC for Skyrim, but I will NOT be buying any more Bethesda games. I deserve to be treated better than this. PS3 users have been lied to, ignored and treated as 2nd class citizens by every game Bethesda releases. (Oblivion – 2 DLC vs Xbox 7, Fall out, Fallout NLV, now Skyrim) No More Bethesda. Happy trails, you win, I will not buy your products again which is obviously what you intended.

    • Jay

      Agree 100%. ^^^ Best comment in here …..

    • 3 out of 5 of the missed Oblivion DLC added nothing more than big storage lockers and the orrery isn’t anything to cry over really is it?

  • Rob

    Rest assured, I am keeping my ps3. I’m not going to sell an awesome system with rechargable controllers and free online play that I’ve build a small library of games for, but I am going to buy a 360 for skyrim and it’s content. I’ll probably go ahead and snag morrowind and oblivion as well. I’ll also be keeping my ps3 version of skyrim just in case there are any christmas goodies. long story short, I’m getting my 360 for exclusive titles and keeping my ps3 my main console for free multiplayer and cross-platform games. I just want to play dawnguard already.

  • James

    nope im done with bethesda

  • Ellis j

    Sorry been waiting months lost all interest now,it’s just not good enough, move over ps3 time to start something new!! Hello halo on the Xbox, next time when you release a new map or level try to make sure it’s ready on all formats before you release it…

  • bodlet

    Its just getting old and boring now. 12 months its been released an still inconclusive bull tweets, like most people (apart from the people with just 1 game) I’m really not interested anymore, move on, don’t buy any more Bethesda games, then they will suffer when there next game comes out that’s for sure.

  • Mike

    They have to release this eventually….even if they start from scratch. To keep from damaging their reputation any further.

  • dude

    Stop grasping at straws. that tweet tells us nothing. It’s just phrased differently.

  • Karin Leigh

    Hines definitely hinted at SOMETHING. It may not refer to Dawnguard or Heathfire at all, but this may mean PS3 owners will get SOME kind of DLC. Maybe we’ll just get Dragonborn, or maybe we’ll get all three at once. We sure as hell won’t know for a while so there’s no point in bitching about it. Play something else to fill your time.

  • Just a Guy With a PS3

    We should get a new shout. PS3 exclusive: Fuuk Beth Dah

    Now those would be words of power.

    • bodlet

      ha ha funny

  • Kim

    Something is about to drop for 6 months now. I also have a feeling it will be poo that drops. Like the special PS3 bundle that was released in the UK last month. Nothing new to the game but a map and a T-Shirt.

    The tweet above is nothing. It’s the same old vague crap that Hines has been vomiting on the PS3 community for a year now. Doesn’t know, doesn’t care. Get this man fired or “reassigned” please. He’s no PR rep, unless PR means Professional Redundancy.

  • Bethesdasoft

    The writer of this article needs to be shot. And while you’re at it, any ammo left should be pointed at anyone that thinks this “ground breaking” tweet is anything more than the last 100 tweets from Bethesda saying nothing. There is no hint, there is no confirmation, and there is no info in this tweet. They have “sorting” and “confirming” for 4 months now. If they did actually have something worth two turds to say they would say it but they don’t. The art of politics: delaying the answer until the question is no longer relevant.

    • trollarchstaffmember

      well its better than nothing at all.

      • No it’s not. It’s an intentionally vague tweet that says absolutely nothing. This is not “better than nothing”, this is nothing. There is no new news being conveyed here. Don’t suck up for them.

        • VoiceofJustice

          Screw u man it’s more than any of us have been able to dig up other than that there is another dlc coming, so i agree with trollarchstaffmember and don’t put anyone down because of an opinion

  • GameFAQs member Shotgunner

    It confirms SOMETHING is about to drop – could be Dawnguard, could be horse armor – could be fecal ore. I won’t speculate on what it may or may not be.
    If it IS Dawnguard(or Dragonborn) I’ll probably get it – and if it’s not a DLC, then I’ll keep saying the same thing I’ve been saying on the GameFAQs boards – I bought Skyrim for Skyrim, NOT for any potential DLC.

    • The Voice of Reason

      I happen to agree with this. am i pissed that there’s no dlc for ps3 while xbox has all 3 as of december 4th? yes i am. am i upset because bethesda didn’t release any information about it and keeps bs-ing us along with the ps3? yes i am. but really, i played skryim through twice with a lot of hours dropped into each character. I have definitely gotten my 60 dollars worth of gaming out of it. with one character a strong vampire, i would LOVE dawnguard to come out for ps3 and I’m eagerly awaiting it. but if it’s not going to come out, am i going to hate skyrim? no.

      and i’ve heard a lot of accounts that people were so pissed, they went out and sold their ps3 for an xbox JUST so they could get dawnguard and hearthfire. seriously? you hate bethesda and how they suck up to microsoft so you’re going to go out and screw sony over (which bethsoft admitted it was not sony’s fault for the ps3 issues with skyrim) by selling their product and buying microsoft’s products, and then give even more money to buy skyrim and all it’s dlc packages just to play a few extra hours of the game? come on people. it sucks, but really???

  • unsatissfied

    I would only believe that there is really a dlc when it is available to download. Remember that bethesda implied that we would obtain dawnguard one month after xbox and that was a load of crap. I will believe when I am able to play it.

  • I think it is clearly meant to be understood that an UPDATE will be coming soon and he has to get the okay to give the info. Now that update could be a release date, or just some more stalling, but this at the very least means, INFO on Dawnguard PS3 is coming.

    As the this whole situation has shown, it’s not worth getting your hopes up over any kind of foreshadowing. Too many people over examine Hines and it leads to disappointment. There are no hidden messages, just take his words literally. Of course this is usually the media that hypes things up for us…

  • Old italy

    it something i guess, whatever at least its a more positive tweet compared to the usually i can’t say anything tweet

  • alex

    lol it is funny tho. people are trying to write random texts on almost anything Hines says.It’s kinda getting pathetic

  • AliSleeq

    I don’t share the optimism of the article or it’s title. The only time I will believe there is DLC for Skyrim PS3 is when Bethesda comes out and says “WE HAVE ANNOUNCED THE DLC AND WILL BE RELEASED ON SO AND SO DATE”.

    Otherwise, stop making such topics in search of hits.

  • MovedOnAlready

    A bit late now, though. I have since bought many a game including BO2, AC3 and am getting Far Cry 3 Thursday. I, for one, will not be paying for old DLC when it does come out. Damn, Bethesda need to realize that Skyrim isn’t the only game on offer, or the only game with DLC on offer. And with all the contractual fellating of Microsoft, expect to see Dragonborn around the time GTA V releases. Really? No thanks.

  • Momo

    Hmmmmm… No clue what to think, but thanks for the update. The good thing that came out of waiting for this dlc, is my new found love for assassins creed three. Great company with dlc’s already released and more to come. Sorry bethesday. Even if you released dlc tomorrow for ps3, I’m going to spend some time with ubisoft. Maybe I’ll download it in the future.

  • Joe

    Hooray, a ‘hint’…

    • And Yahoo We got a hint hell yeah while Shitbox about to get the third DLC ,
      But we starting to get ” JUST A HINT ” Hell yeah hah Woooo Yeah we got A hint How that is comforting

  • casper13rocks

    they been hinting at dlc for ps3 soon right from the start there only trying to smooth things over to try keep ppl quiet

  • QVIS_PS3

    As a PS3 owner with Skyrim I started to think we were being left with nothing, while this tweet lacks the finer details it does give me confidence. Thanks PR for keeping the PS3 in the spotlight, and thanks Hines for hinting something is coming soon.

    • Slop Williams

      Oh I wish I could be more confident, I really do, but… after all this pain and hurt, it’s just too soon…

      • The_Airsofter

        You sound like you’re talking about a bad break-up as opposed to a game.

  • gaara1193

    this does not confirm a thing in my opinion

    • Susan

      It is a tweet in relation to Dawnguard. It confirms more details are coming soon, it shows a few more things are to be confirmed and CERTAINLY hints at them details being Dawnguard. It gives PS3 owners confidence in knowing they will be getting DLC AT LAST, we just hope it is a gift for Christmas.

      • gaara1193

        look at the vaugeness of hines reply. no confirmation at all. therefore no dlc confirmed.

  • Tony

    @Knotty Pickle – Love the idea of a Christmas freebie, I’d be in love with Bethesda all over again.

    • Bob

      Yes, because a pile of human feces is what every disappointed gamer wants…

      • Wait, we don’t? I thought human feces was something people usually liked…Uh oh, I have to go shopping now…

        • Rage of a Rage within rage

          End times bro! End times! I already got all of mine wrapped up for my family!

  • The Knotty Pickle

    Bethesda is probably going to wait till Christmas Day and hold a press conference telling us that the PS3 will receive no DLC but that we should check our stockings for a reconciliation gift. Upon checking their stocking every PS3 owner will find a large pile of steaming human feces courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.

    • I just laughed really hard… then felt like crying. blah this sucks

    • Jaymistic

      I won’t be surprised if we found “bugs” in that feces as well…*Sigh*

    • the face

      Agreed….. not that it’s true I hope we get dlc but Hines probably said that cuz he’s annoyed by people asking about dawnguard

  • Tony

    While it doesn’t state Dawnguard, it certainly looks like he’s hinting at that being the DLC for PS3. Knowing Hines normal tweets, this is very positive.

  • Susan

    Finally the PS3 is about to get DLC, LOVE IT.

    • M

      You owe me a drink if your wrong… JK