GTA V preparation leads to special gift

By Alan Ng - Nov 27, 2012

Attention all GTA V fans, as although we don’t have any new screenshots or gameplay to show you, Rockstar has provided fans with an official update on their website after a brief dry period following trailer 2. The developer has decided to run a competition on their Facebook Page, giving lucky entrants the chance to win a unique GTA V gift, without having to make a single purchase.

The gifts on offer are the GTA V Los Santos photo viewer sets, which we have already told you about on one occasion. Target were initially selected as the exclusive retailer to offer these sets to pre-order customers. However, we have since learned that fans were able to get the photo viewers by pre-ordering GTA V from GameStop as well.

The key thing to mention here, is that the offer above was only open to US residents, which is why this new sweepstakes from Rockstar is a lot more exciting. Rockstar has announced that 50 winners will have a chance to win a Photo Viewer set, which each set containing five viewers showing beautiful backdrops of the Los Santos world.

The competition is open right now and although Rockstar hasn’t stated on their main website which countries are eligible, their terms and conditions fineprint reveals the key details that you’ll need to know. To be in with a chance of winning, you need to be over the age of 18 and reside in the US, UK, Germany, Canada (not Quebec), Austria, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland or Ukraine.

If you don’t live in those countries, it looks like you are going to miss out on this offer unfortunately. An unusual selection of countries as well it has to be said – Ukraine, but not Russia, Germany but not Spain or France and Finland and Denmark but not Sweden or Norway? Strange but there we go. It also seems like a slap in the face to our Australian readers.

Hidden in the fineprint is also the rather amusing text of “If a Canadian or Belgian resident is selected as a potential prize winner, he/she may also be required to correctly answer a time-limited mathematical question in order to win his/her prize.”If there is a Canadian or Belgian reader here, can someone explain this to us what Rockstar are implying here and why you have been singled out?

Each set has a value of $15 and with no purchase necessary, there really is no harm in trying your luck. Head to the Facebook page here and ‘like’ it to be in with a chance. You’ll be notified by Rockstar on or around December 3rd if you’ve won and the actual sweepstake will run until Friday 30th November. So far, there has been over 2.5 million participants – incredible.

Good luck everyone and let us know if you have already seen these photoviewers via a friend’s GameStop or Target pre-order. Are they really worth it?

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  • Remooz

    Just looked it up: its due to Canadian Sweepstakes Law. It allows them to differentiate the contest from a lottery. Hey…only in Canada 🙂

  • Remooz

    They have some very strange law in Canada where if you win something, you then have to be able to solve a basic mathematical equation (something like 2+3×5). Don’t ask me how this ever came about.

  • Remooz

    Nobody cares Rockstar, the game is almost a year away

    • basszebra

      how is it almost a year away??? your math skills are shocking.

      • bob


      • Dawid Bartel

        No wonder canadians/Belgians need to answer math questions 😀 … LOL

    • Remooz is an idiot

      It’s been officially announced as release in Spring 2013.

      • David Cervantes

        indeed. Spring 2013. Which is about 5 months from now. Since spring in the U.S is March, April and May

  • Matt

    I suspect the Belgian/Canadian thing is to do with competition law in those countries – they need to answer a question to enter, since a ‘competition’ without a competitive element is a lottery, and requires a particular license. Or something like that.