Xbox 720, Sony PS4 transition has been too slow

By Alan Ng - Nov 26, 2012

It’s fair to say that the anticipation for next-generation consoles is the highest its ever been, with potentially just 12 months remaining until Sony and Microsoft unveil their respective PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles, which they hope will provide consumers with a new and better ‘next-gen’ alternative to Nintendo’s Wii U which has just released in the US.

It’s also fair to say that the wait has been a painful one for gamers, albeit an understandable one, as there’s no changing that final hardware once its out, highlighting the need for Sony and Microsoft to perfect their consoles as much as possible, before finally biting the bullet ahead of potential reveals at E3 2013.

Has the wait been too long though, with Sony and Microsoft perhaps missing an opportunity to release next-gen consoles this year instead? Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot has made some very interesting comments indeed, actually agreeing with many gamer’s beliefs that the transition to next-generation consoles has taken too long, even going as far to say that the industry has been damaged by it.

When speaking to Polygon, Guillemot said that the transition has been very long and hopes that the next, next-generation consoles after the Xbox ‘720’ and ‘PS4’ will come a lot ‘sooner’. To give you an idea of the stage we’re at so far – the Xbox was released way back in 2005, while the Sony PS4 was introduced one year later in 2006.

That means that it has been a long seven year lifespan for the Xbox 360 at the moment, increasing to eight years total if we see the next Xbox in December 2013. The PS3 on the other hand is pretty ancient as well arriving one year later than the Xbox 360 with seven years under its belt if the PS4 is introduced around the same time.

The comments from Ubisoft’s CEO are likely to be of interest to Sony, as Jack Tretton only said at the start of 2012 that the PS3 is ‘only just hitting its stride’. Then to add to that, Rockstar has basically said the opposite to Guillemot’s comments by recently stating in an interview that ‘all the best games release at the end’– with GTA V the final Grand Theft Auto game to be seen on current-gen consoles.

Do you think the comments from Ubisoft are a bit controversial, or do you agree that the transition to next-gen has taken too long? If the PS4 and Xbox 720 did arrive this year instead of next, we may not have seen The Last of Us and GTA V on next-gen consoles for some time until developers had adequate time to study the new hardware. Something to consider regardless.

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    sub to maa utube acount or ill hak u

  • there is no xbox720 if Microsoft makes a NEW consul it’s going to be rushed out for 2013 and the specs will be very disappointing it wil be very likely thay will call it xbox lite so much for the hype!!

  • Chief

    Wheres the V.R.? micro soft and sony should be working on expanding current system.Because the next gen should have 3D surround sound hood controlled by my Kinect that frees me from my T.V.and envelopes me into the game. I’m tired of playing C.O.D.with horse blinders on.The Wii U screen of a screen may be Great for a game of angry birds. Outside of that its No big to me. If they are just cutting into that market, micro soft will have gone micro limp and Sony, it’ll blow anyway. instead of trend lets really do next gen.without that it wont matter if its a year or ten.

    • cripper

      great post, this is what I was expecting to be round the corner. Not some stupid weenie screen or more of the same with slightly improved graphics

  • they remake most of the ps1 classics

  • its should come with real edit soft ware

  • Ri5ival

    This Ubisoft CEO just wants our money and needs to satisfy his shareholders he don’t care about us gamers . I’m tired of this next gen saga. don’t they know we have bill’s to pay and other things to do with our money then sitting around waiting with a wud of cash . this is bad economic times and the quicker these money hungry CEO’s get the better

    • Eddie

      I agree with everything with u say, with the way the economy has been and going, I can wait another year or so for next gen, I’m not 12 anymore having my parents pay for everything.

      • Josh Gordon

        @842f548930313771cdf0b49ef4c364b5:disqus @Ri5ival:disqus I salute you both. Best comments ive seen ina while, Even tho this gens fire has doubted we dont REALLY need a new console for now.

        • Greg

          I feel what you guys are saying. I’m still too much of a gaming & I need a brand new fix :0)

      • BestJinjo

        See above. Your argument is weak. No one forces you to buy a new console on launch for $400-500. You can start saving $ now especially knowing it won’t be out for 12 months.

    • BestJinjo

      No one forces you to buy a new generation console when it comes out. You can continue to play on PS3/360 and wait until next generation consoles drop in price. It’s a catch 22. The longer next generation consoles come out, the longer it will take before they drop in price to affordable levels. Therefore, it’s in the best interest for gamers on a budget that those consoles launch as soon as possible. Secondly, this is the first generation of consoles gamers who don’t want to upgrade. This is pretty sad.

      When I was growing up playing NES, SNES/Genesis, PS1/N64, I couldn’t wait for all next generation consoles because my generation of gamers loved innovation, and new IPs that usually came with new consoles. Frankly, the current generation of gamers are using a flawed argument that they don’t have any $$$ — like I said no one forces you to upgrade immediately — and also looking back at history of consoles lasting 5 years on average, Xbox 360/ PS3 gamers should have been saving for a new console a long time ago knowing how the industry has worked in the past.

      Using the logic of some current generation gamers, new consoles shouldn’t come out because they have no $. What were you doing last 6-7 years? Should have been putting aside $10 a month since the day you got PS3/360 and you wouldn’t be in this situation. You think gamers had way more $$ in the past? Take a look at the cost of N64 games. Gaming has never been cheaper. This console generation has held back gaming and the CEO is 100% right. MS and Sony just keep milking the current generation of gamers since the new breed have such low standards and as opposed to embracing technology, they shy away from it. Sad times indeed.

      Put it this way, if gamers were like you in the 80s and 90s, we’d still be on PS1 or PS2 right now if all consoles lasted 8-10 years.