Wii U ZombiU demo alleviates Rayman pain

By Alan Ng - Nov 26, 2012

We have some great news for those of you who have managed to buy a Wii U console at launch, but haven’t had the chance to play the highly rated ZombiU game yet. A ZombiU demo has been in high demand from eager buyers and we’re pleased to say that Ubisoft has just confirmed a demo release date guideline, finally allowing you to have a taste of the game.

ZombiU is available to buy as a launch title of course, and Wii U owners initially expected the fantastic looking Rayman Legends to be joining that game as well. Unfortunately though, Ubisoft has had to delay the game until early 2013 instead and have somewhat disappointed further by failing to bring out a Rayman Legends demo at launch as originally planned.

The demo is still nowhere to be seen though, so gamers are probably wondering what is going on and if Ubisoft are actually having some issues with the game that they haven’t made public. In the meantime, Ubisoft has given the green light for a Zombi U demo to release first and a Tweet from one of the game’s developers confirms it will be going live on the Wii U eShop no later than December 15.

As you can see above, the statement is straight to the point so the demo will be happening one way or another before this date. It will give you the chance to preview the innovative survival horror shooter and see what it’s like first before buying. We said at the start that the game has been highly rated, but it is worth mentioning that not everyone has given ZombiU a glowing report.

Eurogamer awarded the game a 9/10, but IGN has gone the other way and only given ZombiU a mediocre 6.3/10 – a score which is likely to raise one or two eyebrows in the Ubisoft offices. For those that have purchased and played through ZombiU already – what are your initial thoughts on the game?

Do you think the poor 6.3/10 score from IGN is justified or not and would you recommend other Wii U owners to try out the demo when it releases? Hopefully we’ll have positive news regarding the missing Rayman Legends demo to share with you soon – hold on tight.

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  • I got the ZombiU WiiU bundle at launch and i’ve been playing the game since. Love it, very atmospheric, frightening and difficult while still remaining fun. It’s back to basics survival horror but the inclusion of the gamepad adds some really interesting elements. Looking forward to when the demo is released as I think everyone should try it out and see how great it is for themselves. IGN’s review is ridiculous

  • Not Pleased

    Here are my reviews WiiU game reviews,
    Zombiu – 3.2
    Nintendo Land – 1.7
    Assassins Creed 3 – 5.1
    Black Ops 2 – 10
    Generic Mario Game – 0
    WiiU (console) – 2.1
    Worst Console since the ps2.
    Top 10 worst Consoles 10- N64 9-Atari 2600 8- Ps3 7- Wii 6-DS 5-3ds 4-ps1 3-gameboy 2-ps2 1- WiiU Ps. Xbox360 is the best console ever.