Skyrim PS3 fulfilment without Dawnguard DLC

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 26, 2012

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve noticed a shift in feelings when it comes to Skyrim on the PlayStation 3 and the satisfaction felt without DLC, which as we all know means Skyrim on PS3 is missing Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn also looks unlikely at the time of writing. The purpose of this article is to point out the fulfilment we gained from playing Skyrim for more than 400 hours on the PS3 without Dawnguard or any other DLC, and we also know we’re not alone when it comes to the satisfaction this produced.

One of our readers recently summed up the Skyrim satisfaction for each platform pretty well, which they felt Skyrim on PC received some DLC and lots of mods, although they feel that some PC gamers complain about getting all DLC in a timely manner. They went on to explain that Xbox 360 gamers get all DLC but no mods, although you will find some people on this platform wanting mods. Then we finally have the Skyrim PS3 users with no Dawnguard, or in fact any DLC, and these gamers complain about getting nothing and being left out to dry.

As you can see from above, it seems that every platform has something to complain about when it comes to The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Having started on the PS3 version of Skyrim, and then after 400+ hours moved to the Xbox 360 for DLC reviewing purposes, we understand both sides of the story, but it seems like some gamers are forgetting how good Skyrim has been just on its own without any DLC.

How much satisfaction did Skyrim provide you before DLC arrived, especially compared to other games before adding DLC? After playing Skyrim on the PS3 for hundreds of hours we felt the money spent delivered, but we agree that something has to be fixed when it comes to Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3, and other DLC expected. If this is not done then you can expect a growing number of gamers to feel different about Bethesda games in the future, and how could PS3 gamers trust DLC to come to future games after the problems with Skyrim?

We found a lot of fulfilment in Skyrim on the PS3 and even with the lack of DLC, we’re sure other gamers did as well but are forgetting this thanks to their feelings of being let down by developers. If you’re a PS3 gamer, can you remember how much fun Skyrim has been without Dawnguard? It would be nice to get DLC, but we shouldn’t forget what an amazing game Skyrim is right out-of-the-box.

You can read some more details on the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC in this article, and hear about PS3 switching claims here and even some users that started using their PC here. Hines stated he has some empathy for PS3 owners 10 days ago, but also pointed out he’ll let PS3 users know more when he has it, so the wait is on.

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  • Archangel883

    WTH????? Are you kidding me??? Yes Skyrim is a good stand alone game, BUT I also bought the game with the expectations of DLC. It also makes us PS3 owners feel like the unwanted. You can come and pay full price for a show but you can’t have a seat where everyone has a recliner. You can ride but you have to stand at the back of the bus but be thankful you don’t have to walk. Please, this article was very insulting to PS3 owners. Everyone else has more than you but be thankful you have something!!! Really??? Here is where I like you say 2 words but can’t on this forum but I’m sure you can figure out the first 4 letter word follow by “you!” With me holding up my middle finger that says your number one. INSULTING. I do remember paying the same dang price for the original game as the other platforms did.

  • Rick

    Has anyone stopped to think, “Maybe this isn’t Bethesda’s fault. Maybe it’s a problem with the PS3.”

  • they could solve this matter so easily.
    Beth just needed to come forward and say “we will not be able to launch any dlc on ps3 because of technical problems” or “we wont deliver any dlc for ps3 because we have a deal with xbox360” or “we will only launch dlc for ps3 in Christmas because its when most people buy games”.

    Instead they feed this growing monster of unsatisfaction with their silence.
    terrible, terrible public relations strategy is what they have!

  • gaara1193

    Found a solution to all my skyrim issues on ps3. got an xbox w/ skyrim and still kept my ps3 and ps3 copy of skyrim. the next idiot to say that im a traitor to ps3 or that microsoft “won”, save your reply. ill just laugh at you

    • XPox?NoThanks

      You’re not a traitor, just stupid and Microsoft’s b*tch. I laugh at you.

  • Person7

    Wow. Just wow. You blew my mind.

  • Vygramul

    The article misses the point. Some of us made purchase decisions based on promises of DLC. Bethesda made promises of DLC as part of the marketing program. Do you think Bethesda would have sold fewer PS3 copies had they said that we would not be able to partake in the same DLC XBOX and PC users got? Yep. That $60 was not for JUST the game, but also for access to the DLC – access they never gave us. They did not deliver, and to pretend we’re not owed DLC is to ignore part of the implied contract when they marketed the game.

  • TDub

    I think this will hurt Bethesda’s sales to the PS3 market in the future. I’ve heard before thet the PS3 platform is harder to program? I don’t know if there is any truth to that or not.

    The main reason to have a DLC is to keep a game being used in a console as long as possible. I also can’t believe Bethesda would lose a revenue stream, with the 3 DLC so far ( one supposedly next month) gamers will be in the game for over $100.

  • Dark souls

    Being a Ps3 owner. I did like skyrim. And this situation with Ps3 DLc. Has turned so surreal. I check the internet every several weeks for any news on its release.

    Still nothing. I check back in january. But no worries. I prefer Dark souls.

  • Redcoat91

    Shut up. Did something fall on your head? Why are we making nice with Bethesda all of a sudden? It sounds like you finally realized it’s never coming to PS3 and you’re just trying to make yourself feel better. Of course Skyrim is an incredible game out of box. Why else would we be so pissed about no DLC?

  • Nate

    I feel like Bethesda should put all the DLC’s that have been published so far and offer a bundle as half off as an apology. I think it’s fair enough from a business standpoint and it gets the message off to us PS3 users.


    I want every PS3 owner to grab their case of Skyrim. (Not the disc, the case itself.) Now turn it to the back. Look at the upper right hand corner. The very very top right hand corner. This is what it reads “ADD-ON CONTENT + Trophies”. I see trophies, but no ADD-ON CONTENT. As stated on the case we are suppose to get add-on content. It says there in fine print. Not “possibly going to get add-on content” or “no add-on content”. I see “ADD-ON CONTENT”. If the company cannot keep its promise of add-on content I will bring this matter up to the company. I paid to get add-on content as said in fine print on the case of Skyrim, and if they cannot comply with this I will make this an issue. Spread the word people and let’s do something about this.

    • Anna

      They’re working on it. I don’t care if you believe that or not, because either way you have to deal with the situation.

      • bradford

        Don’t be stupid. they aren’t working on the DLC for the ps3. they don’t care what so ever about it either. they are just moving on and hope we forgive them.

      • gaara1193

        love this. and love the fact that ppl complaning think that’ll make it come out faster

  • Derek

    I have a ps3 and I just went about 3 months or so without playing Skyrim. Just recently I picked it up again and decided to play it some more and I remembered how awesome Skyrim is even without DLC. I love the game now and it runs beautifully on my ps3, contrary to what many say. There’s so much to do and so much to explore in Skyrim and it seems like so may be missing that point. However, I still believe that it could use some DLC largely because all the DLC seems so interesting and because all the platforms have it so there’s no reason why they should be leaving the ps3 in the dust like they have been. I’ll continue to enjoy Skyrim now as it is then enjoy it some more once some DLC comes out, hopefully in good time.

  • DerkaDerka

    I think they should give us the DLC for free and then put out a mod pack for the Ps3. I would be satisfied with that.

  • daboxofwonder

    Could everyone please just listen!? Just look at how some of you are treating eachother! Are we really letting something as inimportant as dlc seperate us as gamers??? I’ve been to so many gaming sites, and it is saddening indeed to see us be seperated by this… So many arguments, and all this other crap. Just think of this, would you really be saying all the stuff some of you have said, if you met the other person in real life? I know I sure wouldn’t! We are all human, and not perfect. Neither are Bethesda perfect, nor any other gaming companies, neither am I. I just wish that we could all be at peace, is that too much to ask? I really do hope that you guys get all the dlc, because I have so much respect for all you PS3 gamers, and gamers on every other console. Please just take time to think about what you say, and the accusations you make. What you say in person, can often be easily forgotten, but what is put on the internet is there, almost indefinitely.

  • so is the DLC’s coming to the ps3 version of skyrim or not??.

  • Jack

    I am not going to sell my ps3 to just for some dlc. I have money if they want it…..make it the dlc for skyrim available on the ps3.

  • aguy

    PC gamer here, so you can’t accuse me of bias towards a console.

    What Bethesada have done, likely unintentionally, is possibly put themselves completely under Microsofts thumb, and those people switching consoles are supporting that. Microsoft made a brilliant move by doing this. They took advantage of Bethesda’s natural need for money (natural because they are a business), their lack of interest towards Sony’s console, and their inability to admit it in a timely manner when something isn’t going well. During the course of all this Bethesda have completely and utterly decimated their reputation amongst anyone other than an Xbox gamer – even the PC users hold them in low esteem now. The next time they release something across multiple platforms, sales will be so poor for everything other than the Xbox that Bethesda will have no choice but to become an Xbox exclusive company. At that point if they start to do something that Microsoft don’t like, they’ll pull support and Bethesda will be ruined, and hence they will turn into the money grabbers that people have accused them of (because Microsoft definitely are, as evidenced by Windows 8; blatantly ported from a Tablet to save production costs). And that is a real shame because the quality of their games will suffer – even without the DLC Skyrim is a fantastic game once the bugs are fixed.


    After all the crap that’s been going on with games these days i can honestly say that this gaming generation sucks.What Bethesda pulled with skyrim on ps3 is just F**ked up and I truly ain’t buying anymore of there games. I don’t give a $hit about a fallout 4 i ain’t going through another glitched mess and hope i get dlc at the same time as x-box i ain’t doing it.That’s letting me know just give up on gaming, all the favoritism over one console over the other and paying the same price for the same game is not worth it anymore.

    Even though skyrim was a rip off on day one for ps3 because of the crappy port games are getting less and less worth 60$ dollars in price. but it’s not just Bethesda that get away with laziness EA, Activision, anybody but the only game I will buy and will be the last is GTA 5 and I know that’s worth 60 dollars. I’m just tired of feeling ripped off by $hit heads that think their making great games.When actually they piss people off later down the road by saying sorry my games broken need to patch it up..

    • Trollface


  • Haha

    Bethesda wants to screw over ps3 users, so be it. They will never get any of my money again. There are plenty of other games to buy. I refused to even buy dishonored because it had Bethesda name on it. I played it though. I’m just going to torrent and steal from them, now.

    • 36780

      That’s just retarded…..

    • Davy Jones

      Shiver me timbers, there be pirates on these interwebs…

  • KUNTFaCe

    i hate this shitty website …..same news re written everyday STOP MILKING IT

  • dovakkin

    how can bethesda not put dawngaurd on to ps3 software they done it withe the ACTUAL game not hattin on them just doesnt make sense

    • Anna

      First off, you spelt Dovahkiin wrong. Secondly, it isn’t that simple. Not flaming, just please read up on it before interjecting the same manner of upset we’ve heard over countless forums.

  • spiritreaver

    Mr. Chubb, i think this article is missing the forest for the trees. IMO No one with Skyrim can say that when the game was running properly, it was anything other than awesome. That is not even up for debate.

    Lack of DLC on the PS3 version is a whole other issue entirely. You would be remiss to combine the two issues.

    Let’s take me, i’ve done so much in the game over various characters, that i’m down to redoing the radiant repeatable quests ad nausea until i get some fresh content. Did i enjoy the base game? I sure did. But i paid the same $60 as every other smoe on 11/11/11.

    I shouldn’t have to be content with that, not when other ppl get more for the same money(the more they are getting is the opportunity to extend their play through buying more content) just because they bought the game on a different platform.

  • I remember how awesome it was, and is to this day. I’ve clocked probably 500 hours over the course of 4 different play files. I mean, I pretty much only play Skyrim. But it’s for that reason that I think we all deserve the same DLC. I am a devoted customer of Bethesda, and yet they treat me, and everyone else with a PS3 with no respect. They know that whether or not they deliver content in a timely manner, or at all, that people like myself will keep coming back to them. People claim that they’re boycotting Bethesda over this, but they know that when the next Fallout or Elder Scrolls game comes out that they’ll be first in line to get it and Bethesda knows this too. A company shouldn’t have that kind of power over its fan base. We’re like a battered wife, we’ll just keep coming back. When we’re devoted to game, the company needs to show the same respect. If they promise DLC, they need to deliver that DLC to all of their fan base equally. It’s a matter of good business practice.

    • DON-EAZY-E

      After all the crap that’s been going on with games these days i can honestly say that this gaming generation sucks.What Bethesda pulled with skyrim on ps3 is just F**ked up and I truly ain’t buying anymore of there games. I don’t give a $hit about a fallout 4 i ain’t going through another glitched mess and hope i get dlc at the same time as x-box i ain’t doing it.That’s letting me know just give up on gaming, all the favoritism over one console over the other and paying the same price for the same game is not worth it anymore.

      Even though skyrim was a rip off on day one for ps3 because of the crappy port games are getting less and less worth 60$ dollars in price. but it’s not just Bethesda that get away with laziness EA, Activision, anybody but the only game I will buy and will be the last is GTA 5 and I know that’s worth 60 dollars. I’m just tired of feeling ripped off by $hit heads that think their making great games.When actually they piss people off later down the road by saying sorry my games broken need to patch it up.

      • Amuzed

        wow, there sure are a bunch of ninny babies in this post. Get real you freaks that need the biggest, and best. Play the game. I’m sure Bethesda is shaking in their boots about you insignificant few who are never going to buy their games in the future. It’s just funny as hell ready your pitiful negative comments…… Maybe you idiots should read the book “Who moved my cheese” and get the sand out of your vaginas.

        • casper13rocks

          f#@k of xbox troll get a life

        • DON-EAZY-E

          you’re an idiot plane and simple.

        • TrollfaceisBack


      • TrolllfaceisBack

        That is so cool. Just kidding.

  • Salty dog

    Furthermore, even without the patches, ps3 skyrim took dozens upon dozens of hours of play to even get glitchy. Meaning of course, anyone crying about skyrim ps3 glitches already poured a couple of work weeks into the game and thereby proved their satisfaction with the product.

    • spiritreaver

      Please, according to that train of thought, a person who limps a lemon back to the dealership is pleased at the cars performance as well eh?

    • booger

      nope, first time i got shot with an arrow was a glitch. yeah i like arrows in me that dont go away let me tell ya. -_-

  • Salty dog

    Hey Casper if you and the rest of your ilk could spell I may consider your thoughts, but you appear to be a BARELY literate windbag. Read a book, or at Lear put the captions on. I’m sure I’m not the only one tired Of illiteracy on the Internet.

    • bodlet

      Maybe you should follow your own advice.

    • casper13rocks

      oh sory shitbag didnt realize i was in an english test if all ya wanna do is pick on grammer go become a teacher dipshit it’s what others do when they cant hack the real world f$%ken grow up

  • sxs

    hahaha this crappy site keeps removing my posts…..why?? nothing offensive written. Freedom of speech? accept when pointing out this site is desperately scraping the bottom of the barrel when writing skyrim stories….

    • booger

      dont worry dude. we all know, we just need somewhere to post

  • The game was brilliant on the PS3 because it was a different adventure every day the DLC is so important for the PS3 now because Most of us have done everything

    • Carson Richter


  • Old Skool Gamer

    That’s like saying ice cream with sprinkles is great, but ice cream without is still quite nice. I enjoy ice cream sure – but when the person in front of me gets offered sprinkles and I don’t because they don’t have sprinkles for my particular type of ice cream – that just sucks. No matter how good the ice cream – it sucks that I don’t even have the option of sprinkles when “everyone else” does! Now I want ice cream….

    • theinternet

      *Slow clap* Somebody get this gent some ice cream!

      • XxxMLGjoexxX

        AAAAAAAAnd the sprinkles!

    • Average Gamer

      Let me ask something, if you put an instant coffee in the microwave, do you go back in time?

    • yomomma

      What flavor.

  • [Insert comment about PS3 DLC here]

    • DON-EAZY-E


  • i never did like xbox controller and im not going to switch to it No way in hell
    I agree the dlc are great but the xbox controller gonna kill every joy out of the DLC !

    • SIUMA

      but teh xbox control has more grip on it ten the placation controler and teh xbox has col games like halo and ps4 has da tupid platform jumping gmes like sly copper an d jack and dexter, moron.

      • XPox?NoThanks

        What about Unchartered series (and soon Last of Us) XPox has nothing like it, whereas I am sure one can find an FPS set in space on the PS3. And yeah, Bom, the XPox controller is HORRIBLE.

  • YatesAeon

    It’s good to finally see a Skyrim Story that simply states: “No DLC? We don’t mind!”.
    I hate not having DLC, I really do! But I still play Skyrim. The company have fixed almost every issue I’ve had with it. It runs perfectly, it looks beautiful….it’s a gorgeous game.
    I don’t need DLC to ride out on into the sunset on my horse, to slay dragons, trolls, and all other manner of beasties. I’ll continue to harvest Troll Fat, capture Butterflies, and finding that perfect place to sit down for no apparent reason other than the fact that I can!
    I’m confident the company will do what they can, and if they fail? At least I can still enjoy another beautiful aspect of the Elder Scrolls series.

    • HateSkyrim

      Well, lucky you. I had the same experience upon release through just recently. No bugs or glitches whatsoever. I couldn’t even understand how people had these insane and incredulous glitches in a modern game. Yet, here I am now, with a broken Skryim game. It’s silly that players can have perfect or awful experiences with the same game.

  • casper13rocks

    right out the box on ps3 skyrim was bairly functioning broken piece of crap yes once it had been patched a few times it was a grate game but the fact remains bethesda has compleatly miss treated ps3 owners with lack of suport and information + 2 out of 3 platforms recieveing extra content while 3rd left high and dry this just shows how they compleatly disregard there ps3 customers i had absolutly no problem with a 30day exclusion to xbox but every day past is just a slap in the face to all ps3 owners they say there working on new content for ps3 if this is so why cant they tell us why cant we get screenshots or an expectation of release we only ask for fair treatment do we or do we not have any rights as consumors of saposidly the same product i ask PR to look into consumor law and find where ps3 owners stand because its high time for some one to stand and make bathesda listin

    • Kim

      Good points but you need the Punctuation DLC.

      • Don’t forget the grammar patch.

        • Future of Gaming

          And teh spelling pak.

        • the voice of reason

          these last 3 comments made me cum…

  • Old italy

    I don’t care when i get dawnguard as long as get that is all really care about skyrim it fun as it is

  • Jim

    Dont go looking for reasons to make skyrim on the ps3 seem like a good game for the money, because its not. Lies about dlc and a very poor port = a very dissapointing gaming experience. Period. Bethesda should be sued.

    • Got that right my brother , Agreed with you on this

    • Nate

      But if a class-action lawsuit is filed, we’ll never see DLC on the PS3 b/c Zenimax will feel that a settlement has been reached and that it would be a waste of money to continue developing.

    • Bob

      Okay first of all, they weren’t really lies because Bethesda thought the DLC would work (unless there’s a huge conspiracy against PS3 users), also suing them would be stupid because Bethesda would win, you can’t sue someone for something not working right especially if they are trying to fix it.

      • casper13rocks

        maybe not but you can sue for discrimanation bethesda should of maid sure all dlc was running smoothly and ready for release to all platforms b4 it was released to xbox for there 30day exclusion period or maid exclusive period insted they lie and keep us in the dark all form of discrimanation is against the law this is no difrent we have the same rights as xbox owners

        • Convert

          Ha! Discrimination refers to religion, ethnicity, sex, and orientation, not fanboys. Youre not a victim of discrimination, you’re a guy who owns a ps3. If That were possible you could be sued for discriminating against Xbox. The fact of the matter is you paid 60 bucks for the same game as everyone else, Xbox owners weren’t GIVEN the dlc they PAID for it as an ADD-ON meaning it makes it a different product. It’s not like Bethesda charged you 80 for the ps3 version, nor did you pay for it thinking it contained said dlc. Nobody tried to fool you, or discriminate. You got what you paid for.

        • Convert

          also, if you remember fallout 3 for ps3 got the dlc (finally) with the goty edition. You can probably expect the same for skyrim.

        • the voice of reason

          fully agree. except the ps3 version is very bugged still with the framerate issues and the loading screens tripling in time after your saved game reaches 5 mb. they half assed the porting game so it was kind of a broken game from the beginning on ps3. but no one would win a lawsuit. it’s not like everyone paid 20 bucks for dawnguard regardless of your console, and then only xbox and pc got it. you guys didn’t dump another dime into skyrim since you paid for the original game. the only possible thing you can charge as of right now is false advertising because the back says dlc will be available. but even that, it’s not like they’re not working on it and they already said they plan on releasing some kind of dlc. so that doesn’t even really count as false advertising.

        • Nope, paid $150 for my Collectors Edition… XBOX didn’t pay for the DLC. They paid for the 1 month advance on the content, that’s it!!! I am perfectly willing to pay for my DLC when it comes out, they just need to get their heads out of their asses and get to re-programming it for the ps3. Plain and simple!

  • sxs5

    scraping the bottom of the barrel for a skyrim story again…….

  • Koda

    Another pointless article title to get a view or two.

  • Susan

    I put 200 hours into Skyrim on the PS3 and while I’m really upset about no DLC, I agree that this is well worth the money I paid for the game, so overall when I cooled down I am happy with Skyrim (just not the false promise from the developers for DLC).

    • Anna

      Why can’t more people be like you?

      • bradford

        Maybe because most people that thought like this stopped that after the first 3 months of nothing. Not to mention we probably wont get the 3rd DLC and possibly wont get any ever and Bethesda is just waiting for us to forget about all this.