Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sales fuel Note 3 dreams

By Alan Ng - Nov 26, 2012

Samsung knew that they were on to a winner with the Galaxy Note 2 after the surprise success of the first Galaxy Note. Even then though, the company perhaps didn’t expect to see so many consumers snapping up their device ahead of rival devices such as the iPhone 5. Two months on from release, we have the latest news on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sales and it could be the final indication we need that a Galaxy Note 3 device is an inevitable prospect.

It was only at the start of November that Samsung proudly announced that they have managed to shift two million units, despite the fact that the Galaxy Note 2 isn’t even available in multiple regions yet. Now though, the company has been quoted as saying over the weekend, that the Galaxy Note 2 has now surpassed the magical 5 million units sold mark.

That is an impressive statistic for a device that has only been on sale for two months. Also, don’t forget that the Galaxy Note 2 is still not available to buy on Verizon Wireless, so it is only going to boost sales further once Big Red decides that their Droid DNA priorities need to be put on the back burner while Note 2 interest is still sky high.

If Verizon were to run a poll asking customers what device they would rather have between the Droid DNA and the missing Galaxy Note 2, we have a feeling that many would choose Samsung’s device every time – especially since consumers are now aware that the Droid DNA has very little storage options.

With the Note 2 pulling all of the strings for Samsung at the moment and the Galaxy S3 still performing admirably, you have to say that it is only a matter of time before we start hearing rumors about an inevitable Galaxy Note 3. How could Samsung possibly improve on a device though which consumers already believe to be perfect?

We doubt the display screen on a potential Note 3 will be increased higher than 5.5-inches, but we could see a dramatic change in display quality, if rumors end up true about the Galaxy S4 being equipped with an OLED based screen. Imagine everything you love about the Note 2 at the moment, but with an OLED display and an even faster processor.

Samsung surely knows they have hit gold with their Note series so consumers are definitely in for a treat once a next-generation successor is confirmed. What are your thoughts on the company reaching the 5 million sales mark and more importantly – what would you like to see in a Galaxy Note 3 device?

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  • sm

    it should also have a flash player tooooooo

  • sm

    wireless charging, more battery life, corning gorilla glass 3, 2.5 or 3 gigabyte ram, a hepta core or a eight core processor 16 megapixel camera front 3 megapixel, more slimmer than the iPhone 5, higher resolution 441 ppi per inch screen size approx 5.4 inch and it is called a perfect smartphone with a superb price……..

  • Markus Jalmerot

    A big fan of the Note 2, but hope to see higher resolution in the next model.

  • ian

    A new design and better camera and specs

  • Nick

    Just 2 things, a full HD screen, and an aluminum case/housing.

  • marvel

    wireless charging/ambient light charging

  • bhaskar

    battery lyf,wireless charging,

  • If its true about the note3 and its specs then minus well say good by to Ipads And tablets… Lol…

  • dr asif

    i would samsung come with carl zeiss lences

  • cecell

    If I might comment, the note 2 is already on sale from Verizon. Call any store! It has been on sale for over a week already.

  • For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 I would like 6″ screen, higher screen resolution, 442 ppi density, 13mp front camera, and some real attention for storing apps on the SD card.

  • kis

    More powerful cpu, 1080p screen, more sleeker as iphone 5(7.6 mm thickness)

  • Faye

    Ability to create, save and file Word-type documents, and send them to Mac computer.

  • honu

    To start, Samsung has to allow app transfer to the sd card and be flash enabled. Currently the Note 2 doesnt allow for either. I really enjoy the Note 2 so far. I think there needs to be more s pen integration with other apps and more s pen specific apps. as it is I can practically use the device as my personal computer but it would be great if more peripheral devices were available like a keyboard and usb hub.

  • Ken

    Wireless charging

  • 1080p screen and higher cam resolutions both fore and aft. Enable this phone with full PC capabilities so it can be docked and used as your exclusive computer.

  • Aus_Roh

    What would I like see in a Note3?

    Superb audio chip
    FM radio (with recording)
    More memory slots than just 1 (cheap to manufacture in).
    Actually a larger screen.
    64 Gb on release
    Big battery like Note 2
    An interface tweak/setting where outer edge of screen is unresponsive to touch.
    I would like to see it ASAP! If has big memory and superb audio I WOULD BUY IT IMMEDIATLEY.

    • Note Lover

      Same here but in White lol!

  • buddy

    Just longer battery life and better screen protection would be enough

  • Anonymous

    Faster processor, higher resolution screen, & better build for the body of the phone; more integration of the S Pen.

  • Tanu

    Higher resloution screen, water and shock proof, larger screen within the same dimension of the Note 2 case.