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MyBunjee iPhone 5 case provides Otterbox competition

If you are looking for a new iPhone 5 case during the holiday season, you’ll probably be hunting down the best Cyber Monday deals you can find online from the likes of Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon. We have something unique to share with our UK readers now though, as MyBunjee cases are starting to become very popular and could provide interesting competition with the current Otterbox craze.

The Mybunjee cases come with the added bonus of being featured on the BBC Dragon’s Den program. We often see a lot of products and ventures turned away without any cash support, but Mybunjee proved a success and managed to attract £70,000 from Peter Jones to help get the business up and running.

The case works in the way that the MyBunjee will wrap around your device and then be fastened with a clip to the inside of your bag or pocket. While attached, the MyBunjee material will protect your device from any drops and perhaps more importantly, will help reduce the chances of your phone getting stolen.

It’s a unique idea for sure and also may look a little ‘over the top’, but the included video does give you a better idea of how the process works. Otterbox iPhone 5 cases seem to be one of the most sought after products this month, so if you are looking for a cheap and fashionable alternative, you may want to head online and try one out.

They are being advertised on the Carphone Warehouse website for £6.99, but we have already found them cheaper on Amazon UK, for £5.95 with free delivery. There’s also a wider choice of colors on Amazon, so you may want to opt for them instead. Check out the video yourself below and let us know if they appeal to you or not.

Realistically, can you see yourself using one in a day to day situation, or would you prefer a traditional iPhone 5 case like the Otterbox instead?



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