iOS 6 untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak weeks away, not days

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 26, 2012

Recently we’ve been hearing increased chatter about an iOS 6.01 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5, and it is fair to say that most people in the jailbreaking community know about these iOS 6 jailbreak websites claiming to have an untethered version for iPhone 5 and 4S, so warning more seasoned jailbreakers is a waste of time, although we recommend any newbies to pay attention to these warnings of scams. There is also proof that you shouldn’t expect an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for weeks that could run into months, and you’re unlikely to see anything in a matter of days, which is proven by some tweets from those in the know.

One of the most active members of the so-called “closed circle” of people in the know is Joshua Hill, aka p0sixninja, and while he’s working on a more permanent iOS 6 jailbreak solution for iPhone 5 / 4S, it is fair to say he knows roughly when you won’t be seeing an untethered jailbreak, which is currently at iOS 6.01. The tweet seen below is such confirmation of the long wait, which is a tweet from within the last 48 hours that saw Hill explain the process will be “long” and “slow“, so if that’s the case just 2 days ago then you shouldn’t expect to unlock your iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S with a jailbreak anytime soon.

Message for the jailbreak newbies – we know a number of other websites are talking about different scams including the recent claim of an iOS 6.0.1 untethered jailbreak from EasyUnlockiPhone, which a lot of these types of claims are published to press release websites to make them look more official. This could be seen as a trick in itself to deliver more creditability, although this message is only to newbies that could be fooled, which a lot of tech blogs fail to point out that the majority of seasoned jailbreakers already know where to look for the official news and this doesn’t include press release websites.

It is also good to remember that the newbies need to hear this news as well before parting with cash to these websites, which seem to be more convincing thanks to press releases on some big named news websites. If you don’t class yourself as a newbie then ignore the warnings, but certainly spread the message to the newbies that are just learning why it’s good to unlock an iPhone, and could be looking for an iOS 6 jailbreak for their new iPhone 5.

Do you try and help jailbreak newbies out? You must remember most people started at the same place, and a lot of iPhone 5 / 4S owners are looking for an iOS 6.01 untethered jailbreak after starting to hate the idea of their iDevice being locked, and now want a little more freedom for the first time. You might also want to read about the recent DMCA exemption and what hackers think it means for the iOS 6 jailbreak for iPad.

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  • Imissgeohot

    Geohot would of had the iPhone 5 jailbroken by now 🙁

  • Darknassax

    Will I be able to jailbreak my ipad 3 when it comes out ????? P.s I dnt know much about this lol

  • janu

    Still holding on with my old 2-year iPhone 4.. and ios 5.1.1. Hoping iPhone 5 jailbreak will materialize soon.

  • Syncere010

    Even though I think that the iPhone is and has been 1 of the most beautiful and responsive phones, if it’s not jailbroken then it’s some bull!! Rest assured that if jailbreaking becomes impossible than I will be done with buying iPhones!! I already decided when I got my iPhone 5 that I wasn’t gonna buy the 5s but wait on the 6.. So I’ll sit and wait patiently for the release of a iPhone 5 jailbreak and enjoy how beautiful my iPhone 4s looks and operates and hopefully I’ll get to enjoy a iPhone 5 jailbreak!! But if not then I’ll sell my 5 and keep using my iPhone 4s til I find a better phone!! $600 4 a phone and I can’t even make it look the way I want it 2!! Damn Shame!!! Damn u Apple!!!

  • DanielHsu2

    Should you get credit for writing the same article over an over again?

  • BigGunzRob

    Ok how about simple things jailbreaking can override, like download limits, theming, safari download manager, I also do it for the tweaks! If apple still has control of everything on ur phone do u officially own it?

  • Dr agonlord

    When the jailbreak story ends, so does my time with apple. iOS is too restrictive without a jb. My iPhone 4 was technically inferior to the 5 in every way, but in use? At least ten time better when jailbroken than the crippleware locked into apples way iPhone 5.

  • Medo

    You can do it
    Try hard or go home

  • Dan

    Questions for you guys: what will you do if there is no jailbreak? Will you buy more apple devices?

    • Ba284

      I won’t support Apple when jailbreak becomes impossible.



  • Your best bet was to stay at ios 5.1.1 like I did. Even in the beginning, the teams warned it would take time. If you heeded their warnings, then you’d still be free of apple.


      I stayed with 5.1.1 just for this reason. All you apple abandoners enjoy your Plastic phones with crappy resale value. Enjoy

      • poop

        My phone may be plastic but I dont have to jailbreak it to make my phone worth having. And there probably wont be an untethered jailbreak. Oh yea if there so happens to be one there will be another os update and you will have to wait again b4 you can update to try and make your phone cool again with another jailbreak! Who care about resale value you probably dont ever resale your phone anyways dumbass.

        • IPHONE4EVER

          Some android users like you embarrass other android users with your personal insults and profanity to share your opinion. Poop says it clearly…lol

        • IPHONE4EVER

          There all made by underpaid people from across the globe so I say good day!!!

        • DanielHsu2

          Learn english. Nuff said. I “resell” my phones, as do 99% of people who buy smartphones. Stay in school little boy.

      • thats why you Downgrade it lol, its not that hard.
        Why people upgrade it and don tlearn to downgrade their phone lol i dont get it.
        iPhone 4S and under can downgrade their phone back to iOS 5.1.1
        though its a long process but its worth it.

        • What program did you use to downgrade? I have SHSH saved on tinyumbrella but could not downgrade using redsnow. What did you do to downgrade 4s ios 6 to ios 5.1.1? Would have done this awhile ago and jailbroke it on 5.1.1. If it worked.

  • Razel79

    DROID! In the robot voice

  • I think their waiting for 6.1 update then we get jailbreak

    • finalbrez

      Nope other way around 1 day after jb release”News from apple new ios 6.1 now you cant use ios 6.0.1 jailbreak anymore unless you got it in the first 2 hr TROLOLOL”

  • Sockmonkey

    I would like to think that Apple historically chose to make jailbreaking a more of a challenge than an impossibility – I’m proof that they’d sell less of them if it wasn’t possible. I’ll endure Apple’s dynamically-challenged springboard and its other impositions and wait a couple more months for an iPhone 5/iOS 6 jailbreak before I look elsewhere for a device with a customizable user experience. I shudder at the thought of settling for an Android device, with its skittery touch interface, wretched VSI/DSP audio latency, and the apparently contagious Apple-bashing, me-too attitude that I’ll undoubtedly be inflicted with. It would be great if there were an easier way to appeal to Apple than abandoning them.

  • p0sixninja

    the core service of ios 6 must be solid.The lightning cable may block jailbreaks for some time.

    • isnt there a way to use sn0wbreeze to hack the ios to be jailbroken when installed? besides the tethered A4 device jailbreak which works really well…idk but the hardware for A5 and above is hard to crack. I will always buy apple since their devices dont have nearly as many problems as android does. Android is made for all sorts of phones so the actual OS is hard to create for so many. But apple has only certain .ipsw for certain devices making it much easier to develop.. GO DREAM TEAM

  • Chris

    Comex sold everyone out. It because of his information passed to apple that there is now so much security. And for what the guy couldn’t even keep his Job. This is probs the last os device I buy. Who are apple to tell me what i can and cant do with something ive paid for. ala new ipad rules, its a joke. I have a samsung TV that im very happy with so will go S3 / and Samsung tab will save cash and they will all interact. Apple have really missed the ball with the iphone 5 i’ll get hardly any money when i sell it due to scratches and a poor fit to the separate component all of which have a nice white blemish on them were the paint has worn away.

    • not the case whatsoever.

    • IPHONE4EVER!!!

      Good riddance to all you babies that have the patience of a 9yr old. True apple supporters will wait and enjoy the hell out of the jailbreak just like 5.1.1. If you remember it took months to have iPhone 4s jailbroken. Iphone4ever!!!

      • Brej

        “true apple supporters”? Lol. I dont bow down and praise Apple like it’s a god. You’re basically saying if Apple came out with a shitty model for their next phone you’d buy it. I’m switching to Android when jailbreaking ends.

        • Finalbrez

          Yea allot of people jailbreak to get like free apps and in app purchases. I just do it for usabilty like SBsettings (THE BEST CYDIA TWEAK EVA) and a few others.

        • Brej

          If Apple wants to fight against cracked apps that’s fine and I dont have a problem with that. I like being able to tweak my phone though. That shouldnt be taken away from me. I bought the expensive phone let me do what I please.

    • BigGunzRob

      I absolutely agree with Chris, it kills me to switch to s3 but apple shouldn’t stop us, it’s my phone n if I break it by installing 3rd party apps then so be it! Y DID I BUY IT, even wen the jailbreak comes out, apple just adds more dramas by making apps only for 6.1 n how long will that jailbreak take, then a new update n so on! Jailbreakers are always behind n I’ve been on a JB device since the 1st jailbreak ever came out! Buy the s3! Unfortunately!

  • D

    theyre just buying time they will hold off and do something corny like drop it on christmas day

  • WhipHammer

    Looks like we coming to the end of the tether with IOS versions. IOS 5 was a killer, IOS 6 is almost proving unbreakable and IOS 7 is just around the corner. Like Susan says, maybe its the bootrom they should be working on or CPU rather than the OS

  • doublebubble

    hmmmmm… i think we’ll get the jailbreak in first week of december.

    • Ricky

      It has been weeks already, Hill just said it will be a “long slow process” and you think it will arrive in a few days time…I doubt it taking Hill’s latest tweet into account, unless he is talking about the bootrom.

  • Susan

    Looks like this is the most solid iOS to date then if we trust Joshua Hill’s word, and we should as he’s part of the mile high club, so let’s hope a breakthrough comes soon or even better Hill makes progress with the bootrom.

  • Ricky

    I agree the newbies need to hear the message of scams, although it was interesting for me to see that tweet from p0sixninja about it being a long process, so I guess these means still a long wait and one that makes me wonder if it will happen anytime soon.