HTC Droid DNA vs. Samsung Galaxy S3, follows Note 2

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 26, 2012

There will always be a certain feature that is the dealbreaker when looking for a new smartphone, and in this case the Verizon HTC Droid DNA vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 is being shown in a video review that runs for just under 8-minutes, which both devices contain the Verizon logo in the video, so it will be the features you need to look at if the carrier has already been decided.

The reviewer points out they’ve already compared the HTC Droid DNA to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG Optimus G, which both of those videos can be seen below the first video review. Each of these visual reviews delivers some insight that is to the point, and they run for just long enough to gain a nice close up with the main specs analyzed. We mentioned above the first video runs for just under 8-minutes, but it is worth noting the HTC Droid DNA vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 runs for almost 11-minutes, and the LG Optimus G hand-on runs for just over 8-minutes.

Each of these visual reviews is performed by the same reviewer, Michael Fisher, and takes a look at the US edition of the HTC Droid DNA. The last two videos not only look at the smartphones mentioned and compare them to the main Droid DNA specs, but they also look at a few key areas different to the first video, which is why the latest review runs for a shorter period. The first video below will focus on the Droid DNA build, display, camera, and benchmark results. It is fair to say each of the reviews compare the smartphones in the same manner, which you’d love or hate, so take a look and let us know what you think in the comments.

How do you think the HTC Droid DNA compares to the Samsung Galaxy S3 / Note 2, and LG Optimus G? You can also see the Nexus 4 vs. Droid DNA in a specs comparison here. It is worth pointing out that some people won’t like the idea of the HTC Droid DNA vs. Samsung Galaxy S3, as seen in the first video, which is due to the fact that one of these smartphones is much newer with a better display and more powerful processor, and would be better suited to a comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S4 when it arrives. It is also good to remember that the Galaxy S3 features a removable battery and less square design that some people will prefer.

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  • Ray

    S3 trumps ANY and EVERY device that is available today.

    • I Like Text

      Except for the s3’s whites looking blue, like most amoleds.
      Try reading docs/news sites etc on each, the text pops so much nicer on the DNA (and also on the One X, and other hd (non-amoled) screens).
      Compared my One X to the DNA side by side, and the DNA has even whiter whites, noticeably crisper black-on-white text, etc.

      • Ray

        DNA has an excellent screen. no doubt. But, the overall rating of the device goes to Samsung’s Galaxy S3. A lot more features and quality built into the device. Once again, I do agree that the DNA has a better screen.

  • The Galaxy S3 was just release a couple of months ago, while the S4 does not even have a release date. If the S3 is out-of-date, it does not make this an unfair comparison. It is still the best Galaxy out, and will be the best Galaxy for a long time.